Top 5 alternatives to Bookeo: Best Bookeo alternatives

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Top 5 alternatives to Bookeo: Best Bookeo alternatives

Managing and growing your business is a considerable challenge, especially if you struggle with keeping up with all planned meetings.

Making new contacts and getting clients is a key to innovating a company, and assuring a dynamic and organized process.

Running a business seems a little bit confusing when you have to catch up with managing a brand, business strategies and booking appointments.

Yet, coherence and organization are the two things that help you manage all of these tasks. But how can you apply to this?

There seems to be a great solution – an automated tool that helps you increase the level of organization and workflow and reduce the time spent on manual work. Let’s have a look at our examples.

What is a Bookeo?

Bookeo is an online appointment scheduling software. It manages to cancel appointments, bookings, payments and notifications, and your business’ market. It offers you scheduling in real-time around the world.

The scheduler is recommended for beauty salons, therapists or yoga studios. It has four plans for disposal. Naturally, the more features, the more expensive the plan will be. However, there is also a 30-day free trial to use in case of any doubts.

Bookeo – the main functions

Among many features of the tool, we have selected the most essential ones. Let’s see what benefits they can bring you.

Customized to clients

Bookeo helps you eliminate unnecessary papers, thanks to integrated intake forms. In addition, you can collect all crucial data about customers before buying the service.

Also, you can set cancellation policies and terms that the client must agree to before booking an online reservation.


You can quickly put Bookeo directly on your website to make reservations easier for your clients. No more pop-up windows or overlays.

It will help to systematize the information, and it will also be easier to verify. Customers are often irritated by pop-up windows, which is why it’s a great solution that doesn’t annoy a customer.

Bookings in real-time

With Bookeo, clients can check in real-time whether you are available at any time. Not only are bookings appointments accessible immediately, but also the payments are.

You enable customers to pay, reschedule, and book worldwide from every device. Moreover, you can customize the booking platform and choose colors and templates suitable for your business.

What are the cons?

Even if the tool is very up-and-coming and mainstream, it doesn’t mean it will be your match. So let’s have a look at the disadvantages that Bookeo provides.

Some users complain about the poor level of customer service. The communication system appears to have flaws in real-time actions and quick feedback. It can be a massive disadvantage if the problem needs to be solved immediately.

Secondly, Bookeo might not be the best choice if you care about group notifications. For example, you can send booking confirmation only to one person, not a group of people. So it can be problematic if you try to arrange a meeting with your employees or a larger group of clients.

And last but not least, when choosing the right plan, there are a limited number of bookings in each of them.

When is it time to look for an alternative to Bookeo?

It would help you consider various things during your research to find a perfect scheduling tool. First, look at the price and the plans that each scheduler provides. Then, evaluate the features, and see how many are necessary for your business and whether each is unneeded.

Also, you must pay attention to reviews, especially the cons. In later use, it may turn out that the missing elements can severely disrupt your work and activities.

Additionally, check if the tool offers a free version for testing. It will help you make a decision and sift through features.

Top 5 alternatives to Bookeo

We have selected five alternatives worth checking before making a final choice. We can distinguish each of them by something different, tailored to the needs of other clients and businesses. So let’s have a look.


It is an AI-based meeting scheduling tool. Along with CalendarHero, you will automatically invite and send notifications to event participants. It integrates with tools such as Zoom and Webex.

Additionally, you can add meeting details to the calendar. It offers options for scheduling individual, group and remote meetings.

Unfortunately, there is no option to select different appointments for one session. The customer cannot choose between personal, telephone or Zoom contacts. Also, some users complain about the absence of mobile applications.


Meetfox is a tool for scheduling meetings, making video calls, and billing customers.

With Meetfox, you can customize reservations by equipping them with your logo and brand’s colors. The scheduler is mainly recommended for freelancers and startups.

Unfortunately, some users criticize the confusing interface, a strongly required element.


A software that helps you to plan and make reservations online. It is highly advised for healthcare meetings, systems, beauty salons and gyms.

With Cogsworth, you will easily create a website for managing appointments with customers. The tool seems promising, but some users complain about integration errors and poor customer service.


