How to manually create customer subscriptions or one-time fee packages?

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How to manually create customer subscriptions or one-time fee packages?How to manually create customer subscriptions or one-time fee packages?

Customers can subscribe to subscriptions or purchase one-time fee packages using your website. They are two ways to do so, you can redirect directly to the subscription form (, where ID is an ID of your subscription in Calendesk) or you can assign the redirect in the website builder using buttons.

Also, it’s possible to create customer subscriptions or packages manually without online payment and user action. In this article, we will show you the process of creating user subscriptions or one-time fee packages for customers.

Create new subscriptions in the Admin Panel

If you don’t have any subscriptions created, you should start with building it first – this is how you define under what conditions a customer can book services using a package or subscription.

From the article “How to offer subscriptions or one-time payments for your customers?” you will learn how to configure subscriptions in the admin panel. Before you go to the next step, please make sure you have created at least one subscription.

How to manually create user subscriptions or one-time fee packages?

1. To assign a subscription to your customer, go to the “Sales / Subscriptions” tab.


2. Select the “Assign a subscription to a customer” button in the upper right corner of this tab.


3. In the next step, read the information marked with the letter “i” on the blue background and complete the form fields.

4. Select the customer you want to assign the package/subscription to. If this customer is not yet in your customer base, add it with the “+” button.

5. Select which of the subscriptions/packages added to the Admin Panel you want to activate on this customer’s account.

6. Select the date of the package/subscription creation.


If you want to activate the package or subscription without charging the customer, complete the addition with the “Add” button.

On the other hand, if you want to bill the customer for activating the package, then check the “I want to create a payment” checkbox and complete the form fields below.

Remember that if you add a payment to the subscription or package and the settings allow it, Calendesk will automatically send an invoice to the customer (if you have an invoice service integrated and your subscription uses this option). If you want the invoice to contain the full details of the customer, then make sure that before activating the package or subscription, in the profile of this customer in the “Customers” tab, there are all the necessary details for the invoice.

Manage subscription list

Once you have gone down this path, you can manage your customer’s subscription or package and its payment. Under “Sales / Subscriptions“, you will see a list of all your customers’ subscriptions and packages, regardless of how they were activated.

  • The “Created” column shows the date the subscription/package was created.
  • The “Canceled” column shows the date the subscription/package was canceled.
  • The “Subscription” column presents which package/subscription is active.
  • The “Customer” column provides information about which customer is using this subscription/package.
  • The “Status” label indicates whether the package/subscription is active.
  • The “Usage” column indicates the usage status of the package/subscription.
  • The label “1” informs us that the customer has checked the GDPR box (when available) – this feature works only for subscriptions activated automatically after online payment.
  • The button labeled ” 2″ allows you to open the payment details and manage the payment.
  • The button labeled “3” allows you to cancel the subscription.

The filters at the top of the “Sales / Subscriptions” tab allow you to filter the results.

Subscription Cancellation

Unpaid reservations will automatically cancel when you or your customers cancel a subscription.  If the administrator cancels (discontinues) a customer’s subscription manually in the admin panel, and it still has some expiration time to go, and at that time there are added bookings paid with this subscription, these bookings after canceling the customer’s subscription will also be canceled.