Appointment setter – who is it and do you need them?

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Appointment setter – who is it and do you need them?

A great number of sealing companies hire appointment setters these days.

Helping businesses book appointments with their customers and crafting the perfect sales presentation is a highly necessary and demanding ability in today’s business world.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the job of an appointment setter. The skills needed in this field will also be discussed, and the earnings potential.

Apart from that, we’ll consider alternatives like purchasing functional tools that can help streamline your workflow and benefit your business.

Let’s get started.

Who is an appointment setter?

A professional appointment setter is a person who helps people schedule appointments and manages their calendars.

There are many tasks that appointment setters need to complete. However, one of their primary obligations is to call businesses and individuals to encourage them to make appointments with sales representatives.

What does an appointment setter do?

An appointment setter works with clients to schedule appointments and handle other logistical details related to the client’s care. Organizing sales meetings with prospective clients is another aspect of their job.

The majority of these professionals work for doctors, dentists, therapists, and other professionals. Organizing events or making marketing materials may also fall under the responsibilities of an appointment setter.

An appointment setter in order to be effective must also be an expert trained in the crucial details of products and the services they offer.

Furthermore, every appointment seller must prepare and distribute daily reports of appointments and complete required call sheets at the end of each day.

How to become an appointment setter?

According to market requirements, to become an appointment seller, you must have a minimum high school diploma and, in some cases, a college diploma.

However, an appointment setting is not a one-size-fits-all profession.

There are a few rigid requirements to get an appointment setter job, and mastering it requires some skill development.

Therefore, there is no doubt that an appointment setter must have a strong work ethic and the ability to communicate effectively. Outstanding listening skills and attention to detail may also be attributed to the work of an appointment seller. Moreover, being a multi-tasking person will surely help in this work. As well as, we cannot forget about great organizational skills.

This position is ideal for anyone who enjoys interpersonal interaction and is interested in sales. That is why people with previous experience in customer service or sales will feel comfortable in telemarketing.

What skills are needed for becoming an appointment setter

Since every profession is different, employees must possess specific qualities. Take, for instance, doctors who have to be highly resistant to stress and cannot overdo being empathetic because they would not be able to do their job daily. It is the same with professional appointment setters. A particular set of qualities such as organizational skills, communication skills, and self-reliance must be acquired for the job to go smoothly and to achieve satisfactory results.

#1 Organizational skills

An excellent organizational skill can help you organize your physical and digital spaces. It can also help you manage, prioritize, and plan everything you need to do. In the workplace, organizational skills maximize results.

Developing and managing appointments is an essentail part of the appointment setter job.

This skill can be essential for individuals who work with clients, as it allows them to manage critical data and events effortlessly and benefit the business. Additionally, appointment settings can help individuals stay methodical and on top of their work schedules.

#2 Strong communication skills

Appointment setters should possess  excellent communication skills.

By communicating effectively, we gain a deeper understanding of people and situations. In addition, creating conditions to share ideas and solve problems helps us overcome tensions, build trust, and develop a sense of respect.

In marketing, whether a given product will be sold or distributed depends on the effective skills of the seller. Understanding the customer and meeting his expectations is crucial for success at work and increased sales.

#3 Stress management qualitites

When working as an appointment setter, you must consider that customers may decline your proposed services. In addition, stress is added to working with clients. Therefore, the appointment setter must be assertive and direct to collaborate smoothly with clients.

Being able to deal with stress will be of great help, and if you have a problem with it, luckily, there are now many techniques that allow you to master it.

#4 Successful computer management

Computerized technology is heavily utilized in modern businesses to complete vast amounts of work swiftly.

It is important that the appointment setter has knowledge of computer programs and software since this job requires the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

#5 Providing excellent customer service

Appointment setters must always be prepared to handle demanding customers and deal with any issues that may arise during a buisness meeting.

Providing a satysfying customer service is essential for those in the appointment setting industry.

A professional appointemet setter should take things further to exceed – rather than meet – his customers’ expectations. Yet, it is easily achievable by following best practices, such as respecting their time, being helpful, and providing a pleasant attitude. It boosts customers’ confidence, makes them satisfied when booking appointments, and guarantees their needs are met.

#6 Ability to work independently

Someone who sets appointments should be capable of being independent at workplace .

The process of working in a team differs significantly from that of working alone.

By relying on our skills in any situation and organizing ourselves well, we can provide our clients a sense of security and professionalism that makes them want to work with us.

How much can you earn as an appointment setter?

An appointment setting could be the perfect career option if you’re looking to make a comfortable living in the fast-paced business world.

