How can I integrate BlogHandy with Calendesk?

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How can I integrate BlogHandy with Calendesk?How can I integrate BlogHandy with Calendesk?

Have you ever wanted to run a blog on your Calendesk website seamlessly? Well, now you can! With the help of BlogHandy, an easy-to-use external blogging platform, you can integrate your blog into your Calendesk website with just a few simple steps.

What is BlogHandy?

BlogHandy is an external platform that allows you to manage and run a blog effortlessly. Its user-friendly features make it a preferred choice for many, and the best part is it can be easily integrated with your Calendesk website. This means any blog post published on BlogHandy can be automatically displayed on your Calendesk page.


Steps to Integrate BlogHandy with Calendesk

Follow these simple steps to start using BlogHandy on Calendesk:

1. Navigate to the Tools / Websites tab: Log in to your Calendesk account and go to the Tools / Websites tab. Here, select the website you wish to add the blog to.

2. Add a Subpage: On the top toolbar, locate and click on the “Add subpage” option.

Add page - website builder

3. Choose Blog as Subpage Type: In the next step, you have to specify the subpage type. Select “Blog” from the options available.

Add page - website builder

4. Enter BlogHandy ID: If you already have an account on BlogHandy, you just need to copy your Blog identifier from there and paste it into the “Bloghandy id” field on Calendesk. If you do not have a BlogHandy account, don’t worry. You can easily create one by clicking the “Signup on BlogHandy” button and following the registration process.

Bloghandy Id, where to find it?


5. Add a Name and URL Path: You now need to specify the name of your subpage and the URL path for your website, for instance, /blog.

6. Click Add: Once all the details have been filled in, just hit the “Add” button.

7. Publish Changes: Remember to publish your changes to make the blog live on your website.

Publish website

And there you have it! 🎉 Your BlogHandy is now integrated with your Calendesk website. Every blog post that you publish on BlogHandy will automatically appear on your Calendesk page, allowing your customers to read your blogs without having to navigate away from your website.

With BlogHandy and Calendesk, managing a blog on your website has never been easier. Start blogging today and engage with your audience like never before!