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By integrating Calendesk with external tools, you can improve your workflow and increase its efficiency.

Integrations - Zoom, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp
Integrations - Stripe, Apple Pay, InvoiceOcean, Mastercard, Visa, AmEx, Google Pay, Apple Pay
Integrations - Zapier, Slack, OpenAI, Google Spreadsheet, LinkedIn, Gmail, Calendesk
Integrations - Rest API, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager

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Integrations - Zoom


✔ Seamlessly integrate Zoom with Calendesk for automatic video conference creation upon customer booking.
✔ Automatically send Zoom meeting links to both service providers and customers immediately after booking, saving valuable time.
✔ Eliminate manual setup of video conferencing details for each appointment.
✔ Enjoy real-time updates of meeting details across all bookings for effortless rescheduling or cancellation.

Integrations - Google Calendar + Google Meet

Google Calendar + Google Meet

✔ Automatically sync your Calendesk bookings with Google Calendar for seamless scheduling and reminders.
✔ Instantly generate and receive Google Meet links for you and your customers with every booking, directly through Calendesk.
✔ Enjoy real-time updates directly in your Google Calendar for any booking reschedules or cancellations.
✔ Eliminate manual entry of reservations into your calendar and manual creation of meeting links, saving time and effort.

Integrations - Microsoft Teams + Skype + Outlook

Microsoft Integrations — Outlook, Teams, Skype

✔ Streamline your scheduling by syncing Calendesk bookings with your Outlook calendar for easy access and reminders.
Automatically generate Microsoft Teams or Skype meeting links for customer appointments, sent directly through Calendesk.
✔ Ensure your bookings and updates are seamlessly integrated into your Outlook calendar in real-time.
Save valuable time by eliminating manual calendar entries and the creation of meeting links.

Integrations - WhatsApp


✔ Leverage WhatsApp for secure, instant messaging and video calling worldwide.
Automatically receive WhatsApp meeting links in Calendesk bookings for quick, face-to-face customer interactions.
✔ Streamline online consultations with easy link creation, enhancing customer trust and engagement.
Eliminate manual messaging, saving time and improving efficiency.

Simple and Effective Payment and Invoicing Management

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Integrations - Stripe


✔ Utilize Stripe for real-time customer payments, offering a modern, globally trusted payment solution.
✔ Accept a wide variety of payment methods including card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and major European direct debit options like Bancontact and iDEAL.
Benefit from low transaction fees for European cards at just 1.5% + €0.25 per transaction.
✔ Access comprehensive revenue analytics within the Stripe dashboard, including MRR, ARR, and Churn rate, and simplify refunds for your customers.

Integrations - InvoiceOcean


Automate VAT invoicing by integrating InvoiceOcean with Calendesk, eliminating manual invoicing tasks.
✔ Utilize the API key from InvoiceOcean to seamlessly integrate services or products for VAT invoicing after payment.
✔ Ensure compliance with current regulations using customizable VAT invoice templates.
✔ Support for issuing invoices in multiple languages (German, English, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Polish and French) and in all world currencies.

Unlock Unlimited Possibilities with Advanced Tools and Integrations

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Integrations - Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Centralize control of your website's marketing tags and add-ons with Google Tag Manager, avoiding the need for code modifications.
Implement tracking, analytics, and chat features easily without requiring programming expertise, using just copy-paste operations.
✔ Simplify the integration of Google Tag Manager with Calendesk by copying the container ID into Calendesk's website editor.
Benefit from a wide range of tag templates available directly within the Google Tag Manager dashboard for quick and easy setup.

Integrations - Zapier


✔ Effortlessly automate workflows between Calendesk and over 6,000 other apps using Zapier, no coding required.
✔ Automatically transfer booking details from Calendesk to various applications to perform actions, such as sending Slack notifications for new bookings, launching MailChimp marketing campaigns, or adding bookings to Google Sheets.
✔ Enjoy a user-friendly interface designed for non-technical users, allowing you to set up integrations without needing developer assistance.

Integrations - Restful API


✔ Leverage the Calendesk RESTful API to seamlessly exchange data, enabling both read and write access to Calendesk data for custom integration into your CRM system or for bulk customer additions.
Designed for technical users, this API facilitates the creation of tailored solutions specific to your business needs.
✔ Gain the ability to fully utilize Calendesk's features without the need for direct interaction with the user interface.

Data security and continuous support

Calendesk guarantees excellent customer service and the highest data security standards, compliant with European regulations.

Employee access control

Employee access control

Precise permission management on the platform.

Full protection of personal data and compliance with GDPR.

Data security

Full protection of personal data and compliance with GDPR.

Encryption and backup

Encryption and backup

The latest encryption technologies and backups for full data security and availability.

Technical support

Technical support

Technical assistance always at your disposal, and an extensive knowledge base for self-service.


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