Online booking system for tutors

Allow your students to make appointments with you at any time. Calendesk will help you manage your schedule, accept payments from customers, and prevent you from missing any meetings.
Online booking system for tutors

Keep your customers coming back

Your customers deserve the best customer experience. You deliver one with Calendesk - Online Booking System. Like a pro, on autopilot.

How to start accepting bookings from students?

1. Add people who can accept bookings

Your employees or you can accept bookings. You define the availability times.

2. Describe the classes you provide

Provide a list of classes your students can use. Set a time and price for service and decide who will provide it.

3. Determine if online payments are needed

Decide whether online payments are something you would like to accept. You can also set prepayment options.

4. Have your schedule available online

Put your schedule online and on your mobile app. Create your place online with the simple website builder.

Automate monotonous tasks

Do what you do best, and Calendesk's appointment scheduling software will take care of the rest.

Online booking system for tutors - key features

Avoid missed appointments, lost time, and wasted money. Use Calendesk to accept payments ahead of time. Customers can pay by bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit card - they'll have plenty of options.

Why not add more? Offer your customers a paid subscription, membership, or pass for your services? We'll handle all the details. We're integrated with Stripe for advanced subscriptions. With Calendesk, funds are automatically collected from customers, access is allocated to your services, and a VAT invoice is generated.

The modern payment system

A central repository for your customer base. You can dispose of your notebooks, notes, and Excel files. With an online booking system for tutors - Calendesk, you will be able to manage your customer base easily. Users may be filtered, sorted, or grouped according to your needs. Check historical and upcoming reservations, analyze payments and contact customers when you need them.

Each customer can be assigned full contact information, payment information, and private notes. You will always be able to view a customer's appointment booking and payment history.

It's all about your customers

Organize your visits in one place. A meeting calendar makes it easy to see when you have scheduled meetings. Daily, weekly, and monthly views, as well as a special tab with a daily schedule.

Calendars created by Calendesk can be used both individually and collaboratively. You can add, delete, and change meetings in only a few clicks after selecting the calendars you wish to view. Additional integrations with Google Calendar and Google Meet allow you to access your meetings from the apps you use.

An appointment calendar that fits you

Your customers and yourself will be automatically notified by Calendesk. No more worrying about remembering meetings. You will both be notified. E-mails, SMSes, and push notifications can be easily customized and edited.

Easily communicate with your customers. Looking to send an email to all your customers? Would you rather write a customer a special offer via sending them an SMS? We've got you covered.

Notifications via email, SMS, or push

Appointment scheduling right in their pocket. Keep it modern. Give your customers the option of setting up an appointment using the mobile application. The mobile app lets you send push notifications directly to the phones of subscribers.

The mobile application will benefit your business. You can customize descriptions, colors, and photos using a simple wizard. Providing your customers with a modern appointment booking app allows them to view and book meetings with you.

The mobile app that you and your customers need

Create your free account

Handling bookings with the Calendesk consultation booking system is extremely simple and pleasant. And the good news here - it takes only a few minutes.

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Numbers speak for themselves

1 000 000+ appointments made with Calendesk!

Hour (max!) needed to configure the platform for you
Time saved on operational tasks
Accepting bookings around-the-clock
Clients who want to pay online - and now they have a way to do so at your office!

Frequently Asked Questions: Online Booking System for Tutors

An online booking system for tutors streamlines the appointment scheduling process, allowing students to book sessions at their convenience. It also helps tutors manage their schedules, accept payments, and prevent missed appointments through automated reminders and notifications.

By automating monotonous tasks, tutors can focus on delivering quality education while the booking system takes care of schedule management, payments, and customer communication.

To start accepting bookings, follow these steps:

  1. Add people who can accept bookings, such as yourself or your employees, and define their availability.
  2. Describe the classes you provide, setting the time and price for each service.
  3. Determine if online payments are needed and set up prepayment options if desired.
  4. Make your schedule available online and create a website or mobile app for students to access.

With Calendesk, setting up an online booking system is easy and user-friendly, providing you with all the tools you need to manage your tutoring business efficiently.

Calendesk offers a modern payment system to help you avoid missed appointments, save time, and prevent wasted money. Students can pay for sessions using various methods such as bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit cards.

You can also offer advanced payment options like paid subscriptions, memberships, or passes for your services. Calendesk is integrated with Stripe to handle these advanced payment options, automatically collecting payments from customers, allocating access to services, and generating VAT invoices.

Calendesk provides a central repository for your customer base, allowing you to easily manage your customer information without the need for physical notebooks or Excel files. Users can be filtered, sorted, or grouped according to your needs, and you can view their appointment booking and payment history.

Additionally, each customer can be assigned full contact information, payment information, and private notes, ensuring you have all the necessary details for efficient customer management and communication.

Calendesk's appointment calendar allows you to organize your visits in one place, with daily, weekly, and monthly views, as well as a special tab for your daily schedule. The calendars can be used individually or collaboratively, making it easy to add, delete, or change appointments.

Integration with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook ensures seamless access to your appointments from the applications you already use, enhancing your overall scheduling experience.

Calendesk automatically notifies both you and your customers about appointments, ensuring no one forgets about their scheduled sessions. Customizable email, SMS, and push notifications keep everyone informed and on time.

For additional communication, Calendesk makes it easy to send customized emails or SMS messages to individual customers or your entire customer base, ensuring you can effectively share special offers or important information.

A mobile app allows your customers to book appointments conveniently from their smartphones, keeping appointment scheduling modern and easily accessible. The app also enables you to send push notifications directly to their phones, ensuring timely communication.

Customizing your mobile app with descriptions, colors, and photos is simple, and having a dedicated app for your business helps your customers view and book meetings with you on-the-go, enhancing their overall experience.

Get in the club of satisfied customers thanks to online appointment scheduling

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