Calendesk features:

Take control of your meetings scheduling with Calendesk

Allow customers to book appointments with you 24/7. Accept payments, offer passes and subscriptions, and stay in touch with them through Calendesk.

Forget about missed calls or notes in a notebook. Accept reservations around the clock, using your online calendar.

Mobile app for you and your customers
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Automatic notifications

Send notifications to your customers via email, SMS, or push notifications. Let Calendesk keep track of appointments and promptly remind and inform about changes in bookings.

Accept online payments using credit cards, BLIK, automatic transfers, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Allow your customers to pay quickly and conveniently.

A monthly subscription or a one-time pass?
Build a website without a programmer

Use the Calendesk website builder to create your dream website. Customize text, photos, and colors with a few clicks.

Build a simple mobile app that allows your customers to make online reservations from their mobile devices.

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… and much more!

Explore an exclusive collection of innovative tools designed to elevate your business management experience to new heights.

Group booking system

Accept reservations for group and individual meetings. Use the reservation basket to allow customers to book multiple appointments at once.


Offer different lengths and prices of meetings. Present various booking options and let customers choose what's best for them.

Your own URL

Share the booking system with your own domain or customize the standard address for yourself.

Calendesk widget

Place the Calendesk booking system on your website in a few seconds. A permanent page element or a popup button? Choose your style.

Passes and subscriptions

Offer your customers a package of services as part of a fixed fee. Grant your customers access to the calendar within a subscription.

Video consultations

Conduct video consultations with your clients using Google Meet or Zoom integration. Your clients will receive a meeting link right after making a reservation.

Work schedules

Set the hours you and your team work. Let Calendesk display only those appointments when you are available to clients.

Calendar synchronization

Synchronize your Google Calendar to keep up-to-date information about bookings in your private calendar and prevent overlapping private events.

Data export

Export data to a file or connect with the Calendesk system via API to have access to bookings and customer data at any time.

Invoice automation

Automatically issue and send VAT invoices right after payment using integration with the InvoiceOcean system


Implement Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and similar tools to analyze customer behavior.

Advanced integrations

Speed up your work with external integrations. Use Zapier integration to access thousands of apps.

API access

Use RESTful API to read or write data in Calendesk. With RESTful API, you can export data from Calendesk or import it in any way you want.

Recurring reservations

Create recurring meetings, such as weekly lessons or monthly consultations, with a single reservation.

Employee access control

Manage access levels to the booking system for individual employees, allowing you to delegate tasks and protect customer data privacy.

Join hundreds of companies with over 1,000,000+ successful meetings booked.
Automate your business with your favorite integrations.

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