Picking the best hair appointment scheduler: how-to?

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Picking the best hair appointment scheduler: how-to?

These days hair salons are top-rated, and both men and women visit them expecting the best effect. Therefore, owners and employees need to provide commitment and focus on their salons.

However, a large number of customers, lack of time for a break and the mass of incoming calls can lead to a loss of control over the business or, even worse, customers.

Has your client ever openly complained about the availability of booking dates? Or have you noticed that planning following visits isn’t as easy anymore?

What if we told you there is a solution to regain control of your hair salon and save you time? How can an appointment scheduling app make concerns smaller? Check it out.

5 reasons for using the scheduler

We have selected five examples to show how salon scheduling app software improves daily work and minimizes worries.

Say ”no” to burning out

Dyeing hair, creating new styles, and completing courses can be very demanding. During all these tasks, you can lose enthusiasm for commitment and slowly burn out your energy.

What’s more, administrative duties only add to the worries for fear of losing the customer. The online class schedules automate scheduling visits, sending automated reminders and even payments. You can quickly check your schedule and adapt it to upcoming meetings.

Saving time

We bet you had situations where you ran out to answer a phone call from a potential client while performing a service. With the online scheduler, you can easily avoid such problems.

Customers can book appointments quickly and easily online via an online booking form or mobile application. Creating a weekly work plan will take only a few minutes, providing personal time for a lunch or coffee break.

Effective work organization

Orders, scheduling, and attending training sessions can be frustrating when you have payments, appointment reminders and a client to listen to in the salon. Instead, you can plan your daily, weekly and even monthly schedule and focus more on clients to be sure they will be satisfied.

If you are worried about payments, you can easily include your price list on the website and use the online advance payment option. Thanks to this, you are protected against customer cancellation at the last minute.

As a result, you can focus on areas that require improvement; for example, the quality of customer service, the salon’s cleanliness and many more. Additionally, you can easily create custom reports and measure your improvement.

Flexible management

Have your systems ever failed, or was the data not correct? With the appointment scheduling software you can prevent it. In addition, if you cooperate with other hairdressers or the receptionist, creating a schedule will no longer be a problem.

You won’t have to sit wondering how to manage the shifts after working hours. Choose your time of booking.

Attention on high level

With so many responsibilities, you easily risk missing essential things. Scheduling software makes worries disappear. This solution allows for automatic reminders, not only for customers but also for you.

If software for a beauty salon has a straightforward interface, you’re sure that you will read everything carefully without missing something. For example, you can quickly check upcoming bookings, what time the second hairdresser starts or payment history.

How to choose the advanced appointment scheduling tool?

After knowing the main features of the online scheduler, you’re probably wondering what should direct you when choosing one. We have prepared a few points to help you find the software that meets your expectations.

First, compare the prices of available schedulers to your budget. Nobody likes overpaying for things they don’t need and can’t use. Moreover, the software may differ in features, number of plans or users.

Pay particular attention to the functions offered by the salon booking system. They should be adequate to your needs, and what’s more, minimize errors, facilitate work and increase the chances of your business development.

You may be wondering how to point out the essential and advanced features. Again, it’s simple, check which areas of your business need improvement. For example, maybe your clients complain about the lack of meeting reminders – then look for features with automatic customizable notifications.

Another thing is the simplicity of the salon appointment book app interface. Remember that the tool should help your work, not slow it. If other employees will use it, it’s worth not taking their advice.

In addition, nowadays, people rarely move around the city, school or work without their phones. Therefore, if you equip yourself with a salon booking software that offers a mobile app, you become more available to customers and, what’s more, more trusted.

Check if the software for salons offers a free trial, which allows you to dispel doubts before the final purchase.

And last but not least, it’s to check the reviews of other users. Who will know better than the previous tester? Compare positive and negative thoughts about online booking apps and check which ones may be crucial.

Calendesk: the best online scheduling software for hairdressers.

Calendesk is an advanced online booking system whose system is cloud-based. This solution is much more profitable because it minimizes costs and protects against data leakage.

Calendesk with an intuitive interface provides many booking features. For example, you can easily schedule, reschedule, cancel client appointments and even pay with just a few clicks. Also, the tool offers automatic notifications and push messages informing customers about discounts and upcoming appointments.

What’s more, Calendesk offers a 14-day free trial version. After that, you can choose from three plans, with the cheapest starting at $24.99 monthly.

Why is Calendesk the best choice?

We have prepared some of the most significant advantages of Calendesk, which can be especially useful when working in a hairdressing salon. So, let’s see.

Mobile app solution

Nowadays, it’s challenging to meet someone who doesn’t have a smartphone with them. However, the mobile app makes you more reliable and available. It’s a benefit not only for customers but also for you.

You can easily make all changes to the schedule via your smartphone or check history payments. Calendesk offers customization options – you can change the colors, icons, and templates to suit your business.

Straightforward interface

There is nothing worse than an interface that is more confusing than helpful. Calendesk makes sure that the tool is user-friendly. You can make changes and edit your monthly planner with just a few clicks. Easily share your calendar with clients and your colleagues and make changes.

Automatic notifications

No more worries about missing the schedule. Calendesk will automatically send notifications to you and customers. Reminders are customizable to your preferences; choose from email reminders, SMS or push messages. You can use the group email option when sending emails to salon staff.

Flexible payments

What’s more, the software provides flexibility in payment methods. You can choose from options such as Apple pay, Google pay, credit card and many more. With online payments options, you increase your chances of buying the service because customers have no limited choice.

Hairstyles base

Calendesk can act as a client base. You can save customer details such as email, phone number, names and additional information. As a result, it will allow you to keep a history of recent services. In this way, you care about clients’ satisfaction and an individual approach supporting their opinion about the hairdressing salon. Continue to make magic with hair care.

Digital planners: Benefits

After knowing a little about Calendesk, we need to detail its advantages. First, you will gain control over your actions and thus save time. You can allocate more time for clients, a break or even personal matters. Moreover, you increase accessibility with the mobile app and uniqueness, distinguishing yourself from the competition.

Another thing is easy changes to bookings, scheduling and communicating with customers using intelligent notifications. Finally, increase your efficiency and productivity; most importantly, regain peace of mind and energy to work.


Now you know how salon software can help you. Calendesk can be a great solution that supports everyday processes and duties. As a result, time and customer management will be at a high level and continue to grow.

You can easily schedule your daily duties, reschedule, and control your payments. What’s more, thanks to the mobile application, you can be more reliable and credible in the eyes of your customers. No more issues with booking.

So don’t wait; check out Calendesk and read more about its functions here. Then, use the potential of your beauty business with the salon appointment app and provide professional services.


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