Online booking system for psychologists

Allow patients to book appointments with you 24/7. Calendesk keeps track of your schedule, accepts payments from customers, and ensures you miss zero appointments.

Don't waste time arranging meetings with clients. Streamline your company's workflow - automatically.

How to start accepting bookings from patients?

1. Create a list of psychologists who accept bookings

Employees or yourself can accept bookings. Determine your availability.

2. List your consultations

What services can your customers use? Decide the price, the time, and the person in charge.

3. Evaluate the need for online payments

Decide whether you want to accept online payments. You can either require a prepayment or pay as an additional option.

4. Upload your schedule online

Your schedule should be available on your website and mobile app. To accomplish this, use the simple online website builder we provide.

Automate your busywork

Do what you do best, let Calendesk do the rest.

Calendesk will send you and your patients automated notifications. Henceforth, you won't need to remember when meetings are. The customer and you will each be notified in advance. SMS, email, and push notifications can all be easily customized.

Get in touch with your customers in just a few clicks. Email everyone at once? What if you have a special offer for customers and you prefer to send them an SMS? Calendesk can handle that for you.

Notifications via email, SMS, and push

Your entire customer base in one place. Say goodbye to notebooks, notes, and Excel files. Use Calendesk to keep track of your customers. You can filter, sort, and group them as necessary. Analyze past and future bookings, analyze payments, and contact customers when necessary.

Each customer can be assigned full contact information, payment information, and private notes. You will always be able to view a customer's appointment booking and payment history.

Your customers in one spot

Your appointments and sessions in one place. Visualizing your meetings is easy with the calendar. A daily, weekly, and monthly view as well as a special daily plan tab.

Calendesk can be used for solo work or group work. You can easily add, delete, and modify meetings by selecting the calendars you want to see. With the Google Calendar and Google Meet integrations, you can access your psychologist meetings on the go.

Customizable appointment calendar

Your clients can book an appointment right from their phones. Embrace modern technology. You can allow your customers to schedule an appointment through the mobile application. Mobile apps allow you to send push notifications directly to subscribers' smartphones.

You'll love the mobile app. Customize the description, colors, and photos of your business with a simple wizard. A modern appointment booking app lets your customers see, book, and pay for meetings with you.

Your own mobile app without any hassle

Stop missing appointments and wasting time and money. Take payments in advance with an online booking system for psychologists - Calendesk. You can let your customers pay online with quick bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit cards

What do you say? Why not provide your customers with a paid subscription, membership, or pass? With Calendesk, everything is handled for you. Modern Stripe payments allow you to create advanced subscriptions. We automatically collect the money from the customer, assign access to your services, and issue the invoice.

Payment system of today

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Handling bookings with the Calendesk consultation booking system is extremely simple and pleasant. And the good news here - it takes only a few minutes.

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Numbers speak for themselves

1 000 000+ appointments made with Calendesk!

Hour (max!) needed to configure the platform for you
Time saved on operational tasks
Accepting bookings around-the-clock
Clients who want to pay online - and now they have a way to do so at your office!

Get in the club of satisfied customers thanks to online appointment scheduling

Get started with your own online booking system in minutes.

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