How to choose the best appointment scheduler app

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How to choose the best appointment scheduler app

Managing a business requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. Staying organized can be one of the biggest challenges, especially for developing entrepreneurs.

Strategy planning, creating new ideas or even taking care of the client’s needs must be at the highest level. However, with an extensive range of duties, it might be hard for you to find time to plan upcoming meetings and choose suitable dates.

So how can you improve the scheduling process? A convenient online scheduling system can help you with this. So let’s see.

4 reasons why your business needs online scheduling software

Among the many advantages of appointment scheduling apps, we have chosen the ones that will bring you the most benefits. Check it out.

Save time

With all these responsibilities on your back, you might forget about getting rest. Planning and organizing meetings enable you to choose the right time for a break. Then, you’ll have a better view of your weekly schedule, and it can be easier to determine how much time you spend on particular tasks and client appointments.

Moreover, the booking software allows you to organize meetings and allocate time for other duties, such as developing new products and services or choosing new marketing strategies. Meeting scheduling apps can adjust their capabilities to different business categories.

Create detailed reports

If cloud-based software is your choice, you gain the ability to create advanced reports, high availability and maximum data security. Reports allow you to control finances, activities and your employees’ progress. Also, you can easily determine how many appointments per month you usually have.

Make scheduling effortless

Scheduling features allows you to easily change the meeting date, check the payment status and even reject or accept the appointment. An online booking system with an intuitive interface enables you to act quickly without wasting time learning how to use it.

Moreover, if your client cannot attend the meeting, you can easily plan an online meeting for video conferencing or calling.

Say “goodbye” to missed appointments.

Have you ever had a situation where you forgot about a meeting or remembered a few minutes before? With the software, you can stop this. Schedulers provide automated reminders to inform you and your client about the upcoming session.

What’s more, you can add individual notes to the appointment that will present its purpose and character. Client meetings will be more pleasant and faster if both parties can prepare for them.

Tips on how to choose the best online scheduling app

Picking the right appointment scheduling tool for your business might seem like a complex task. But not with our guidance, which makes your choice a lot easier. So let’s see.

Compare prices

Indeed, no one likes to overpay for things that don’t meet their expectations. So consider the prices and check if the software offers more than one plan. Maybe you don’t need to choose the most expensive but the basic plan. Another thing is a free trial version, which will help dispel doubts after testing the software.

Check features adequacy

Some of the schedulers’ users may choose software based on its popularity. Of course, it’s a solution, but it’s much more advisable to compare the features offered by the software to your needs.

For example, if you complain about problematic contact with customers outside the workplace, choose software with a mobile app version that allows you to stay in touch with them. Don’t forget about checking calendar integration with your other systems, some of them will help you improve schedule management.

Read reviews

And last but not least, pay attention to the reviews on multiple websites. Why? Because who will know better than the other user? Carefully examine the positive and negative ones, searching for aspects that might be essential for you.

For example, maybe the software has multiple critical functions, but the interface makes it harder to use.

Calendesk: your chance to make appointments trouble-free

Calendesk is a user-friendly and cloud-based scheduling system for every business size. The software provides a wide range of integrations like Google Calendar, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Zapier and Microsoft Outlook. Its booking grid it’s effortless to use.

Also, it will keep you updated thanks to its mobile version. Also, time of booking doesn’t matter; you can do it worldwide and anytime. Forget about terrifying scheduling scenarios, now you can do it effortlessly.

Moreover, the appointment scheduling software offers automatic notifications, where you can choose from email notification, SMS reminder or push messages.

The payment system seems trouble-free thanks to automatic VAT invoices and multiple alternatives for online payments. You can easily check staff calendars and choose a proper time for meeting.

And last but not least, Calendesk offers three plans and a 14-day free trial version to help you clear doubts before your final purchase. This appointment booking tool prices start at $24.99 per month and with an enterprise plan, you gain unlimited bookings features.

Most advanced features of Calendesk

Let’s look at the most critical functions of Calendesk that enable you to develop your business and improve booking experience.

#1 Clients book

When organizing business meetings, business professionals need to keep in mind that an individual approach to each client is essential. Calendesk acts as a client base. In this way, you will build better and more lasting relationships.

Calendesk is a customer database where you can store phone numbers, email addresses, names and meeting details. Scroll your client list and check the person’s payment history or meeting frequency.

#2 Mobile app

The tool offers a mobile app version in which you can handle all activities as on other devices. The app is user-friendly so you can navigate it quickly and easily.

Customizable booking, rescheduling or accepting payments has never been easier. Also, you can customize the application’s appearance to match your business style by changing icons, templates, booking widget and colors.

#3 Smart notifications

Finally, business owners can say ‘no’ to missed deadlines and meetings. With Calendesk, you won’t skip anything thanks to advanced email reminders that you can customize to your customers’ preferences.

For example, if you want to inform your customers about temporary discounts or gift cards it will take you a few clicks.

You can send appointment reminders to both individuals and groups. Moreover, you can send your customers a newsletter on similar terms.

#4 Trouble-free payments

Allowing customers to pay via several methods always increases your purchase chances. With Calendesk, customers can pay using Apple pay, Google Pay, credit cards and more. Such activities improve your flexibility, providing customers with convenient solutions and distinguishing you from the competition.

#5 Cloud-based system

A cloud-based system will help you ensure the privacy and security of your customers’ data. Also, this solution minimizes costs. Document management will be much simpler and more accessible.


Time management and good organization are two points that help your business grow. Appointment booking apps allow you to regain control, properly allocate time to tasks, and, what’s more, build lasting relationships with clients. Thanks to schedulers, you can avoid double booking and unnecessary misunderstandings.

You don’t have to worry about side activities such as issuing a Vat Invoice because the tool will do it for you. Instead, use the mobile app and stay in touch with your customers by staying up-to-date.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a beauty salon or you’re a personal trainer, booking apps will make your life easier.

So don’t wait; check out Calendesk and its essential features here. Then, start your journey here with registration and improve the quality of client management and the entire business.

Remember that you can use it on mobile devices. Booking process and developing appointments with clients have never been easier.


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