How can I add an employee?

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How can I add an employee?How can I add an employee?
Online booking system - Add an employee

Adding employees

Add an employee is a place where you can add an employee to your employees’ database. An employee can be part of your online booking system. You can decide if the employee should accept bookings and if also should be able to log in to the Calendesk Admin Panel.

Use the “Add employee” button to enter data such as:

  • first name,
  • last name,
  • email,
  • phone number,
  • employee’s availability schedule

You can allow the employee to log in to the Calendesk panel giving him special permission:

  • Employee.
    • An employee can log in to the Calendesk Panel, has a full view of the calendar, can add, edit and arrange bookings for all customers.
  • Manager:
    • A manager has employee permissions plus can manage employees, services, categories, the website and mobile apps.
  • Administrator:
    • An administrator has full permission to all functions on the website.

In this section, you can assign the color used in the employee’s booking calendar. It’s helpful in the calendar view to distinguish employee bookings.

Additional information about the employee

You can fill in additional (optional) information about the employee. You can later use these data in some places, e.g., on the website or mobile application.

This information refers to the following data:

  • Position of the employee.
  • Public description.
  • Links to social media profiles:
    • Facebook,
    • Instagram,
    • Twitter,
    • YouTube.
  • Image/photo of the employee.