WORKSHOP ceramics & pottery x Calendesk: Case study

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WORKSHOP ceramics & pottery x Calendesk: Case study

Kasia, the owner of the Ceramics and Pottery Workshop, was searching for an effective solution to streamline the management of appointments in her studio. The key to solving her problems turned out to be Calendesk - an innovative platform for scheduling meetings and time management, acting as an appointment setter to automate and manage the booking process. This article presents how the ceramics workshop transformed its operations and increased efficiency thanks to Calendesk - a calendar appointment booking system!

About the Client:

Kasia Ulatowska is the owner and driving force behind a ceramic workshop, which can be found on Facebook at Warsztaty Ceramiki and on Instagram at Pracownia Łódzka.

Before her adventure in the world of ceramics, Kasia had experience in project management. Her decision to establish a ceramic workshop is an expression of her passion for craftsmanship and a desire to preserve pottery traditions.

More about the client:

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About the challenge:

The Ceramics and Pottery Workshop, with an increasing number of customers, needed a system that would help manage the schedule. The owner felt stressed due to the necessity of manually managing the scheduled appointments. Not only did it interfere with her creative process, but it also made it difficult for customers to get in touch with her. There arose a need to implement a reliable reservation system that would relieve her from these duties and increase the efficiency of the business.

Why Calendesk?

The owner decided to use Calendesk after trying several other booking platforms that proved to be too inflexible for the specific nature of ceramics workshops. Thanks to Calendesk, she no longer had to worry about missed phone calls, and clients could book appointments at any time.

The impact of Calendesk on WORKSHOP ceramics & pottery:

The adoption of Calendesk proved to be groundbreaking. Not only did it help the owner regain lost time, but it also facilitated better observation of customer activity. Thanks to the time she gained, she could focus on more substantial marketing efforts, event planning, and even return to creating her own collection of decorative ceramics for interiors. She also discovered the loyalty of her regular customers and was able to develop a new loyalty program combined with word-of-mouth marketing. It was a significant improvement for the workshop, which had previously struggled with effective reservation management.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much would you recommend Calendesk?

10 – Calendesk proved to be an excellent solution for the Ceramics and Pottery Workshop, reducing stress, facilitating client reservations, and providing a flexible solution that meets specific business needs.

Be like the Ceramics and Pottery Workshop:

If you run your own business and have problems with bookings, consider using Calendesk. This booking system can simplify and streamline your operations, allowing you to focus on key areas of your business. As an all-in-one appointment scheduling and payment software, Calendesk not only simplifies scheduling but also integrates seamless payment processing, making it easier for clients to book and pay for appointments in a single step. You can improve customer service, save time, and increase competitiveness in the market. Try it out today!

A few words from Kasia:

"My husband convinced me to choose Calendesk. It only took one sentence from him: 'Imagine it's a Saturday evening, and you don't have to answer any phone calls.' On one hand, I was happy about the popularity of the Workshop, but the other side of the coin was a constant alertness leading to fatigue. After two months, I can already say that the implementation of the system went smoothly (clients praise the system as easy and intuitive), the overall number of reservations increased (it turned out that many people prefer online bookings over phone contact), and the amount of time I've regained is priceless! I recommend it wholeheartedly."


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