Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers x Calendesk: case study

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Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers x Calendesk: case study

Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers provides comprehensive business and real estate services. Its key challenge was to streamline the appointment booking and management process. Using Calendesk - an innovative appointment scheduling and time management platform - proved successful. This article explores how Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers improved its efficiency using Calendesk!

About the client

Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers was established in 2017, created through the combined efforts of r.c. Wiktor Kotiuk and r.c. Mariusz Grzechowiak, real estate and debt recovery specialists with over 10 years of experience.Several legal services are offered by the firm in the area of real estate law. This includes researching the legal status of real estate, preparing and implementing real estate transactions, regulating the legal status of real estate, preparing real estate for investments, assistance in real estate management, representation in litigation and administrative matters, obtaining compensation for real estate, as well as comprehensive legal services for developers, flippers, construction companies, investors or real estate agents.

The effectiveness of the company’s work can be evidenced by the portfolio of cases it handles, where only in cases involving financial claims it exceeds the amount of PLN 150,000,000, and furthermore by the speed, quantity and quality of settlements reached and court and administrative cases completed, as well as the number of property development investments handled.About customer:

See their online booking calendar:

About the challenge

It was necessary for Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers to have the best system for appointment scheduling for lawyers to organise their work.

Booking systems automate client services, which saves time and resources that can be spent on substantive work.The system allows the client to select the meeting time and date that is most convenient for him, as well as the format of the meeting - stationary at the law firm, online via Google Meet, or by telephone. By doing so, both the client and the law firm's staff save time on scheduling.

Additionally, a system like this allows paid bookings, thereby eliminating unrealised bookings (no-shows). It filters out people who aren't yet convinced about using paid legal services or are unaware that legal advice is a paid service.

Why Calendesk?

Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers selected Calendesk after observing how well it works at their contractor, saving a significant amount of time and facilitating communication between clients and contractors.

This was the first time they had used a similar system. Bookings were made over the phone or via email. Calendesk solves the problem of communication taking too long to organize a meeting or consultation. Bookings are now made online instead of by phone or email, which relieves the law firm's employees of the burden of managingthem. It also allows clients to schedule appointments in advance and gives them greater freedom.

Depending on the billing form of the client, they use a calendar with or without electronic payments. There are also calendars for individual members of the team and different types of meetings.

What is the impact of Calendesk on business?

Calendesk's scheduling software for lawyers has first and foremost generated more interest in Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers' services. Particularly among social media users. Furthermore, team members are less involved in handling bookings. In addition, the issue of unfulfilled or canceled bookings, which caused a great deal of time loss, has almost been eliminated completely.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you recommend Calendesk?

10 - I would definitely recommend it!

Be like Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers

Today, clients expect quick and easy access to services, including online booking. Consider implementing an online booking system in your business - just like Grzechowiak Kotiuk Legal Advisers - to increase your competitiveness in the market.

The Calendesk online booking calendar for customers makes managing meetings online convenient and simple by automating booking processes. With Calendesk, you can improve the quality of your customer service, save valuable time, and focus on developing your business. Give it a try today!


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