Appointment scheduling software built for businesses

Don't waste time arranging meetings with clients. Streamline your company's workflow - automatically.
Appointment scheduling software built for businesses

Keep your customers coming back

Your customers deserve the best customer experience. You deliver one with Calendesk - Online Booking System. Like a pro, on autopilot.

Automate your busywork

Do what you do best, let Calendesk's appointment scheduling software do the rest.

Appointment scheduling software built for businesses just like yours!

Provide professional customer service in sync with your brand

Let your customers book appointments for your services around the clock with a modern booking calendar. Create a look and feel that matches your business, so your customers always recognize your brand.

Provide professional customer service in sync with your brand

Make online appointments convenient for your clients

Organize online meetings with your clients. Save time on unnecessary travel with seamless integrations via Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams. You will need only a handy, personalized link to connect online.

Make online appointments convenient for your clients

Set up automatic notifications

Forgot to send a reminder? No-show clients? Put an end to monotonous tasks with customized notifications and content. We'll handle the boring parts while you focus on sales.

Set up automatic notifications

Provide fast online payment options

Say goodbye to paperwork with automatic invoicing. Get quick and convenient payments from your customers as soon as they make a reservation. Have the money in your account before the appointment.

Provide fast online payment options

Say goodbye to conflicting meeting times

Connect your personal, work, and side project calendars. Using Calendesk, you can check for conflicts across all of them and make sure you are available for the meeting. Your team scheduling preferences can be accommodated by Calendesk.

Say goodbye to conflicting meeting times

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Handling bookings with the Calendesk consultation booking system is extremely simple and pleasant. And the good news here - it takes only a few minutes.

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Numbers speak for themselves

1 000 000+ appointments made with Calendesk!

Hour (max!) needed to configure the platform for you
Time saved on operational tasks
Accepting bookings around-the-clock
Clients who want to pay online - and now they have a way to do so at your office!

Online booking calendar: FAQ

Calendesk is a simple online booking system that allows users to accept reservations, process payments, and notify customers about upcoming visits. This system is dedicated to people who accept reservations for online services and in-person appointments. Read the full review about us at

Those who want to facilitate their booking progress and take their businesses further with modern solutions.

We serve individuals, small businesses, and companies with up to 1000 employees. No matter how many customers you have, we're here to help you. Calendesk's booking system is used to make appointments, accept payments from customers, and send email and SMS notifications. Whether you meet your customers directly in your brick-and-mortar business or use remote communication, the Calendesk booking system is perfect for you.

Calendesk's appointment scheduler works very well for:

  • Lawyers and attorneys-at-law,
  • Psychotherapists and psychologists,
  • Tutors,
  • Life coaches,
  • Dieticians,
  • Fitness industry reps: personal trainers, physiotherapists, gyms, massage studios and more,
  • Beauty industry reps: hairdressers, beauticians, barbers, tattoo artists, SPA salons, beauty salons, nail salons, and more.

In addition, the software for booking appointments - Calendesk fits perfectly as software for salons, software for beauticians, a beauty salon planner, or software for hairdressers.

Calendesk is a great solution for all other industries and professions in which making an appointment is their business. Online booking can be a great addition or starting point, so why wouldn’t you give it a go today?

It’s way more than that!

Calendesk stands out from other online booking systems. You can use Calendesk to handle reservations from your customers, accept payments from them, send them notifications, automatically create invoices, and even create subscriptions or vouchers for your services.

Calendesk is a complex online booking platform. Sign up and get your customized link straight away! Calendesk sets itself apart from other online booking systems. Using the Calendesk website builder, you can create an entire website with a perfect and fully customized calendar for your company. Change colors, subpages, sections, images - you name it. Already got a website? No problem, you can embed the calendar code on it. Simple as that! Calendesk also helps you manage your customers. You can add subscriptions and one-time passes, send customers fully customized emails, SMS messages, or push notifications.

