How can I add a customer?

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How can I add a customer?How can I add a customer?

Adding new customers

The “Add a customer” view is where you can add new customers to the Calendesk platform. You can enter here some details of those who didn’t register themself on your website or a mobile app.

In the “Add a customer” section, you can enter information such as:

  • the customer’s first name,
  • the customer’s last name,
  • the customer’s email address,
  • the customer’s contact number,
  • the customer’s gender,
  • the customer’s date of birth.

In this section, you can add a private description to help you provide customers with a higher level of service. Thanks to the personal notes here, you can add information about customer preferences or problems. This information will only be visible to you and your employees.

If you want your employees to have a complete picture of the customer, you can add a photo. However, it is important to be very careful with this step. Your customers may see the added picture on their accounts (Calendesk website or mobile application).

You can assign customers to groups. It will help you to find them later.

If the customer is a company

If your customers are a company and you would like to add their business data, select the “Is the customer is a company?” checkbox.

If you do not want to enter all the data manually, you can download customers’ addresses from public databases providing a valid Tax number (only in the EU). Click on the “Download data” button. Then, Calendesk will try to fetch data from VIES – (VAT Information and Exchange System) – for companies with a European Tax Number.

Setting customers passwords

You can send a create password link to your customers after creating their accounts. Your customers will be able to log in to their profiles using your Calendesk website or mobile app. This option is only available if you provide a valid customer email address.