How can I create a website using the website builder?

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How can I create a website using the website builder?How can I create a website using the website builder?

In this section, you will learn how to use the Calendesk website builder.

List of website templates

If you want to create a new website, go to the “Tools / Websites” tab in Calendesk Admin Panel. Here, you can find the button “New website” which will allow you to create a new website or a booking calendar.

The list of templates shows you the full URL address of your website and its status (Disabled, Published). If the website is published, it means that it is available to your customers. You can also find an additional label shown here called “Main website“. This is a special case if you use multiple websites and a mobile app. Sometimes your customers can request web links from your mobile apps, e.g., resetting a password. Therefore, Calendesk needs to know which website should be used primarily for mobile app users.

From the list of templates, you can disable or edit any website. Both actions are possible by clicking the additional menu placed on template rows.

Creating a new website – a business type

Creating a website in Calendesk is very simple. We will guide you step by step in this process. First, click on the “New website” button to create a new website. Calendesk will redirect you to the Website Builder. Next, you will see the first screen where you can select your business type.

What modules would you like to use?

The next step will allow you to select modules for your website. For example, you can decide here if you want your customers to log in or if you want to allow them to make reservations, or maybe you would like to use a newsletter?

You can go back during the configuration process by clicking the back button.

Friendly reminder that you can always chat with us. We can help you to make your perfect website. So please use the “Chat with us” button or the purple chat bubble to chat with us.

What are your favorite colors?

The next step is to choose the style (colors) of your website. When you select a variant, press the “Next” button, where you can name your draft. Your website is almost ready!

Your website

You can make any changes to your website in the website builder. It’s so easy. Just click on the section you would like to edit and you will see possible options on the left side menu.

If you want to switch between pages, please use the select box at the top center of the builder. You can add as many subpages as you need. Use the “Add subpage” button to do so.

You can customize your URL address or even connect your own domain. Click on the “Edit” button next to the domain address to see possible options.

When your website is ready, please click on the “Publish” button on the upper toolbar to make it available to your customers. Calendesk needs only a few seconds to publish it online.

To read more about the personalization of your website, please go to the How can I personalize a website? article.