How can I personalize a website?

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How can I personalize a website?How can I personalize a website?

In this article, you will learn how to personalize your website. Once you have generated a website and personalized the subdomain, you can publish your website and allow your customers to use it.

Website builder - sections


The website builder toolbar allows you to switch between primary tabs:

  • General – the general settings of your website. Here, you can set the language, meta description, favicon and decide if some parts of the website should be active globally or not (e.g., login, signup)
  • Subpages – manage all your subpages of the website. Here, you can add a new subpage or an external redirection.
  • Style – decide about colors on the website.
  • Add subpage – it’s a shortcut to add a new subpage.
  • Select box subpages – it allows you to switch between subpages.
  • Desktop / mobile icons – switch between different screen sizes.
  • The widget icon – lets you use your website as a widget on another website.
  • Publish – the button which allows you to publish all your changes online.
  • Exit / Logout icon – exit the website builder and go back to drafts.
Website Builder - Toolbar


General settings of your website:

  • Language – we offer static elements of the website in Polish and English.
  • Google Tag Manager – boost your website with external integrations like Google Analytics, Live Chat, etc.,
  • Open graph URL image – you can decide what image should be presented when someone shares your website on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. You need to paste the URL address to the image you want to use. To do so, you can upload an image to your gallery and copy the URL displayed at the bottom of the image preview.
Files- image preview with URL
  • Favicon URL – a little icon visible on the browser tabs which you can replace here with the full URL to the image.
  • Website description for SEO robots – decide how Google and others will see your website.
  • Hide Log in option – you can hide all buttons to log in to your platform globally. This option will override local changes in sections.
  • Hide Signup option – you can hide all buttons to signup to your platform globally. This option will override local changes in sections.
  • Hide employees in the booking window – if you don’t want to present your employees on your website, you can use this option to hide all the names. Your customers won’t see your employees at all.
  • Hide the header – this will make the header of your website invisible. It’s a good option when you present your website as a widget.
  • Hide the footer – this will make the footer of your website invisible. It’s a good option when you present your website as a widget.
  • Enable the possibility of entering discount codes – if you enable this option, we will display a small input for promo coupons during booking or subscribing to your services (you need to use coupon Id from Stripe) to apply discounts on your services or subscriptions.
Stripe coupons - promo codes

Subpages and external links

You can add as many subpages as you need. You can build a complete website using Calendesk website builder. Use the “Add subpage” button to open a popup with two possibilities.

  • Subpage – it’s a separate subpage of your website where you can add sections to build an entire layout. You can switch between subpages using the Select box called “Subpages” in the center of the toolbar. You can decide if the subpage should be visible only for logged users. If you select this option, only registered and logged users will be able to display this subpage. You can, for example, make a subpage available only for your subscribers and allow them to complete the signup process only when buying a subscription. This way, you will publish your content only to users who are paying you.
  • Redirect (external link) – you can make a subpage with a redirect function. Whenever users visit your subpage URL, Calendesk will redirect them to the URL you define. For example, going to could redirect your customers to Why do you need it? Sometimes you may need, e.g., a Facebook button that you want to have in your menu or some sections with a redirect button. The only way to make this kind of redirect is by using a subpage with a redirect option.
Website Builder - subpages
Website Builder - external links


You can choose colors for your website. However, to make a consistent design of the entire website, we provide five available colors you can edit:

  • Buttons and important elements.
  • First background.
  • Text on the first background.
  • Second background.
  • Text on the second background.

You can change your website colors by clicking on tiles with the color you want to change.

Website Builder - style

Almost all sections support the “invert color” feature. Thanks to this, you can always switch colors in sections.

If you use dark colors on your website, consider using the “Dark mode” option. The Dark mode will make more visible many elements on your website.

Here is an example with the dark mode and dark colors.

Website Builder - style

Website Builder - style


You can switch between subpages using a select box from the toolbar.

Website Builder - switch between subpages

If you want to remove or edit a subpage, click on the “Subpages” button on the toolbar, to display a subpages panel.

Website Builder - subpages

Edit Sections

The Calendesk website builder allows you to add or remove sections of your subpages. Look at the screenshot below with the assigned numbers.

  • Number 1: Add a section, click on the blue “Add section” button. On the left side, you will see a side menu with section categories. Select a category and click on the section you would like to add to your subpage.
  • Number 2: Navbar and footer have an extra Replace button. You can’t remove the navbar and footer. This is because they are static and shared between subpages. However, you can hide them using the option “Hide“. To unhide them go to the “General” tab from the toolbar and unselect this option.
  • Number 3: You can change the height of sections using buttons the “+” and “-” buttons. Some of the sections may have the minimum height and you can’t go lower.
  • Number 4: Move down/up a section.
  • Number 5: Delete a section.
Website builder - sections

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