Being an appointment setter, you can earn a salary that ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 per year. And with experience and additional education, you could potentially make even more. You can also check salary benchmarking materials from e.g., Horsefly Analytics to get better idea on how to value your work.

Regardless, it should be remembered that the remuneration depends on the company’s policy in which you are employed, and the data provided is only statistical. Therefore, it may often happen that the proposed amount will not correspond to the amount of work you will be charged during the day and will have to be done.

Calendesk as an alternative and facility for businesses

As the profession of the appointment seller may be challenging and tedious, we have come up with an alternative solution.

Our product allows you to make your appointment setter work more manageable and easier, introducing revolutionary solutions into your company’s daily routine.

Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what our company offers and the services you might find useful.

We specialize in various features that can boost customer satisfaction and improve business administration.

To book time slots, we provide two options: a website or a mobile application.

Calendesk booking system is user-friendly and straightforward to use. It is easy to navigate and has a fancy design. Calendesk - a calendar booking system makes accepting and canceling appointments hassle-free and convenient.

Moreover, once an appointment has been scheduled, the customer receives a reminder as the appointment date approaches.

Customer payment systems can be improved with Calendesk too. Steps like managing and collecting pre-visit payments, creating subscriptions, and creating invoices will be simplified.

You may be thinking now, “what about integrating the system?” or “even though I will invest in a booking system that can handle appointments 24/7 and collect payments, there is no chance this system will collaborate with our external platforms.”

Our team thought about it as well!

That is why several external tools can be integrated with our reservation platform, such as Zoom, Google Calendar and many more.

An excellent option that Calendesk provides is that to arrange a meeting, the company does not have to be in constant personal contact with clients until the meeting. Still, in case of any problems, it offers high-quality customer service.

Furthermore, with our system, there is no room for mistakes. It is possible to make a mistake when making reservations, such as double booking a meeting. Since our system provides accurate information about previously booked places, there is no chance for an error to occur.

We ensure customer satisfaction because our customers get the prospect of booking appointments based on availability, quickly selecting from various booking options, and at the same time, spare time. Then, our online booking systems back up all client data and guarantee protection of their personal information.


An appointment setting is a highly demanding profession requiring excellent interpersonal and practical time management skills.

Becoming an appointment setter can be an entertaining and rewarding career. However, considering other functional options for arranging appointemets may pay off for business.

With our tool, you can provide your staff with less pressure and improve operational and staff efficiency.

Appointment setting tools such as Calendesk do not need to replace appointment setters completely, but they can significantly streamline their work.

Making decisions that meet customer expectations, increase efficiency, and lower costs are possible when you use the right tools, such as Calendesk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an appointment setter do?

An appointment setter is responsible for contacting prospective clients, generating interest in a product or service, and scheduling appointments for the sales team to meet with potential customers.

What are the key responsibilities of an appointment setter?

Appointment setters are responsible for making phone calls, identifying potential clients, providing information about the company’s products or services, scheduling appointments, and maintaining records of their interactions with prospective customers.

What skills are required for an appointment setter job?

An appointment setter should have excellent communication skills, a professional and courteous disposition, and the ability to build rapport with prospective clients over the phone.

Are appointment setters part of the sales team?

Yes, appointment setters work closely with the sales team, helping them secure sales appointments with potential customers.

What is the difference between appointment setting services and in-house appointment setters?

Appointment setting services are outsourced companies that specialize in arranging appointments for businesses, while in-house appointment setters are employees who perform this function within the company.

What is an entry-level appointment setter?

An entry-level appointment setter is someone who is new to the role and may require additional training or guidance to effectively schedule appointments with prospective clients.

How do appointment setters contact prospective clients?

Appointment setters typically use phone calls, emails, and sometimes social media platforms to reach out to prospective clients and schedule appointments.

How can appointment setters help a sales representative close more deals?

Appointment setters can help sales representatives close more deals by identifying and scheduling appointments with prospective customers who are genuinely interested in the product or service. This allows sales representatives to focus on presenting and closing deals, rather than spending time on prospecting.

What is the importance of excellent communication skills for an appointment setter?

Excellent communication skills are crucial for appointment setters because they need to effectively convey the value of the product or service and persuade prospective clients to schedule an appointment with the sales team. Good communication skills also help build rapport with potential customers and create a positive impression of the company.

What is the role of appointment setters in arranging sales appointments?

Appointment setters play a crucial role in arranging sales appointments by contacting potential clients, providing information about the company’s products or services, identifying their needs, and scheduling appointments for the sales team to meet with these prospective customers.


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