Calendesk: business schedule software for the law industry

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Calendesk: business schedule software for the law industry

Law practice management, supervising contacts, storing important documents, or organizing calendars are some of the main tasks of companies dealing with legal practice.

Legal professionals work under enormous pressure in caring about every detail of their job—customers who need their help count on a high level of commitment and client satisfaction.

Before introducing automated tools, it seemed more complex, but we have something that can improve document management, the booking process, expense tracking, and more these days. So what is it?

It’s advanced scheduling software that allows law firms to make their activities faster and easier. So, let’s see how it goes.

Law firms: X reasons why they need scheduling software

Government agencies, large law firm and other businesses related to legal services require vital employees’ commitment. So let’s see how an automated booking page can help them.

Save time

You must structure your company in terms of procedures, task management and organizational policies. For example, legal teams are responsible for many tasks, including customer invoicing, document management, accounting, and managing current case files.

Appropriate software allows law firms to set time for individual tasks, managing timekeeping and billing products without forgetting upcoming client meetings.

The tool lets you regain control over your activities, saving adequate time for breaks. Moreover, time tracking is essential because most lawyers bill their clients based on the time spent on the case. Law practice management has never been easier.

Say ”no” to missed deadlines

Have you ever struggled with the feeling of losing concentration? If yes, another advantage of schedulers is automated reminders on booking pages that allow you and your clients to always be up to date.

Innovative automation will notify you about upcoming meetings, court dates providing notes to help conduct them. Thanks to this solution, you will focus more on the client and take care of an individual approach to the case.

If court rules change, it’s also helpful to be up to date, controlling your future actions.

Intuitive appointment booking

Legal teams will quickly reschedule multiple bookings or check payment status with only a few clicks on your intuitive interface. An easy-to-use scheduling software allows you to track cases, easier native document management, communicate with clients and even manage invoices and settlements in no time.

In addition, most software offers an automatic payment process through your website or social channels. Also, if your client wants to meet you online, you will easily schedule virtual meetings for video calling.

Create advanced reports

A practical solution will be cloud based accounting software that minimizes costs and is more accessible for law firms. You will create appropriate reports on ongoing cases and assess the organization’s progress and which areas require immediate improvement. You will spend less time on practice management.

Many law firms need reporting features to enable them to specify expenses, control case income, court dates or even create a summary of recent activities in the legal industry. Scheduler should act as a legal billing software.

How to choose the best case management software?

Picking suitable software for your law firm might seem complex. But don’t worry; we have got you covered. Follow those tips and be sure that software will streamline workflows and be an easy to use suite. Practice management requires much commitment, so let’s see what you can follow to make it easier.

First, your case management software must provide the features you need for daily duties. For example, if you are fed up with a pile of papers, it’s worth getting a scheduling software to save them on the cloud. Moreover, pay attention if the software is fully integrated with other systems.

Another important thing for law firms is a version available on a mobile device. Why? Nowadays, smartphones are extensions of our right hand. So a legal assistant will improve availability, and increase client satisfaction. You can quickly contact them with a few clicks or reschedule meetings at the customers‘ request.

What’s more, your legal team needs to consider software price issues. No one likes to overpay for things that don’t meet their expectations. For example, small law firms may be looking for a cheaper solution that fewer people will use. Check if the scheduler offers a free trial version or demo. Thanks to this, mid sized law firms can eliminate doubts before the final purchase.

And last but not least, carefully examine other small firms’ users’ reviews, especially negative ones. Maybe you will notice something important about the booking page that can negatively influence your work.

Calendesk: advanced appointment booking system

Calendesk is an intuitive booking software for mid-sized, minor, or large law firms. Its system is cloud-based, thanks to being low-cost and more accessible.

It provides a full range of integrations, for example, with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom and Google meet. The tool provides a mobile app that will keep you updated with your existing clients.

Law practice management will be effective thanks to easy compensation tracking, booking, time tracking and even automatic email notifications functions. Also, you will quickly issue a VAT invoice and organize group meetings with only a few clicks.

Moreover, Calendesk offers a 14-day free trial version, so you can examine it before purchasing. So, which features of this scheduler will help you with matter management? Let’s see.

Key features of Calendesk for law firm

Legal practice management is a huge responsibility, which at the same time can involve a lot of tedious processes. Check out how Calendesk can solve or minimize with its intuitive booking page and fully integrated systems.

Client base

Calendesk works as an information base that enables law firms to concentrate more on their new clients and gives them more individual approaches.

Law firm keeps their data like email, phone numbers, names and meeting details like personal injury. Also, you can quickly check the payment status or client intake history with having success in matter management.

Mobile version

If you have multiple team members, it will be easier to contact them via mobile than on other devices. Also, your client can get in touch with you more quickly, and you can inform them about essential aspects of the case in only seconds. Moreover, you can feel more secure and independent if you work in solo practice.

Data in the cloud

A strong emphasis on the discretion and privacy of your clients characterizes criminal law. Thanks to the cloud-based system, you minimize the risk of any data leakage and reduce costs.

Also, this industry leading platform allows sole practitioners to work differently by accessing through appropriate security. Document management and following court rules have never been easier.

Real-time notifications

Legal practice productivity solution ensures that nothing escapes your attention. Calendesk offers email reminders, SMS or push messages. Also, law firms with its booking page can customize them to your or clients’ preferences.

Send a group email and easily contact the rest of your team. You will analyze practice management carefully without fear of forgetting anything.

Customizable payments

Legal accounting system provides several payment alternatives. Your customers can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards and more. With flexibility, you increase the chances of choosing your service over the competition of other law practices.

So, make your own appointments more convenient for customers with a prepayment option that this legal billing software offers you.


After knowing a little about an automated scheduler’s advantages, we need to summarize this information. Booking systems allow law firms to save time and improve case management and trust accounting.

What’s more, you can focus more on your clients and provide them with an individual approach.

You don’t have to worry about tedious activities because the software will handle them. Follow court rules with ease and accelerate law firms development.


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