Appointy: what it is and why should you look for alternatives?

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Appointy: what it is and why should you look for alternatives?

Innovations come along with technology; automated tools. While managing busy business days might seem challenging. It’s hard to keep up with all planned meetings and not get distracted.

That’s why we want to show you a solution that can replace all the manual work and maximize workflow, efficiency and productivity.

Automated scheduling software is a key to staying consistent in your actions while expanding your business. Let us show you two examples of excellent schedulers.

What is Appointy?

Appointy is simple scheduling software. The main goal of the scheduler is to help you develop a business. The tool enables you to book appointments, send automatic notifications via email or SMS, integrate with social media and other calendars, and accept payments.

With Appointy, you can understand your client better and increase work productivity. The software is common in multiple industries such as fitness, schools, healthcare clinics, beauty salons, coaching and many more. You can easily schedule appointments, workshops, tours and events.

Appointy offers you from four plans to choose, including one that is free but with limited functions. Also, you can try a 14-day free trial before deciding on it. First, let’s look at the leading roles the software provides.

Appointy pros

After a quick overview of the definition of Appointy, it’s worth mentioning critical features that may seem very useful in the case of planning.

Connected to your website

You can easily connect appointy to the domain and convert those website visitors into potential customers. Also, Appointy provides a tab on your Facebook page, making it for your customers easier to book further meetings.

Finally, if you don’t have a website, the software offers you a subdomain that you can use for all activities related to scheduling.

Easily customized

Quick and straightforward calendar personalization due to your preferences. You can send potential clients’ logos, company information, and an interactive Google map.

It may help you with being more recognized and remembered. Moreover, you can customize email campaigns just how you want them to.

Simple reports

You can quickly check your results using reports and analytics. Performance indicators will help you evaluate your actions thanks to information on the best results, customers, reviews of services and staff. Acquiring and analyzing data will increase your work efficiency and show you where you make mistakes.

Appointy cons

As we all know, even if the tool is widespread and promising, it’s not always the best choice for a particular company.

Therefore, we need to emphasize the dark side of software because it can be relevant to actions taken up in your business.

Limited bookings

It may seem like a not a big deal at first, but when you think of your business in a larger view, limits across appointments can be problematic. The more clients you get, the higher the tool costs due to meeting limits on the selected plan.

Faulty mobile app

Some users complain about the complex version of the mobile application. The mobile version causes problems due to the limited number of functions and malfunction after using the IOS update.

It can be a significant disadvantage if we are on a business trip and, at the moment, we do not have access to a device such as a laptop.

Lack of integrations

Many users complain about the low amount of integrations with other platforms and programs. For example, Appointy syncs perfectly with Google Calendar but leaves no more options to maneuver. It can be a notable issue if some of our customers use other platforms.

Why should you look for Appointy alternatives?

Searching for the perfect scheduler might be overwhelming. That’s why it’s worth pointing out the main things you should direct yourself while choosing.

First, you need to consider the price. No one wants to overpay for a thing they don’t need. For example, the tool is viral and has a high price, but it doesn’t provide you with any essential functions.

Then you know you should keep looking. The second thing; connected to the first one is features. It would be best to carefully examine what parts you gain by purchasing the software. Finally, look closely at the cons and decide whether they can define future actions.

And last but not least, software must have a simple and intuitive mobile app. These days we sometimes depend on our phones more than computers and laptops. Also, with a mobile app, you are easier to reach, and your availability increases.

So, let’s look at the Calendesk, which may be a perfect alternative to Appointy.

Calendesk: the best alternative

Calendesk is a cloud-based scheduler that enables you to accept payments, book, reschedule and generate landing pages. With this booking system, you can easily create a newsletter, send emails, share content and engage your customers via push messages.

Also, it provides you with a mobile app that you can manage worldwide. The platform is easily customized and intuitive. With Calendesk, you don’t have to worry about the number of clients because it’s unlimited.

Our scheduler provides you with a three plan with a 14-day free trial. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a free version, but the free trial plan should clear your doubts before purchasing it.

What functions does Calendesk offer you?

Among the many functions that Calendesk offers, we have selected those that may be most important to you in business planning and management.

Advanced notifications

We say no to missed appointments. Calendesk will remind you and your client about upcoming meetings. Whether you work from home or office, you can choose how to notify your customers.

Also, group notifications are available. In addition, reminders can be sent automatically via email, SMS or push messages. What’s more, messages are customized to clients’ preferences.

Clients base

Calendesk collects all email addresses, names, and phone numbers for you and puts them in one place. Thanks to this, you can approach your clients more individually and impress them.

You can monitor data from payments, online booking, notifications and contact information and analyze it with only a few clicks. Sort, filter, and research your client base in any way you want.

Numerous payments options

The payment process may create some issues sometimes, but not with Calendesk. You can issue a Vat invoice automatically. In addition, customers can choose from Google Pay, credit card, Apple pay and many more.

Multiple payment options increase the chances of purchasing the service or product because they are available.

Mobile app

Now you can use Calendesk worldwide. So if you’re on vacation and feel an instant need to check something, you can do it any time.

In addition, mobile applications enable you to stay in touch with your clients and always be up-to-date about coming meetings.

Intuitive interface

One thing that characterizes Calendesk is its simplicity in using it. You can quickly scroll through your weekly, monthly and daily plans. Rescheduling, canceling, and booking will take only a few seconds. Also, you can share the calendar with other employees, ensuring they reach you at the right moment.

Benefits from schedulers

After looking at the examples of automated schedulers, we need to point out some general benefits you gain by choosing them. First, automated scheduling software aims to increase effectiveness and productivity.

Second, you can quickly evaluate how much time you spend on particular tasks during days and see if they bring enough benefits for you. Also, you’re saving much time replacing the manual work with automatic tools.

Schedulers can help you gain control over your actions by introducing the organization. And last but not least, consistency in your efforts will represent you in front of your client as a reliable company.


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