How to choose the best student planner for online classes?

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How to choose the best student planner for online classes?

If you’re running an educational business, you must know how challenging it can be during busy days.

You work with multiple age types; with an adult, teenagers or simply kids. Most seek a good teacher and help in some area of their education.

That’s why you must focus on study time by giving the best advice, tips and more. Sometimes it might be hard to pay attention only to your students if you’re not keeping up with administrative tasks.

Maintaining control of your business might be frustrating, but don’t worry – we have you covered. A simple online scheduler is a solution to all of these problems. So, let’s look at how the online booking system might work for you.

4 Reasons why online classes need digital student planner

We have prepared four examples showing how an automated scheduler improves your daily work.

  • Saving time

School life and being a teacher requires you to be flexible and always prepared. Sometimes you might not have time to prepare for the lessons because of all your other responsibilities like accepting payments, scheduling the next meeting or even doing research for a study list.

Thanks to the automation of tasks, many of them will go faster. You can spend your time creating new assignments or preparing for your next tutoring session. Creating a weekly schedule is no longer a complex task.

  • Say ‘’stop’’ to burnout

Teaching pupils might be very demanding, psychically and mentally. That’s why it’s worth automating unnecessary obligations. Imagine scheduling a class in a few clicks; administrative tasks won’t be tedious but quick.

The online class schedules allow adjusting future courses to the time you spend on them. You will plan and review student works faster and even send automatic reminders when your program changes.

  • Keeping attention to high level

If sometimes you feel like you are losing control and still lack time, online schedulers are made for you. A quick, transparent interface with relevant information will help keep your attention high.

For example, checking reservations, booking meetings by students, or even the option of passes for classes will take you only a few seconds.

  • Better work organization

Planning finances, lessons and creating an individual study can be frustrating. Online schedulers help you assign hourly, monthly, and custom rates for specific classes. As a result, you can spend more time on other project planning.

Automatic billing allows you to track payments, send reminders, and view payment histories.

As a result, you can focus on areas that need improvement and those prospering well. You can say goodbye to the system errors you’ve encountered before. Additionally, if you collaborate with other teachers, they can adjust their study schedules in academic planners.

How to choose the best education planner?

Picking the best-automated scheduler seems complex, mainly if you haven’t dealt with it before. However, to make it easier for you to decide, here are some points that can help you make the right choice.

First, examine the tool’s price and consult other colleagues if necessary. No one likes to overpay for things they don’t need, so make sure that it’s affordable.

Sometimes the price is also inadequate for the functions you will use with the software. There may be too few or far too many of them, and the tool will be too difficult to operate.

Another thing is the type of functions that the tool provides. Pay attention to those that will automate your work, help to organize it and save time.

Moreover, it’s worth checking out the users’ reviews because who will know better than another customer? Carefully examine the ones that seem more negative.

Finally, pay attention to the interface; it should be straightforward so your colleagues and clients can easily navigate the application.

The mobile version can be instrumental. Nowadays, every student uses a smartphone to connect with the world. Apps for planning makes your business more accessible and reliable.

And last but not least, check out if the software offers a free trial version. Why? It’s essential to test something and confirm it’s suitable for you before the final purchase.

Calendesk: the best scheduler for students

Calendesk is an intuitive scheduling system that both learners and teachers can use.

The transparent interface allows you to quickly navigate the platform for scheduling, rescheduling, booking, canceling and even paying. Weekly planning with a scheduler has never been easier.

The calendars system is cloud-based; thanks to this, it’s more accessible and low-cost. In addition, cloud-based solutions protect from any data leakage, so it seems perfect in the case of student data.

Also, Calendesk provides smart notifications and push messages to inform your student about upcoming events.

Moreover, it offers a 14-day free trial version in case of doubts. Also, the lowest price is $24.99 per month. You can choose from 3 plans.

5 reasons why you should choose Calendesk as your power planner

After knowing a little about what Calendesk is, here are the five most critical helpful functions while teaching.

#1 Trouble-free interface

Ease of use is essential both for you and your pupils. Calendesk made sure that the interface was user-friendly. Easily edit your weekly & monthly planner.

You can share your calendar with other students, ensuring they can reach you at the right time.

Also, activities like scheduling, canceling, and rescheduling can be done in only a few seconds. Your students won’t have to wait long for you to accept their future lessons.

#2 Mobile app

Nowadays, smartphones are an integral part of our lives. We go out with them to work, school or for a walk in case of problems or the usual entertainment.

Calendesk allows you to reach more people using a student planner app tailored to the user. Also, you can choose from customizable formats and change the color that suits your profession’s design.

#3 Student base

Working with students often requires an individual approach to each of them. Thanks to Calendesk, you can create a database of your students, where you can write down phone numbers, email, addresses, names and additional information.

Notes help you while working and choosing the proper learning style. For example, you can check your statistics and see which student misses your class the most and who has the highest attendance.

Quickly filtering and sorting the list will give you quick information. Moreover, you can check payment details, e.g. delays or incoming transfers.

#4 Various payment methods

There is nothing more convenient when shopping than various payment methods. Calendesk allows you to pay with Google pay, credit card, apple pay and many more. Thanks to this, you increase your services’ availability and the organization’s flexibility.

#5 Smart notifications

Student life makes them very forgetful. Many of them struggle with other responsibilities on a daily basis. But this is no longer your concern. With a few clicks, you can send automatic reminders.

Notifications may form emails, SMS or push messages, and you can customize them to your client preferences. Moreover, you can easily send a group email in case of any meeting with co-workers.

Also, you can send emails with file attachments like PDF files. As a result, you can make sure you get assignments on time.

Advantages of digital planner

After looking at the examples of the Calendesk function, we need to point out some general benefits of using it. First, an automated scheduler helps you to increase your effectiveness and harmony in actions.

Another thing is that you will quickly evaluate how much time you spend on particular tasks, which brings the most advantages and the other way around.

Academic planning tools replace manual work so that you can focus entirely on potential learners and class times.

You gain control over your activities, save time, and develop. Also, student time management skills will be easy to assess.

Additionally, the mobile app option increases your availability and credibility. Your students trust you more, thanks to the constant possibility of contact or rescheduling. Present yourself as a reliable company with Calendesk.


You already know how Calendesk can help you in various areas. Being a teacher seems like a very demanding and exhausting activity sometimes.

That’s why it’s worth helping yourself and taking advantage of automation to minimize the time spent on other activities.

Tools for planning assistance help you organize your daily and monthly time. Thanks to this, you will experience complete control over your business.

So don’t wait; take the opportunity to help you be more credible, responsible and reliable in front of your students’ eyes. One of the main things that help in teaching is trust, your clients to you and yours to them.

Check out Calendesk and take your school to the next level with an online student planner.


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