Why is Calendesk a great Calendly alternative?

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Why is Calendesk a great Calendly alternative?

Have you ever thought about the way you manage meetings in your company? Do you know that, potentially, you could vastly improve your booking strategy in a very short period of time, thanks to one smart invention? If you run a business and hold various appointments and meetings relatively often, whether it’s with your business partners or your customers (when you’re a therapist for example), you couldn’t pick a better article to read today.

Today, we want to tell you about the secret of Calendesk – a new way to manage your meetings and appointments you should implement as soon as possible. Online booking can be quite challenging at times and if you want it done smoothly and effectively, you need a reliable tool.

Nowadays, the market is very competitive and there are plenty of various options to choose from. Luckily for you, you don’t need to go through the struggle of finding the best one out there that will meet your most sophisticated demands.

In today’s blog post, we mainly focus on why Calendesk is the only online booking platform you should be using, with no worthy opponents to even think about. If you’re ready to find out, fasten your seatbelt and let’s get down to business!

Online scheduling tools – what are they and are they really that important?

Online appointment scheduling tools are essentially online booking systems that allow your customers to schedule appointments with you or book your services through an online platform – a piece of software designed specifically for this purpose. In addition, business owners and admins can even set the availability of their services and the right bookable hours, so that customers never make a booking that is outside of the working hours.

In case you don’t know this yet, we should determine why online scheduling tools are absolute must haves, before we dive deeper into the great benefits of them. The way you handle your appointment scheduling can either be a curse or a blessing. 99% of the time, everything depends on you and your choices. After all, when you run a business, someone has to be the decisive person, right? Now, you can make a wonderful decision to implement online booking into your business strategy and watch your business grow faster than ever, reaching more people and delivering a higher ROI.

Online scheduling tools are important for a few reasons. First of all, they can make your whole online booking experience much more pleasant. Second of all, online bookings can allow you to save time and money. Lastly, online booking platforms like Calendesk are convenient for both you and your customers, making it easy to quickly increase your brand recall and loyalty. Now, let’s dive deeper into the perks of using an online appointment scheduler like Calendesk.

The benefits of online booking platforms – what you should be looking out for

As already mentioned, online booking platforms have a lot of benefits. And the best thing? It’s really difficult, practically impossible, to find any disadvantages of them, too. In fact, what could go wrong with online booking in a world leading towards fully digitalized and computerized experiences, that aim to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility? If you want flexibility and comfort, you couldn’t make a better choice when it comes to online booking platforms. So, what are those benefits? Here are just some of the things you can expect from a reliable online booking software provider:

  • quick and efficient payment process
  • effortless implementation
  • user-friendly interface
  • possibility to keep everything organized and in one place
  • saved time and money
  • more bookings made thanks to 24/7 open booking system
  • satisfied customers
  • loyalty scheme possibilities for engagement drive

These are just some of the countless perks of good online scheduling tools. As you can see, you get the best of both worlds: both your customers and your business can benefit from such tools. Investing in the satisfaction of your customers often turns out to be one of the best investments that a business owner can make. Are you ready for such an investment, though?

Calendesk – why does your business need it?

Calendesk is practically all your business needs. Any potential online scheduling tool you could think of can’t and won’t compete with Calendesk. Now, we’re not and don’t want to be known for making empty promises. Therefore, if you wish to find out why Calendesk should be your number #1 choice, keep reading to find out and see what the hype is all about.

#1 Appointment calendar made specifically for you

The Calendesk calendar allows you to easily visualize your meetings in an organized and clear way. Enjoy a daily, weekly or even a monthly view, and a special tab with your daily plan, at your fingerprints – whenever and wherever you need them. Whether it’s just you or a whole team of employees needing to access the calendar, Calendesk will provide you with the best user experience ever. Selecting the desired calendars, adding, deleting, changing meetings – all of this can be done with just a few quick clicks. Say goodbye to having to keep everything in a physical calendar, which can often get quite messy and confusing. What’s also amazing about Calendesk’s calendar is that you can quickly and effortlessly integrate it with your favourite Google Calendar or Google Meet – all so that you can enjoy managing your meetings from the comfort of your favourite apps – both mobile and/or desktop.

#2 Stay connected with your customers

Have you ever wanted to have your whole customer base in one place? Telephone numbers, important statistics, e-mail addresses, first and last names and so on… Well, with Calendesk it’s possible. No more excel files, notes and excessive notebooks. Say hello to managing your customer base quickly, effectively and with ease. Filtering, sorting, searching – you choose what you need to do and Calendesk delivers it.

Some of the data you can track and monitor within your customer base using Calendesk as your online booking system include payment information, full contact information, private notes, various notifications and more.

#3 Notifications can’t get better than this

Calendesk can automatically handle notifications to you and your customers. The next time you have a meeting, you don’t have to remember about it because Calendesk will do it 100% for you. A notification will be sent to both you and your customer early enough, so that both of you don’t miss it. You can easily customize and edit those notifications that can be sent in the form of emails, SMSs and even push messages if you use a personalized mobile app.

Connecting with your customers in just a few clicks is the new way of keeping your customers satisfied. Do you need to send an email to everyone? Is there a special offer you would like to send to customers through SMS? Calendesk will handle it for you.

#4 Flexible and user-friendly payment process

When you use Calendesk, you don’t have to worry about missing appointments or wasting money and time. With Calendesk, you can accept payments way before a visit to ensure that you only attract customers that are genuinely interested in your offerings. You can give your customers a chance to pay online with quick bank payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay or even a credit card –  giving them a choice will increase the possibility of a faster decision making process as their most commonly used payment method will be right there to use.

Advanced payments aren’t everything, though. Take your game to the next level and offer your customers a paid subscription, membership or a pass for your services. Again, you don’t have to worry about anything because Calendesk will take care of everything. Combined with modern Stripe payments, you can create advanced subscriptions. Calendesk will automatically collect funds from the customer, allocate access to your service and in the end issue a VAT invoice. Amazing, isn’t it?

#5 Mobile app – a cherry on top

And now the best part – a mobile app. Calendesk is an appointment booking system for your clients that they can carry right in their pocket – wherever they are. Be modern and futuristic.  Provide your customers with the option to arrange an appointment with you via the mobile application wherever they are – a train, the mountains,  their bed. With Calendesk’s mobile app, you can even send push notifications directly to subscribers’ smartphones. It’s great for staying connected with your customers and developing a strong brand recall and brand loyalty.

You can take advantage of the mobile app as a prestigious solution for you and your customers. You can customize colors, descriptions and photos using a very easy wizard. Make it easy for your customers to browse, book, and pay for meetings with you by using a modern appointment booking app. Could online booking get any easier and more pleasant than this?

With Calendesk you can do more

Calendesk offers 4 subscription plans, including a free one, so you can really get to know this tool on various levels and pick the package that suits your business best. Enjoy perks like your own domain, unlimited number of customers and accounts, full premium booking system and a premium website builder. Sounds like a lot? Well, let’s add a mobile app for your employees, interesting integrations (Facebook Messenger, Stripe, InvoiceOcean and more), newsletter, individual technical support and more! All of this is possible with Calendesk.

Are you ready to give it a try and find out how the best online booking system works? Don’t waste your time and head over to our website to learn even more.

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We can’t wait to show you the magical world of online bookings. See you!


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