How can I view and edit customer profiles?

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How can I view and edit customer profiles?How can I view and edit customer profiles?

Customer profiles

You can view your customer profiles from the “Customers” tab in the Calendesk Admin Panel. This module allows you to add customers, update their data, display their bookings and payments.

The profile view contains four tabs:

  • Customer data – the main data of your customer.
  • List of bookings – filtered list of customers bookings.,
  • Payment – filtered list of customer payments.
  • Settings – additional settings related to a customer.

List of bookings

You can find here all the customer bookings in this tab. Here, each booking (a record) has access to the menu where you can easily edit, duplicate, delete or cancel bookings. At the bottom of the bookings table, you will find also the “Add a booking” button, which allows you quickly add a new booking for the customer.

Customers - list of bookings


Display all customer payments from the payments tab. You can filter payments depending on the source (booking, subscriptions, store). In case you want to remove a payment record, there is a little trash can button on the right side of the record.

Customers - payments


In the settings tab, you can find additional options which help you to configure users’ accounts. For example, if you want to disable some notifications only for some users, you can do it in their settings.

Customer settings