How can I personalize the mobile application?

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How can I personalize the mobile application?How can I personalize the mobile application?

With Calendesk, you can create and personalize a mobile booking application for iOS and Android. If you haven’t read the article about creating an app, please read it first: How can I create a mobile application?.

With our mobile app builder, you can customize:

  • the primary color of the app,
  • the main logo,
  • pictures in various sections,
  • texts in multiple areas,
  • button titles,
  • placeholders in inputs.
Online Booking Mobile Application Builder

After making any changes, you need to publish them using the Publish button or save the state for later using Save the sketch button.

If you publish changes, they will be visible in the apps in App Store or Google Play. You can download the Calendesk app for customers from stores below:

Editing the app

In the mobile application builder, you will find a few different tabs and sections you can edit with live preview.  This way, you will see changes you make in real-time. However, the final result in the native apps can be slightly different from the one you see on the browser. This is because iOS, Android and Browsers are quite different technologies and the apps can behave differently.

In the mobile app editor, you will find a few tabs you can edit:

  • Main view – the main screen your users will see right after opening the app and searching your name.
  • Services – the tab which shows all the services you offer in Calendesk. From this place, your customers can choose a service and make a booking.
  • About us – here you can show your location, contact details, your employees and working hours.
  • Bookings – this tab is available only after logging in. Your customers will see all their bookings here and will be able to pay for them.
  • Profile – the tab where your customers can see and update their details. They can find here your terms and conditions and privacy policy (you need to generate them in Calendesk Admin Panel in the Settings / Your company tab).

Send links to Calendesk apps

In the upper right corner of the editor, you will find the “Send link to the app” button. Using this function, you can send your customers links to your application via email or SMS.