YouCanBook.Me: How to find the best alternative?

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YouCanBook.Me: How to find the best alternative?

Keeping up with your daily duties might be significantly overwhelming when the number of appointments is constantly growing.

After a time, writing down tasks might not be enough. It would be best if you had something better, more automated, to manage all activities and put them in one place.

Fortunately, we have a solution, an online booking system that will help you replace all the manual work and maintain control over upcoming tasks and meetings.

We have set up two advanced tools that can deal with this challenge. So let’s have a look at the first one.

What is is a booking system that helps you to plan, cancel and reschedule appointments. The process takes place in the cloud, from which bookings go directly to your calendar.

The scheduler saves time and eliminates unnecessary steps in the booking process and represents solid functionality. In addition, you can easily integrate it with Google or Microsoft. With this scheduling tool, you can efficiently complete your payment details service thanks to the built-in Stripe integration. helps you stay in control of your daily activities and organize meetings. The tool offers a 14-day free trial to minimize the risk of customer dissatisfaction after the sale.

What are features?

Advanced customization

This communication tool will allow you to maximize your creativity. Easily choose colors, branding logos and profile pictures to display on your website. With, you can create a personalized booking link for your customers. Set up your booking calendar and go.

Enhanced teamwork

The tool allows you to share your calendar in one place. You can easily arrange a meeting with the entire team or an individual. Your reservations won’t pop up in the system if you do not accept them beforehand. Thanks to this, you maintain complete control over your actions.

Flexible schedule

With, you can easily set up your regular schedule and adjust it for each week or month. Time zones are not a problem; the scheduler will automatically show the client’s hours and allow you to change the meeting. In addition, you can offer your clients fixed appointments, allowing for long-term relationships.

What are the cons?

Unfortunately, even if the tool is very upcoming, we must point out some user complaints.

Purchasers complain about insufficiently good customer service, which won’t come with quick help in emergencies. Additionally, configuration seems to be a complicated process.

Some features like SMS notifications require additional payment. Users also point to an insufficient amount of integrations with, for example, Zoom, which in the long run, harms more than helps. Another disadvantage is that calendars can’t be separated, reducing the software’s flexibility.

And last but not least, doesn’t offer a mobile application, which may affect your availability and the speed of customer feedback. So let’s move on to the YCBM alternative and see what it can offer you.

What should you consider choosing a scheduling app?

Sometimes even if the tool seems promising and mainstream, it doesn’t mean it’s suitable for you. It would be best if you matched your online scheduler to your needs—for example, paying attention to the features it provides.

First, see how advanced they’re; maybe you will need only the basic scheduling features. Then, check if the tool has the essential functions necessary for your business.

Another thing is price; you don’t want to overpay for a tool you don’t need or don’t meet your expectations. Also, it would be best if the scheduler had at least three variants of plans to choose from.Then, you can compare the programs in terms of features and price.

See if the booking system has a free trial version; it’s important to use something before buying it.

And last but not least, check out the users’ reviews. It’s the best way to know something about the tool; directly from another purchaser.

So, now that you understand what should direct you when choosing the scheduler, it’s worth pointing out one of the YCBM alternatives.

Calendesk: the best alternative

Calendesk is an intuitive scheduling system where you can book meetings, generate landing pages and accept payments. It is something more than just a standard scheduler.

You will quickly reschedule and get an appointment with only a few clicks. The cloud-based system makes it more accessible and affordable, maximizing effectiveness and minimizing costs.

It’s a great choice if you work with a supportive team and pay special attention to keeping the group informed. It will help maximize the chances for effective sales.

There is no limit to the number of customers; you can have 50 clients or 6000 and still use it.

The scheduling system introduces you to more vital flexibility and reduces your time spent on manual work.

What’s more, you can engage the audience by sharing content, newsletter and emails. Calendesk offers you three plans, each with a 14-day free trial version.

Calendesk advantages

Diving into users’ reviews, we can distinguish multiple advantages. First, purchasers point out a set of functional tools that includes Calendesk. They emphasize how easy it’s to navigate the booking system thanks to such an intuitive and clean interface.

Customer service, characterized by speed and efficiency, enjoys a favorable opinion. Users pay special attention to the functions of integrated reservations and payments, which are carried out quickly and automatically.

Some of them say that Calendesk can be compared to the help of a dozen or so people contained in one software. Finally, most users emphasize how many integration possibilities Calendesk has, thanks to which their work becomes more accessible and practical.

So, how can you know that Calendesk was made for you?

When should you choose Calendesk?

To answer this question, we should highlight the main functions the scheduler can offer you.

Scheduler as a client base

Calendesk works as a personalized customer book that gives you access to all critical information about them. You can enter data such as email addresses, names and phone numbers into the system.

You can always add some notes; this will help you treat each client differently, improving customer relationships. Calendesk gives you statistics like virtual meeting frequency and enables advanced sorting and filtering. Maintaining control over payments and meetings has never been easier.

Appointments by mobiles

The booking service offers you a mobile version, making you available 24/7. Whether on a work trip or in the office, you will quickly change the schedule with a few clicks.

Also, you don’t have to worry about reminders; send them directly from your smartphone via push messages. Stay in touch with your clients by keeping communication as fast as possible.

Customized notifications

Reminders are a vital thing in case of a meeting. You have probably, many times, remind yourself of the meeting a few moments too late. Calendesk will help you avoid such situations.

The scheduler automatically sends notifications about the appointment, adjusting them to your client’s preferences. You can choose from email with confirmation, SMS or push messages. So, keep your attention on a peak level.

Trouble-free interface

As we mentioned in the text, many users emphasize the hassle-free experience with Calendesk interface. You can cancel, schedule or reschedule in seconds. Managing your tasks is connected with keeping control over them.

For example, a monthly planner shows you all your appointments and helps you arrange them on the most appropriate days and times. Moreover, you can synchronize your calendar with employees and ensure they will not bother you when meeting after meeting is chasing you.


Now that you know about booking systems, we need to point out some things. First, powerful booking brings benefits if you use them correctly and find one that matches you.

They help to maintain control over your actions and boost work effectiveness. Thanks to a proper booking tool, you become more credible and reliable in the eyes of your clients. Scheduling meetings has never been easier. So don’t wait; check out the most advanced alternative, Calendesk.


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