How can I integrate upselling during the booking process to increase sales?

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How can I integrate upselling during the booking process to increase sales?How can I integrate upselling during the booking process to increase sales?

Upselling is a sales technique that encourages a customer to buy a more expensive product or service or add additional features or functions. For companies, it can be an effective way to increase sales and profits and for customers to get more value for their money. However, it’s important that companies approach upselling transparently, ethically, and with respect for the customer’s needs and budget. This article will discuss how to sell additional products while booking service.


Adding a new product

Add a new product to allow customers to purchase additional products during the booking process. Please note that our system does not keep an inventory/product availability check, so this function is for selling products that are not in tangible form (are an additional service), or there is no risk that the product will run out and you will not be able to give it to the customer during the service.

To add a new product, go to the admin panel to the “Offer – Products” tab. Then, select the “Add product” button.


You can also add a new product directly when configuring a service, in the “Offer – Services” tab, after editing the selected service at the point marked in the image below, using the button symbolizing “+”:


You should provide the following information when adding a product:


1. Product name – this name will appear on the booking form, so name the product, so the customer will not doubt what they are buying.

2. Additional information – this value will appear in the booking confirmation notification. You can add more information about the product, but the customer will not see it when purchasing it.

3. Product price – this gross value will appear next to the product name in the booking form.

4. VAT Invoice – You specify whether the integrated application should issue the VAT invoice for this product after purchase. If so, determine what the VAT rate should be.

The important thing is that you have to add the VAT invoice settings separately for the product and service. Here you only set the VAT value for the product. Settings related to invoices for services you should specify in the settings for each service.

Once you have entered all the information, you can select the “Add” button.

The added product is now ready for sale. Now you need to decide for which services the product should be available. To add a product to a service, edit the service settings and go to the section marked in the image below, then select the product from the list and save the service settings.


A service configured that way already allows you to sell a product during the service booking process. If you want to manage products (add new ones, edit existing ones and delete unnecessary ones), go to the “Offer – Products” tab.

Booking confirmation vs. product purchase confirmation

You already know that Calendesk sends SMS/e-mail notifications to customers/employees after each service booking. If a customer purchases an additional product during booking, Calendesk can add information about the purchased products to this booking confirmation email.

Calendesk will add information about the purchased product to the email in the form of a table when:

  • the content of the email notification was never changed by you,
  • the content of the email notification was changed by you, and you added the variable named “List of purchased products” to the content. This variable has the following format [PRODUCT_LIST].

Suppose you have ever modified the content of the notification but did not add the variable “List of purchased products” to it. In that case, Calendesk will not add the table with the information about the purchased products to the booking confirmation !!!

Below you will find a picture of a sample notification with a table that lists the products purchased when you made your reservation. Note that this table also has space for additional information.