How to set up prepayments for bookings?

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How to set up prepayments for bookings?How to set up prepayments for bookings?

How do prepayments work for online bookings in Calendesk?

While editing your services in Calendesk, you may notice an option “Require prepayment before confirming a booking.”.

If you turn on the prepayment option, your customers will need to pay before bookings are approved. Until then, Calendesk can lock the selected period in your calendar to give some time to your customers to complete their payments. Unpaid bookings will be deleted and will release your calendar availability.

How do I turn on prepayments?

Go to the Offer / Services tab and edit a service you want to enable prepayments.

Scroll to the “Payment for the service” section and enable the “Require prepayment before confirming the booking” option.

You can set the time you want to give to your clients to process the payment. Around thirty minutes should be enough time to make an online payment.

Online booking prepayments - settings in services

Where can I find prepaid bookings?

Bookings that require prepayment will appear only in the booking list in the Calendesk admin panel (the Sales / Events tab). If a customer does not pay for a booking, we will remove it after the specified time.

Online booking prepayments - displaying bookings

Hot to add a booking which requires payment?

You can use your online booking calendar from Calendesk to allow your customers to make bookings, or if you prefer to do it by yourself, use the Calendesk admin panel and add bookings manually.

How to add bookings manually in the admin panel?

Go to the Sales / Events tab and click on the “Add a booking” button.

You can add any type of bookings this way. Your customer will receive notifications informing them about the payment (if the notification option is turned on). If they use your website and can log in, they will see all their bookings on their accounts.

Please select the “Prepayment required” status to mark a booking as payment required. Please notice if your customer does not pay for it, the booking will be deleted after some time (depending on the service options).

Online booking prepayments - adding a new booking

You can make a payment directly from the admin panel. For example, after adding a booking, open it again and click on the “Pay for the booking” button.

Online booking prepayments - paying for a booking

You will have several options for making payment, such as Cash, Transfer, Card, Stripe, and others. In addition, you can add a transaction id to identify this transaction later.

Online booking prepayments - paying for a booking

How can customers pay for a booking?

  • After making a booking on your Calendesk website, they will see a “Pay online” button, redirecting them to a payment form.
  • Your customers can access their bookings from their accounts on your website booking system (bookings tab – you need to use a login feature).
  • Access a booking from a confirmation email (you need to use email notifications).

Bookings tab with the login feature.

Online booking prepayments - customers view

Pay online button after making a booking.

Online booking prepayments - customers payment view

Example email notification with a payment link.

Online booking prepayments - customers email notification