Acuity scheduling app: is it worth it?

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Acuity scheduling app: is it worth it?

Choosing the right tool for managing your schedule is always a big challenge. While doing that, you need to consider various things, from features and interface to the flexibility of payments.

Running a business is already a demanding activity. Still, even if the choice seems to be a big deal, a scheduling app will help your business’s work and effectiveness to improve. Why?

Automation of your work will keep it smoother and detract you from small things that before took too much of your time that now you can spend on developing your business and decisions. We have set the contrast of the two tools that hopefully will encourage you to take up the scheduling tool and help you realize which one will be a match for your health care business.

What Acuity is?

Acuity Scheduling is a tool that deals with scheduling, planning and managing your online meetings. It was mainly designed for small and midsize businesses. The tool allows you to synchronize your calendar with clients’ calendars in real-time.

Also, if you think about the problem of different time zones, Acuity will handle it. The tool provides alerts and notifications considering canceling or rescheduling meetings. Customers can book appointments and change their dates whenever they want to. You can synchronize Acuity with Google, Outlook, iCloud and Office365.

The tool seems to be a good choice while looking for a scheduling tool, but we need to emphasize some cons and show you when to look for an alternative to Acuity.

Why is Acuity not the best choice for a health care scheduling app?

Even up-and-coming tools might sometimes have flaws and create more difficulties than benefits. Acuity scheduling is a great tool, but we need to emphasize some points that may be crucial for your business. Health Care institutions need flexibility and availability from scheduling software. Let’s look at the cons of Acuity Scheduling.

To begin with, we need to mention that the Acuity scheduling doesn’t provide automatic tax, so you have to do your sum on your own. It can be difficult for you and your customers because you cannot show the final price first.

Secondly, online meetings have become popular, even in doctors’ offices. Unfortunately, the tool can’t set default values for integrations for Zoom—one of the widespread platforms when we talk about online sessions.

Also, the interface may confuse some users – confusion in your actions can easily lead you to make a mistake and mislead potential customers.

Acuity scheduling only allows for online assistance, which can be problematic for people, mostly the older ones that don’t necessarily use the internet but the telephone instead.

And last but not least is the problematic features of deleting meetings. In healthcare institutes, you need something that will be flexible, but with Acuity scheduling, you need to open every appointment instead of checking the list and picking the right one you have to remove.

Consider Calendesk instead of Acuity.

Acuity scheduling might not seem suitable if you’re looking for a perfect tool for managing the health care business. So we have prepared a quick look at Calendesk – the best alternative for Acuity Scheduling.

Calendesk is a tool that manages booking, rescheduling, canceling, and payments concerning online meetings. The tool is easily accessible because its system is cloud-based.

It also helps to minimize your costs and increase the effectiveness of your work in a team. With Calendesk, you have an unlimited number of customers – it means no matter if you have 40 or 6000 clients, you can use it either way.

If you are concerned about the choice, you can use the free trial and ensure the features meet your expectations.

Calendesk allows for sharing the content with the client by email, newsletter and push messages.

The tool will be suitable for automating your work and minimizing the manual. In addition, Calendesk introduces more flexibility to your daily tasks, reducing the time spent on some activities.

Now when you know what Calendesk is, we have set five features that can show you what features it provides and how they can be helpful for health care clinics apps.

5 reasons why you should pick up Calendesk

#1 Flexible payment process

Running a health care business needs to be flexible to all your patients. It means that no matter how old they are, they need to have all the options of payments required from customers. Calendesk provides online pay with Google Pay, credit card, Apple Pay and many more.

It makes your services more available and increases the chances of scheduling an appointment at your health care business. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the Vat invoice; the tool will issue it automatically.

#2 Instant notifications

No more worries about reminding patients about a meeting. Calendesk will make sure that the notification will get to them on time. The alerts can be sent via emails, SMS or push messages. Of course, it depends on your and the client’s preferences. If you want to contact your team, you can easily send them an email group.

#3 Trouble-free interface

To minimize the time spent on scheduling appointments, Calendesk made sure that the interface should be user-friendly. You can easily see your daily, weekly or monthly plan.

All changes like rescheduling and canceling can be done with a few clicks. Additionally, you can quickly share your calendar with other employees allowing them to reach you if they need to without complications.

#4 Clients base

Health care clinics need to have access to a client base where they can keep essential information. Calendesk will help you save email addresses, phone numbers, names and statistics (for example, the frequency of appointments).

What’s more, you can quickly filter and sort the list with only a few clicks. Maintaining control over data concerning an online booking, contact information, and payment updates have never been easier. Calendesk will keep your attention on the highest level.

#5 Mobile App

Another feature that makes Calendesk the most flexible as it can be is the mobile version. The calendar will be with you anywhere where you go. If you have a little vacation, you can quickly reschedule, book or cancel the appointment without worries.

If you are concerned about following meetings with your clients, you can easily send them push notifications right from your smartphone. Additionally, if you don’t like the interface’s colors, you can customize it.

A little recap: Calendesk vs Acuity

We prepared a little digest to give you a final look at the two tools presented above. So let’s see how it goes.


The tool has a very flexible payment process and user-friendly interface. You won’t have problems reaching it because its system is cloud-based. What’s more, you can use it worldwide due to the mobile version.

Notifications and alerts are no longer an issue because they are sent automatically and VAT invoices.

Calendesk synchronizes with Zoom, Google Meet, Stripe, Google Calendar, Messenger and many more. So overall, it seems like a great choice while choosing it for a healthcare app.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity allows you to reach out to your clients despite the different time zones. It enables synchronizing your calendar with Google, Outlook, iCloud and Office365, but unfortunately not with Zoom. With Calendesk, you can customize intake forms and create group scheduling.

The choice is up to you

You already know the two best tools for scheduling your meetings. You need to consider various things before deciding which one meets your expectations.

You can start by evaluating the features that each one provides. Consider what is essential in your jobs, such as the flexibility of payments and the ability to create a client base and mobile version option.

Some of the features might be unnecessary for you or simply not enough. Another thing you need to consider is the cost of the tool. So, again, choose the most adequate for your funds.

Remember that having a scheduling tool will automate your work and save time. What’s more, being credible will help you gain more trust from customers and help to improve your image in front of the clients’ eyes.

Additionally, scheduling apps will keep you informed about your statistics, recognition and things that work correctly and need to be changed.

Don’t waste more time; try each of the tools and see what will be the best choice for you.


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