How do you create discount codes?

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How do you create discount codes?How do you create discount codes?

Today, when competition in the market for products and services is fierce, becoming attached to one brand is extremely difficult. So what can you do to build a lasting relationship with customers who regularly return and use our services? One popular and effective way is to develop and implement a loyalty program with a real purpose. This article will teach you how to create discount codes that will motivate your customers to use your services.

Where to turn on discount codes?

You will enable discount codes in Calendesk in the website builder, “General” tab.
Go to the list of websites in the “Tools / Websites” tab and edit the website for which you want to enable discounts. Next, select the “General” tab and check the “Enable discount codes” option


Where do I create discount codes?

You can create discount coupons on the Stripe platform. First, log in to your account and follow the instructions below.
To begin, locate the tabs: “Products”, “Coupons”, and “New”.


Add a new discount code

Configuration is performed only in the areas marked with a red box. Please do not use other fields, as Calendesk does not currently support them. The field “ID” is the value your customers will have to enter when they purchase a service or subscription to receive the designated discount.



The discount code will work for all existing services and subscriptions. There is an option to make your code apply only to subscriptions. To do this, check “Apply to specific products” and select the applicable product with the name of the subscription from the list. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to choose a service defined in Calendesk.

Validity of the discount coupon

These fields allow you to control how long the coupon should be active. You can also limit the number of uses of the coupon.