Here's why you should use apps for salon appointment

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Here's why you should use apps for salon appointment

Salon owners face massive market competition and provide their customers with the best possible experience. However, many feel like losing control over the appropriate schedule adjustment, so they have at least a moment to take a break and gather strength for the next meeting.

Whether you run a beauty, nail or hair salon, you could definitely use organizational and technical support to improve your business performance.

For example, has your client ever complained about the lack of available appointments? Was he impatiently waiting for his visit, which should have started 15 minutes ago?

What if we told you we found a solution? A salon booking app that will help you better manage employee management, clients and your break time. So let’s see.

Digital planner: how it improves salon services?

We have prepared five examples of benefits that salon software brings you and how it will help you minimize daily worries.

Effective client management

Customer management can seem challenging, but not with the right business tool to help you conquer it. You will quickly send a client notification about the upcoming visit. In addition, booking features enable you to check customer profile or history visits before an appointment.

For example, who of the hairdressers hasn’t been in a situation where the client said: hairstyle like last time? The right system will help you adapt better during the service, and what’s more, it minimizes the chances of customer dissatisfaction.

Higher customer loyalty

Whether you run a nail salon or work in the beauty industry, your goal is to keep the customer and build a long-term relationship. Suppose you show the clients that they can count on a personalized experience and the highest quality of services, for example, by efficiently arranging meetings.

With a proper customer loyalty program, you increase the chances of a satisfactory image. The beauty industry is incredibly competitive, so take care of bonuses for regular customers, e.g. gift cards that can help you achieve client loyalty.

Effortless online bookings

Have your clients often forgotten to make appointments after the meeting? And as a result, they attack you with many texts or phone calls. Now you can say stop it. Convenient scheduling systems for salons will ensure efficient booking of online visits in seconds. Moreover, your salon clients can have more time to decide which date will fit their schedule.

Flexible payment methods

You don’t have to worry about payment issues anymore; many salon management software offers several online options such as credit card or apple pay.

Also, the online payment process is much more convenient for your customers, making your assistance more accessible and attractive. If you manage a beauty salon, your clients can review the services regarding the amount and offered effect in advance.

Prevents burning out

The salon industry is full of challenges, expectations and stress concerning customer experience. As a result, many professionals may surrender to pressure, slowly losing their commitment and focus on the service.

Booking software is so convenient that it allows you to minimize the time spent on activities such as scheduling, accepting payments and sending automatic notifications. Thanks to this, you can focus better on the service performed, and what’s more, you will have time for a personal time and proper break.

Calendesk: the best salon scheduling app

Calendesk is one of the salon software solutions which aims to improve the quality of your work, from the technical aspect and customer management.

It’s an all-in-one platform with a cloud-based system, making it more accessible and providing additional protection for your customer’s data.

Furthermore, its intuitive interface makes it easy for the client to book an appointment. Also, Calendesk offers flexible payment methods, and automatic notifications, for example, email reminders and push messages.

This range of features is available now at $24.99 monthly for basic plan, and what’s more, you can try the 14-day free trial version to dispel your doubts.

5 reasons why you should reach out to Calendesk

We have selected the most advanced features that will hopefully satisfy you and allow you to work more productively and effectively. So let’s see.

Appointment reminders

With Calendesk, you can count on the support of automatic reminders about the upcoming meeting, appointment status or temporary discounts, concerning product sales.

Such notifications can be adapted to the customer’s preferences, from SMS, email alerts or push messages. Taking care of the client relationship includes remembering to keep your customer up to date.

Integrated payments

This salon appointment software offers you financial tools; built-in payment processing. Your clients can choose from online methods like Apple pay, Google pay, credit card and many more. It’s more convenient for beauty professionals, as well as for clients.

Time tracking

With proper time tracking, you can ensure transparency in your activities and better manage your clients and time. What’s more, if you run a larger salon and collaborate with other employees, you can quickly check their overall performance and how they deal with their customers. This solution can be an element that supports customer retention.

Bookings features

This appointment scheduling software is a simple tool with various advanced features. Its intuitive interface allows you to manage effortless client appointments and edit your monthly or weekly planner in a few seconds.

If you want to ensure that other colleagues reach you at the proper time, easily share your calendar or send a group email.