ScheduleOnce is very common among people working remotely. The tool recognizes the time zone and helps you adjust your meetings with foreign clients.

Also, the scheduler provides reporting functions and supports teamwork efficiency. Coming to the cons, we need to highlight the common configuration problems that users experience.


Calendesk is a cloud-based booking system for managing payments, reservations and generating landing pages. The scheduler aims to replace all the manual work, making your job more efficient and easier to approach expected results.

With Calendesk, you can quickly create a newsletter, send emails, share content and engage your customers. The vital advantage of Calendesk is its mobile application that enables you to manage all the work worldwide. Thanks to this, you stay in touch with clients in case of rescheduling or canceling an appointment.

What’s more, Calendesk provides multiple payment options from Google Pay, credit cards, Apple Pay, and many more. A flexible payment process increases the chances of purchasing a service and booking an appointment. In addition, the scheduler will automatically issue a VAT invoice, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Calendesk’s interface is simple; it offers you daily, weekly, and monthly plans to manage. You can reschedule, book or cancel a meeting with only a few clicks. Also, you can share your calendars with other employees, ensuring they can reach you at the right moment.

Scheduler provides automatic reminders that can be customized to customers’ preferences. You can choose from SMS, email or push messages. You don’t have to worry about group notifications because calendesk enables them.

Calendesk is a client base; you gain a list of your customers’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses in one place. Additionally, sorting, filtering and researching have never been easier.

With Calendesk, you don’t have to worry about the number of customers, and you can use it without limits. It offers you three plans to choose from and a 14-day free trial, in case any doubts. What’s more, you can migrate between subscription plans at any time.

Automated scheduler & benefits

You maximize efficiency and productivity by reaching for an automated planning and managing tool. First, it helps to focus on the most critical aspects of the job.

Then, thanks to schedulers, you save time that you can spend on other activities, such as creating business strategies or improving other parts of the company. In addition, it will be easy for you to assess how much time you spend on each task and how many benefits you get. Moreover, sharing a to-do list among your team lets everyone know what tasks need to be completed.

If you stay consistent in your actions, you’ll earn the trust of your customers. Planning allows you to maintain consistency in your services. After introducing automation to your company, you will find out what brings you the most success and what makes you go backwards.

Bookeo Alternatives FAQ

How to find the best online booking system for your business?

There are a few things to consider when choosing an online booking system for your business. The first is ease of use. You want a system that is easy for both you and your customers to use. The second is cost. You don’t want to overspend on a system that you may not even use all the features of. Finally, you want to make sure the system has all the features you need.

What is the most common feature that business owners look for when choosing an online booking system?

With the vast majority of business owners, the most important feature they look for is integration with their existing website. This allows customers to book appointments or services directly from your website without having to leave and go to a third-party site. Other popular features include the ability to send automated appointment reminders, online payments, and calendar synchronization.

When choosing an online booking system, integration with your website should be your top priority. Other popular features to look for include automated appointment reminders, online payments, and calendar synchronization. By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to find the best online booking system for your business.

Why should you look for Bookeo appointment alternatives?

There are a few reasons you should look for Bookeo appointment alternatives. The first is that Bookeo is a third-party site, which means that if your customers want to book an appointment or service with you, they will have to leave your website and go to the Bookeo site. This can be inconvenient for your customers and may result in them not booking with you. Additionally, Bookeo charges a monthly fee, which can add up over time. Finally, Bookeo does not offer all the features that some of its competitors do.

By looking for Bookeo alternatives, you can find a system that is more convenient for your customers and has all the features you need. Additionally, you may be able to find a system that is less expensive in the long run.

Should I offer online booking services to my clients?

You should! Here’s why:

When you offer online booking services to your clients, you make it easier for them to schedule appointments with you. This convenience can lead to more business for you, as well as happier and more loyal customers.

Online booking also allows you to better manage your time and schedule. You can avoid the back-and-forth of scheduling appointments via email or phone, and you can more easily keep track of your schedule in one central place.

Plus, online booking can help you fill last-minute openings in your schedule. When a client cancels an appointment, you can quickly fill that opening by promoting it on your website or social media channels.

So if you’re thinking about offering online booking to your clients, go for it! It can only help your business.


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