Aquity scheduling: reaching out for alternative

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Aquity scheduling: reaching out for alternative

Have you ever struggled with remembering planned meetings and found it very hard, especially during tied-up days?

Being organized while running a business seems to be a big challenge to most entrepreneurs. It is widespread to lose track of time in the rush to create new strategies, focus on clients’ needs, and be up to date with trends. But is there any solution that can keep your workflow precise and organized?

A great way to handle this is automated tools that can quickly help you maintain control over your tasks and meetings during busy hours. Let’s see how they work.

What is Aquity Scheduling?

Aquity Scheduling is a tool that helps with planning and managing your online meetings. In addition, it enables clients to reach out to you in real-time. Its system is cloud-based, so it’s easily accessible.

With Aquity scheduling, you don’t have to worry about foreign clients because it will synchronize with their calendars, showing you the best time for the meeting. Thanks to real-time notification, you will constantly be up to date and minimize your chances of forgetting about a necessary appointment.

Aquity Scheduling will inform you about the coming and cancel the meeting. What’s more, you can easily synchronize your calendar with Google, Outlook, iCloud and Office365. Without mistakes like double booking, thanks to real-time reservations.

The tool is recommended for small and midsize businesses like health clinics, coaching, tutoring centers and consulting.

When should you choose the alternative of Acuity Scheduling?

Acuity scheduling is a very encouraging tool, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the perfect match for you and your business.

When choosing an alternative for a scheduling tool, you need to consider various things. For example, you need to look for features that it provides. Maybe some of them are unrequired.

Then look at the price, you shouldn’t spend too much money, especially for features you don’t need. Remember that every brand will need a different solution to customize its requirements.

The key to finding a proper scheduling tool will be a reliable look at your brand and areas that require automation. Let’s look at the cons of Acuity scheduling and its alternative – Calendesk.

Let’s try Calendesk instead of Acuity Scheduling

Sometimes even if a tool is up-and-running, it may include some flaws. For example, Acuity Scheduling may confuse some users because its interface has problematic navigation and limited options for visual features.

Also, it doesn’t deduct taxes, so you have to do it by yourself. Some users also complain about the inability to set default values for some integrations like Zoom.

Another thing is that the process of deleting meetings might be too long because it forces every session to be opened separately without being able to select it from the list. But don’t worry, we have chosen one more tool that hopefully will meet your expectations.

Calendesk is also a booking system that allows you to generate landing pages and accept and make bookings or payments. Thanks to Calendesk, you will be able to send emails, share content, and create a newsletter engaging your clients via push messages.

Similarly to Acuity Scheduling, its system is also cloud-based. Such systems minimize your costs and make your work more effective and flexible.

With Calendesk, you don’t have to worry about the number of your clients; you can use it for 30 customers or 5000 (and more). If you don’t feel convinced, you can always try a free trial and see how it fits your brand.

In addition, Calendesk will replace all manual work, making it faster and more accessible, leaving you with more time for rest and other essential tasks. Let’s dive a little deeper and see what using Calendesk means.

Features that can make life easier

We have set the main features of Calendesk, which can significantly change your daily work process.

User-friendly interface

The interface is straightforward; canceling, booking and rescheduling meetings is no longer a problem. With only a few clicks, you will manage your appointments and make them as more suitable for you and your clients as they can be.

You can easily see your daily and weekly plans and change them wherever you are by mobile application. In addition, you can synchronize and share your calendar with employees, making sure they know when is the most proper time to reach you.

Simple payment process

The payment process is flexible; your clients can pay via Google Pay, credit card, Apple Pay and many more.

No more worries about the payment process with Calendesk. Everything is in one place. Additionally, Calendesk can automatically issue a VAT invoice.

Personalized notifications

You don’t have to worry about sending a reminder about the meeting. Calandesk provides automatic notifications sent via email, SMS or push messages.

Moreover, you can customize alerts to your client’s preferences. For example, if the appointment involves more than one person, you can easily send an email group.

Connect with your clients

Calendesk can be treated as a client base, where you can keep all necessary information about them like email addresses, phone numbers, names and statistics.

You can easily filter, sort and research it with only a few clicks. In addition, you can monitor your data related to online booking, contact information, payment updates and notifications.

With Calendesk, nothing can escape your attention.

Mobile App

Thanks to the mobile version, you can take your calendar wherever you go. For example, you are on vacation, but suddenly you remember that you must reschedule some appointments. You can easily do that while lying down on a beach.

Moreover, stay in touch with your clients and send them to push notifications directly from smartphones. Also, you can customize the interface’s look.

Calendesk or Acuity Scheduling?

We have prepared a quick comparison between these two scheduling tools – Calendesk and Acuity Scheduling.


The platform has a user-friendly interface and mobile application so that you can use it worldwide. It performs as a client base function, containing the most critical information about clients.

You can easily send notifications to a larger group of people without worrying about an amount. Also, you can integrate it with Zoom, Google Meet, Stripe, Google Calendar, Messenger and many more. Calendesk allows for various payments, which maximize your chances of clients’ purchases.

Acuity Scheduling

The tool enables you to contact your clients in real-time despite different time zones. Acuity Scheduling, like Calendesk, has a cloud-based system.

You can synchronize your calendar with Google, Outlook, iCloud and Office365. What’s more, there is an option for creating group scheduling for workshops and customizable intake forms.

Pros of using automated scheduling

Some of you may still have doubts about needing an automated tool for scheduling and planning meetings. So let’s look at advantages that can clear your mind and encourage you to reach out for it.

Save your time

Managing your business is already a demanding task. With all responsibilities on your back, you can easily make mistakes that involve more time spent on some activities.

Planning and organizing are always excellent ways to control your business and manage it logically. For example, you don’t have to worry about the payment process or booking, canceling and rescheduling appointments with a scheduling tool.

Instead, you can focus on business challenges like developing your products and services or creating new marketing strategies.

Gain customer trust

The best way to achieve trust from your customers is by being a reliable and credible source of information and services. Thanks to this, you will quickly gain brand awareness and better clients’ brand perception of view.

In addition, scheduling platforms can make you more productive and trustworthy in front of the audience’s eyes.

Evaluate your actions

Planning allows you to evaluate what benefits your business the most or the contrary. For example, you can easily estimate how much time you spend on specific tasks and meetings and how it works in practice. Then, look at what areas seem to be the most interesting for clients and the opposite.

You can check that out for yourself right now; look on the Calendesk website and see how everything works and how it can make your work easier.


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