Mobile app

Nowadays, it’s hard to meet someone whose main communication engine is not a smartphone. In the era of the mobile trend, you need to allow your clients to book appointments from anywhere.

The Calendesk mobile app gives you all the core features and those more advanced features. For example, you can send automated reminders and plan or check history payments in only a few seconds. What’s more, you can customize the booking widget, colors or template to match the style of your business.


Now you know how all-in-one salon software can help you. This solution not only supports daily business operations but also helps to gain control over time and improve customer experience.

Develop customer management that will give you positive results in the future. However, salon businesses are characterized by high competition on the market, so be sure to do a feature review and check if they meet your needs to give you the best possible effects. Also, check out other customer reviews.

Calendesk is a complete platform that can help you gain control over your salon while offering a mobile version to increase your accessibility. Schedule, and accept appointments and payments with just a few clicks.

No need to wait: check out Calendesk and read more about its functions here.

You can fully use the potential of your business, provide services at a high level, and at the same time, gain more reliability and credibility in the eyes of your customers.


How can salon scheduling software benefit salon owners in the beauty and wellness industry?

Salon scheduling software offers salon owners in the beauty and wellness industry a streamlined way to manage appointments, staff schedules, and client information. Features like online booking, automated reminders, and payment processing save time and reduce administrative burdens. This allows salon owners to focus more on providing quality salon services and growing their salon business.

What are some of the best salon appointment apps, and what features should I look for?

The best salon appointment apps offer features tailored to the needs of salon businesses, such as online booking, appointment reminders, multiple employees scheduling, and payment processing. Some popular options include Square Appointments, which integrates payment and scheduling, and salon-specific apps that offer advanced features like session-based package management. Look for apps that suit your salon’s size, locations, and specific needs.

How can online booking apps help in attracting new clients to my salon business?

Online booking apps make it easy for potential clients to find your salon through search engines like Google Search and book an appointment online. By offering the convenience of online bookings, you can attract tech-savvy clients who prefer to schedule appointments online. Integrating online booking with marketing tools can also help promote your salon services to a broader audience, attracting new clients.

Can salon scheduling software handle multiple locations, and how does it work?

Yes, many salon scheduling software options offer multiple location management features. This allows salon owners with multiple locations to manage schedules, staff, and appointments across different sites from a single platform. It provides a unified view of all salon businesses, streamlining operations, and ensuring consistency in services and customer experience across locations.

How can automated reminders enhance the salon appointment scheduling process?

Automated reminders send notifications to clients about upcoming appointments, reducing the likelihood of no-shows and last-minute cancellations. This feature in salon appointment scheduling apps helps keep both clients and staff informed, leading to more appointments being kept and better time management within the salon. It’s a valuable tool for enhancing customer satisfaction and maximizing revenue.

Is there salon scheduling software suitable for small business owners, and what should I consider when choosing one?

Yes, there are salon scheduling software options specifically designed for small business owners. Many offer a free plan or affordable pricing with essential features like scheduling appointments, online booking, and appointment reminders. When choosing software for a small salon business, consider factors like ease of use, customer support, scalability, and the ability to mix and match features to fit your unique needs.

How can salon appointment scheduling apps integrate with payment processing, and why is this important?

Salon appointment scheduling apps often include payment processing features that allow clients to pay for services when booking an appointment online. This integration streamlines the payment process, reduces manual handling of transactions, and offers a seamless experience for clients. It’s essential for efficiency, security, and providing a modern and professional service that meets the expectations of today’s consumers.

Can salon scheduling software accommodate multiple employees, and how does it help in managing their schedules?

Yes, salon scheduling software often includes features to manage multiple employees’ schedules. It allows salon owners to assign appointments, track availability, and coordinate schedules across different roles and locations. This functionality helps in avoiding double bookings, balancing workloads, and ensuring that the right staff members are available to provide specific services, leading to a more organized and productive salon environment.

What are some in-demand features that salon software should have to cater to the complete online bookings experience?

In-demand features for a complete online bookings experience in salon software include user-friendly online booking interfaces, automated reminders, integration with social media and websites, payment processing, and the ability to process payments and upsell additional services. Additionally, features like client history tracking, customizable service menus, and analytics can enhance the overall client experience and help salon owners make informed business decisions.


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