Calendesk, an online appointment booking system, offers:

  • a versatile online booking system (personal and group calendars) that can be shared with customers and tailored to your needs (calendar sharing app),
  • a seamless online booking and payment system for accepting prepayments for your services,
  • the capability to customize all email, SMS, and push notifications,
  • a centralized customer database with options to group and filter clients,
  • employee management features, including individual work schedules,
  • a customizable online booking calendar with a unique website address or integration with your existing website,
  • a user-friendly website booking system for effortless appointment scheduling,
  • the option to create multiple calendars with various configurations for different client groups,
  • a simple website builder for creating modern, multi-page websites on a single account,
  • an advanced payment system that accepts card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and bank transfers,
  • automatic invoice generation for clients,
  • subscription-based services for regular billing,
  • passes/vouchers as alternate booking options in exchange for one-time payments,
  • a mobile app builder for creating your booking app and distributing it on Google Play or the App Store,
  • tailored software for salons to ensure the success of your salon business.

Of course! Our goal is to prove that online appointment scheduling through our system will fit your business. Therefore, we don't want to charge until you are assured of the value of the Calendesk booking system. That's why we offer a 14-day trial period. During this time, you can freely test all Calendesk functions that are available in the Standard plan. We would also be happy to help you adapt the system to your business. All you need to do is make an appointment with us, and a specialist will guide you step by step through the configuration process.

We'd be very sorry to see you go, but of course you can cancel a subscription whenever you want. Calendesk does not tie you down to any long-term contracts. You can use Calendesk by paying us monthly or annually, with a 20% discount on annual payments.

Yes, of course, you can migrate between subscription plans at any time. Our payment operator will calculate the amounts so that you do not lose anything when switching. If you upgrade during the billing period, we will only charge you for the actual amount of days used. If you downgrade during the billing period, we will use the remaining amount for future payments or refund you.

Definitely yes! The Calendesk booking app can act as an independent calendar. You will receive a unique link to the calendar from us that you can pass on to your customers. You can share this link wherever you want, for example, on Facebook, Instagram, or in the footer of your email.

Calendesk allows you to create an unlimited number of calendars with unique URL addresses. There is no problem with configuring all of them with your services or with your employees. Each calendar may look different and have a different logo or colors. You can even direct your customers to a specific service in the calendar or group of services. You can also create various booking forms that your client will have to fill out before booking. Calendesk offers excellent configuration possibilities.

Sure! If you are starting your business or your website needs refreshing, Calendesk will be a great choice. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a developer, you can create a website using Calendesk. Our easy-to-use website builder will allow you to design your ideal site. Step by step, you will be guided by an intelligent assistant through the process of creating a website. Choose the type of business, decide on the components, match the colors and wait a few seconds - your website is ready!

Not only you can, but you should :) Calendesk offers the possibility of placing the calendar on your website as a permanent element (inline embed) and as a convenient widget that will allow you to open the calendar as a popup window. You can choose whether you want to run the calendar from a permanent button visible at the bottom of the page or any other place, e.g., a link or a button. You can also choose whether the calendar should appear with all your services or only selected ones. It will allow you to direct customers directly to the service they want to book.

Yes, Calendesk offers an intuitive online schedule with a division into days, weeks, and months. You can easily manage appointments, review the current schedule, and change planned meetings.

Calendesk offers reservation notifications via email, SMS, and push. You can customize the content of notifications and choose the type of notifications you want to send to customers.

Yes, thanks to the integration with the Stripe payment operator, Calendesk allows you to accept payments directly from the mobile application and website. Various payment methods are supported, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, payment cards, and bank payments.

Yes, Calendesk allows you to create subscriptions for services, set the amount and frequency of charges, and restrictions for your calendar.

Calendesk integrates with many external systems, such as Stripe, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Calendar, InvoiceOcean, and Zapier.

Calendesk offers a few pricing options.

Calendesk online booking system offers a plan called Calendesk Standard, which costs only $39/month (billed $468 annually) or $49 month-to-month.

If you hire more than 5 employees, need more than one website, and have a large customer base (over 750 bookings per month), choose Calendesk Pro, which costs only $55/month (billed $660 annually) or $69 month-to-month.

If your needs go beyond the standard Calendesk plans, please contact us so we can tailor the plan to suit you.

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