OdNova Psychotherapy x Calendesk: Case study

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OdNova Psychotherapy x Calendesk: Case study

OdNova Psychotherapy, an institution born from extensive therapeutic knowledge and unwavering passion, sought a solution to improve the process of scheduling and managing appointments. The answer to their challenge came in the form of Calendesk – a booking website builder app and time management. This article presents how OdNova Psychotherapy streamlined its operations and enhanced efficiency with Calendesk!

About the customer:

OdNova Psychotherapy was founded by Aleksandra Defranc and Kamila Tagliaferro, experienced psychotherapists with a unique understanding of multicultural relationships and dynamics based on their own experiences. The duo specializes in cognitive-behavioral, schema, and systemic therapy, offering sessions in Polish, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Their team consists of experienced therapists who provide comprehensive support for adults, teenagers, children, couples, and entire families.

More about the client:

About the challenge:

The therapeutic clinic faced a challenging task of efficient appointment and schedule management. This necessity consumed time that could have been dedicated to patient care. A more effective reservation system was needed to facilitate the appointment scheduling process.

Why Calendesk?

"OdNova Psychotherapy" chose Calendesk as its psychologist scheduling software after familiarizing itself with its intuitive features and recognizing the potential for automating the reservation process. The software's compatibility with online payment systems made it easier for clients to schedule appointments and make payments at their convenience. Thanks to Calendesk, there was no longer a need for additional staff to manage reservations.

Effect of Calendesk on the business activities:

The implementation of Calendesk brought a significant change. It allowed customers to schedule and pay for their preferred appointments independently, eliminating the need for constantly checking availability with their chosen specialist. It saved time and resources as there was no longer a requirement to hire additional staff to handle the booking process. This efficiency enabled the founders to focus more on providing high-quality therapy and support to their clients.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much would you recommend Calendesk?

10 – OdNova Psychotherapy highly recommends Calendesk. This platform simplifies the appointment booking process, reduces stress, and provides a flexible solution tailored to their specific needs.

Be like OdNova:

If your company struggles with appointment bookings and managing them, consider implementing Calendesk. This system can streamline your operations and allow you to focus on key areas of your business, improve customer service, save time, and increase competitiveness in the market. Try it out today!


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