The Best Scheduling Software for Therapists

Seamless Scheduling for Therapists. Easily organize your therapy sessions with Calendesk. Experience streamlined booking and payment processes, allowing you to focus on your clients' well-being.

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Scheduling therapy appointments takes only 4 steps

Start by signing up as a therapist and outlining your therapy services. Choose your payment options, set your available times, and let clients book their sessions with ease. Calendesk's efficient system reduces admin work and improves client service access.

Create a comprehensive list of available therapists. Set their individual time slots and enable prospects to find the perfect professional.

2. Let clients decide on therapy services

Take a moment to decide which services you wish to offer. Then, set the pricing, and assign a therapist who will be in charge.

3. Make online payments possible

Choose to accept online payments or not, and decide if you want to require prepayment or offer it as an option.

4. Allow online access to your schedule

Publish your schedule on your website and mobile app using our easy website builder. With Calendesk, you get it done in no time.

Key Features of The Best Scheduling Software for Therapists

Upgrade your therapeutic services using Calendesk, a cutting-edge online booking system featuring seamless payment processing, multi-schedule management, and integrations with therapy management software. Experience vital features designed to refine the booking experience, providing advantages for therapists and clients alike for a smoother and more accessible therapy experience.

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⌚ Save time with automated notifications

Calendesk - a therapy appointment scheduler, sends automated notifications to both you and your clients. No more missed sessions. The reminder and notification system will inform about therapy sessions and upcoming meetings. Customize your messages effortlessly with SMS, email, and push options.

It takes just a few clicks for your clients to get in touch with you. Send out emails or personalize texts in bulk. And the best part about it is that Calendesk handles everything automatically for you.

All your customers in one place

🧍Streamline client management

Keep track of all your clients in one place. Say goodbye to notebooks and Excel files. Instead, use scheduling software for therapists. Calendesk helps to filter, sort, and group your clients for easy analysis. View past and future consultations, payments, and contact information.

Each client's profile contains complete contact information, payment details, and private notes. You will always have access to recurring appointments and payment history.

A monthly subscription or a one-time pass?

💳 Enhance payment processes

Eliminate missed meetings and financial losses with our online therapy scheduling software. Moreover, Calendesk offers various payment options, including bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards.

Maximize your revenue by offering paid subscriptions, memberships, or passes to your clients. Calendesk integrates with Stripe to handle advanced payment options, automatically collecting money, assigning access to services, and issuing invoices. So payments are no longer an issue for you. The booking software will help you out.

Calendesk Online Booking System - Take care of your patients, beyond booking.

🗓️ Customize your appointment calendar

Booking a meeting with a therapist is a client's first step to better their health. It is where their journey starts. That’s why making the scheduling process as smooth as possible is essential (for both you and your patients).

Easily view your consultations and sessions in one place with our calendar view. Our software for booking appointments includes daily, weekly, and monthly options, as well as a special daily plan tab. You can easily add, delete, and modify appointments by selecting the calendars you want to see. Our software also integrates with Google Calendar and Google Meet for on-the-go access.

Support for phones and tablets

💻 Build a user-friendly website

Excellent online scheduling software is the most prominent component, but there’s something extra. The website builder allows users to create an intuitive landing page or a complete website for your services. Designing a landing page that matches your business and reflects your brand’s philosophy has never been so simple.

No more confused clients - make your booking page user-friendly for everyone.

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📆 Manage the schedule easily

Calendesk includes a mobile app for easy appointment management anytime and anywhere. You can access your schedule, client information, and payments on the go. The app is customizable to reflect your brand and is quick to set up. Checking out the availability online is super simple.

With a calendar sync and other capabilities, you’ll never get the meetings overlapped. Find out how the app works in practice by signing up for the Calendesk free trial! It’s one of the best online scheduling apps.

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🧑 Get to know your clients

Integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and others helps track customers’ behavior. The online scheduling software will let you know when and how many people cancel their meetings. As a result, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your clients and leverage the data to create more personalized experiences.

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Therapy scheduling software: FAQ

Calendesk's online booking system, tailored for therapists, greatly simplifies the process of scheduling appointments and enhances client communication. Here are answers to common questions about employing Calendesk for therapists, ensuring you can harness the full potential of its features.

Can mental health professionals use Calendesk?

Yes. Calendesk can be used by anyone who wants to take advantage of a scheduling tool. Therapists use it to organize their time and stay on top of time management

Also, it saves time and helps maintain valuable relationships with clients. It’s intuitive for both therapists and clients. The booking experience is stress-free and straightforward.

With features like patient reminders and automated online payment, Calendesk makes bookings convenient as well. Additionally, getting started in a therapy practice only takes four steps.

How can therapy clients schedule appointments via scheduling software like Calendesk?

It is a very simple process. First, the clients need to choose a mental health professional from the provided list and then the kind of service they need (group therapy sessions, individual ones, or others).

Scheduling can be done in minutes thanks to online booking capabilities. Competition in the mental health industry is growing, so therapists need to look for something extra. Features like a booking client portal and online payments are excellent to stand out from other healthcare providers.

Can therapy appointment scheduling software enhance relations with clients?

Yes. A reliable and intuitive system for booking meetings might impact client relationships. It helps create a positive experience from the very beginning - they can promptly book or cancel appointments using a user-friendly website. Also, Calendesk provides a flexible subscription configuration.

You can set both monthly subscriptions and a one-time payment. All those online scheduling tools and capabilities seem like a detail, but they really make a difference for users.

What is the best scheduling software for therapists?

Calendesk is the best appointment scheduling software for therapists. With its many features, the platform supports therapists in managing their consultation time and patient data securely. It features customizable reminders and notifications and is suitable for group sessions.

In addition, the intuitive dashboard provides insight into scheduling across all devices, allowing visibility of upcoming sessions, recent cancellations, notifications on recurring sessions, and more. With all those facilities, Calendesk is the ideal scheduling system for healthcare professionals.

How to make online appointment scheduling better?

The best way to improve booking meetings is to use online scheduling tools. And one of them is Calendesk. The software allows scheduling online therapy sessions as well as in-person ones.

Besides, Calendesk offers an app with an intuitive interface and a customizable calendar. Using a computer or mobile device, clients book sessions with ease.

Can I make my own schedule as a therapist?

Yes, you can make your own schedule as a therapist with Calendesk. It’s an online scheduler designed specifically for therapists and others who want to organize their time and provide clients with an easy way to schedule appointments.

Create an organized, secure, and easy-to-manage calendar that works 24/7 to book, manage, and track your client appointments. Calendesk also features online payment processing, automated reminders, and custom questionnaires to make therapy practice work easier.

Sign up for a free trial and check in practice how the best therapy scheduling software works.


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