VitaMed x Calendesk: case study

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VitaMed x Calendesk: case study

Thanks to a team of qualified specialists, such as psychologists, psychotherapists, and sexologists, VitaMed helps not only Poles in the country but also those abroad. To streamline the process of booking appointments and consultations, VitaMed decided to work with Calendesk - an innovative tool for managing time and scheduling meetings. In this case study article, we will show how VitaMed used Calendesk to make their services more accessible to seniors and those who were afraid to use online therapy due to limited knowledge of new technologies.

About the Client

The VitaMed Psychological and Psychotherapy Support Center was established in 2022 to meet the growing demand for high-quality psychological and psychotherapeutic help. VitaMed's mission is to support health and promote a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of human functioning.

VitaMed employs qualified and experienced specialists from various fields, such as psychologists, psychotherapists, sexologists, couple therapists, psychotraumatologists, psycho-oncologists, psychodietitians, and many others. Thanks to effective use of remote communication, they provide support to compatriots both in Poland and abroad, including European countries, the USA, and Australia.

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About the Challenge

The challenge was to provide therapeutic services to seniors and those who were afraid to use online therapy due to limited technological skills. VitaMed realized that to meet the needs of these clients, it was necessary to find an intuitive and fully automated appointment and consultation booking system. With this solution, VitaMed could increase the availability of its services to a wide audience, including seniors who previously may have lacked confidence in using modern technologies.

Why Calendesk?

Nothing will answer this louder than… the words of the Client. We pass the microphone to them! :)

Jakub Skrzypek, VitaMed:

"Calendesk allows for intuitive and easy scheduling software. Patients speak very positively about the appointment reminder system and the mobile app that sends push notifications about reservations. The integration of the Stripe payment system with Calendesk has reduced the number of appointment cancellations and facilitated patients' payments both in Poland and abroad.The ability to synchronize Calendesk with Google Meet and Zoom has allowed each of our patients to choose a convenient way of meeting. Synchronization with Google Meet has allowed specialists working in different locations to prevent appointment duplication from different offices. Access to the VitaMed mobile app created using Calendesk provides the comfort of booking appointments, editing them, making payments, and giving employees ongoing access to their appointment calendar.In our company, we used and tested various booking systems, but only Calendesk met all our expectations and those of our patients and clients. For me, as a business owner, the huge advantage is the possibility of synchronizing the program with the Fakturownia system and the Stripe payment system, which allows for full automation of accounting."

How did Calendesk change the business for the better?

The indicator of effectiveness is the increase in the number of patients from Poland and abroad, especially those who come to VitaMed thanks to the recommendations of people who have already received help.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you recommend Calendesk?

10 – definitely recommend!

Be like the VitaMed Psychological and Psychotherapy Support Center!

In the era of modern technologies, customers expect quick and easy access to services, including the ability to book appointments online. If you want to be competitive in the market and follow current trends, it is worth considering implementing an online booking system in your business – just like the VitaMed Psychological and Psychotherapy Support Center did!

Calendesk - an online booking system for psychologists is an innovative solution that enables efficient and comfortable organization of online meetings, as well as automating processes related to booking. By cooperating with Calendesk, you will not only gain the opportunity to improve customer service quality but also save valuable time and focus on further developing your company.


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