Best apps for scheduling appointments for clinics

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Best apps for scheduling appointments for clinics

More and more clinics have decided to introduce software that will make scheduling appointments easier for them . Why? In 2022, 42% of patients didn’t attend a visit before canceling it.

Such actions result in substantial monetary losses for all clinics and many other adverse effects, such as organizational disruption.

One solution to this problem is an automatic online scheduler that allows your patients to make appointments at the appropriate times and, what’s more, reminds them to do so.

As a result, it’s more convenient for doctors and their patients and supports the clinic’s management and organization.

However, how can you choose the right software, and how many benefits can it bring you? So, let’s see how it works.

Why should clinics reach out for scheduling software?

Best scheduling apps allow you to use the time of each clinic employee effectively. Medics can supervise all hours of the day, planning each visit well and manage clients. Thanks to this, nothing will escape their attention.

Not only will they receive appointment reminders, but they can check its details, e.g. if it’s the patient’s second or recurring appointments. You can quickly check previous or canceled appointments, available time and critical information needed to conduct the next meeting.

Clinics are divided into different medical specialities, so you must ensure that each doctor has an adequately established schedule.

Multiple meeting types before using the software may have seemed stressful, but the scheduler automatically shows you the correct time for client meetings.

You can easily use calendar connections with other employees’ schedules. It will help you to keep communication at a high level.

Many customers appreciate the possibility of booking online meetings. It involves a faster registration process and quick rescheduling or canceling of the meeting.

Thanks to online reservations, patients don’t have to waste time in traditional queues for registration; instead, it can take a few seconds.

Moreover, the booking software will notify your patient about the upcoming appointments. If someone wants to cancel the appointment, you can request a maximum time of up to 24 hours before the meeting, otherwise you can request cancellation fees. Thanks to it, another patient might appear in the office.

Also, patients can take advantage of setting regular meetings, such as check-ups or laboratory visits. Moreover, the scheduling system ensures good scheduling transparency and supports distribution.

The appointment scheduling app helps to manage bookings, payment process and issuing invoices. So you don’t have to worry about overdue or upcoming payments; the software will take care of them.

Now that you know what benefits an appointment scheduling app can bring you, check out the tips that will help you choose the right one.

Tips: how to find the best appointment scheduling app?

Choosing from scheduling apps might seem challenging, especially if it’s your first time. But don’t worry – we have got you covered. We’ll walk you through some tips to help guide your decisions. The first is whether the software also includes mobile app versions. Why?

This solution increases accessibility, especially when customers rarely leave the house without their smartphones. The mobile version should act like a client app.

Patients don’t have to reach for tools such as a laptop or computer; they will make an appointment with a few clicks in the application. Also, it’s good if software provides an unlimited appointments function.

Another aspect is the price of the software. Be sure to check if it’s adequate for your funds and, what’s more, your needs. No one likes to overpay for things they don’t need. Check if the software provides a free version or trial.

Appointment based businesses need to pay attention to the scheduling apps interfaces: are they straightforward to use? It is one of the key features because you and other employees will use it. Imagine a situation where it takes more time to learn the scheduler than to use it; a bit problematic, right?

Another thing is to examine the opinions of other users about the software. Go through them carefully, analyzing the good and negative reviews for the service industry.

And last but not least, look at the list of key features offered. Check whether they will support work organization, booking appointments and provide sufficient automation with little effort from the employee.

Top 4 appointment scheduling apps

Now that you know what to look for when choosing scheduling software, it’s time to review our top 4 appointment scheduling tools that may interest you. But first, let’s look at them and their functions.

#1 Calendesk

Calendesk is an intuitive cloud-based appointment scheduling software. Universal software adapts its functions to various businesses, in this case – health clinics. Thanks to the cloud-based system allowing for minimizing costs and keeping patient data protected in the cloud.

Calendesk provides integrations with Google Calendar, Outlook, Google meet and Zoom. So you can organize appointments online.

This scheduling app equips you with payment functions, automatic reminders, and scheduling or canceling visits. This custom booking page offers a mobile app that increases your availability. Moreover, before the final purchase, you can use the 14-day free trial option and dispel your doubts.

#2 NueMD

With NueMD, you can easily schedule appointments, medical billing and even electrical health records. Many users highlight the advanced and easy-to-use billing features that are no longer your concern. You can easily follow the appointment process.

Others point out the difficulty of creating reports and the limited ability to customize and sort some filters. Efficient and easy reporting requires additional packages. Also, it doesn’t provide an unlimited appointments feature.

#3 AthenaOne

A planning tool that allows you to create medical records in the cloud, manage payments, and appointment booking. One of the advantages of the software is its versatility, as it works on any device. AthenaOne is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

However, some users complain about the problematic options for matching customer information and a relatively long customer service process that doesn’t respond to your problems immediately.

#4 eClinicalWorks

It’s a tool for managing the practice and medical records and engaging patients through automatic reminders. With it, you can easily access patient notes and detailed information about previous appointment booking.

In addition, you can quickly check the schedule and take care of the organization of your work. Also, you can easily download its free app on your smartphone.

The downsides that point out customers have is a problematic and intuitive interface—some complaints about the small number of CRM functions that weaken customer relations management.

Calendesk: The best appointment scheduling app

Although all four schedulers seem very promising and helpful, our top appointment scheduling software is Calendesk.

Let’s examine the software’s features and how they might support the scheduling process.

Patients base

Calendesk is an appointment software with an advanced client base that saves patient data such as email, phone number names and appointment details.

Thanks to this, you keep the history of recent visits, and what’s more, you can have a more individual approach to each patient. As a result, you show them more commitment.

Mobile app

Scheduler offers a mobile app that increases your availability and, thus, your chances of reaching more patients. As a result, the clinic can grow in popularity and is available for multiple users.

What’s more, the application is fully customizable, so you can choose your templates, icons, and colors to match the style of the clinic. With a mobile app you can send automated appointment reminders with just a few clicks.

Appointment reminders

No more worries about a canceled or missed appointment. You can inform patients about their meetings a few days or hours in advance. Automatic notifications like email reminders, SMS and even push messages will keep you and their attention high. You won’t miss any appointment bookings.

In addition, if you want to contact your team, you can choose the group emails option or calendar synchronization.

Trouble-free payments

The appointment scheduler provides several payment alternatives. Your patients can pay online for services via apple pay, google pay, credit card and more. Moreover, online payments are widespread and more convenient for patients. Also, you can use the payment reminders option.

Intuitive interface

One of the software’s most essential features is simplicity and transparency in use. With Calendesk, you can quickly check an upcoming visit, book appointments, schedule meetings, cancel or even view your payment history. You will easily avoid double booking.

As a result, creating a monthly schedule for yourself and other employees has never been easier. What’s more, you can share your plan with other doctors so that they can contact you on time. Also, with the Calendesk enterprise plan you can enjoy unlimited appointments.

Summarizing the best scheduling apps

Managing clinics and scheduling visits are no longer complex with the proper online booking system. Automating activities in your clinic allow you to save time, book appointments, accept payments, manage appointments more effectively and improve relationships with patients.

Controlling payments and minimizing the chances of last-minute cancellations will be easier than you think. Plan your daily duties, send reminders and set the right time for a break.

Use this customizable solution to increase your recognition among patients and enjoy new appointments. Give clients the opportunity to make their own appointments with mobile apps. Still having doubts about best appointment scheduling apps?

Don’t wait: Use the potential of all the features of Calendesk and see how it can help your clinic with its free plan.

Find out more about this popular appointment scheduling app and Calendesk functions here. Booking process couldn’t be easier..


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