Calendly pricing: when should you opt for the alternative?

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Calendly pricing: when should you opt for the alternative?

Running a business involves unexpected meetings, new tasks and constant rush. To keep it organized, you must note everything and check your schedule several times a day.

It might be overwhelming, especially during busy days. In addition, you need to work on new strategies and ideas, find business partners and yet remember about planned meetings.

Maybe you’re unaware of the solution that can help you keep it all effortless. Automation is the key here; by it, we mean appointment scheduling platforms that can eliminate all your concerns.

This article is for you if you want to stay consistent in your actions while expanding your business.

So let’s look at the example of the schedulers we have prepared for you.

What is Calendly?

Our first proposal is an automated scheduling platform called Calendly. Its intuitive appointment settings help you to get control over emails, book meetings and automate daily tasks.

Its functionality strengthens administrative, advanced security and improves the level of cooperation between employees.

It offers custom integrations with Zoom, Microsoft, Google calendar and more. With Calendly, you make work more flexible, making your company more accessible to potential customers.  

Marketing leads will quickly turn into actual customers. You will maintain a high dynamics of the sales cycle and allow the company to increase its revenues. Also, you can achieve smooth workflow and integrate sales tools.

Additionally, Calendly enables faster reaction times in case of any errors. It offers a 14-day free version to clear your doubts. It offers four pricing plans. Prices start with a basic plan at $8 for a user per month. So let’s take a look at the features that the platform will provide you with.

Picking the key features of Calendly

From among the many promising features of Calendly, we have selected the ones that may be most useful.

Flexible management

If managing your team feels like a complex task, Calendly is here to help. You can quickly adapt your schedule to other employees. Easily arrange collaborative meetings with your customers and send email reminders.

Increase chances of success for the sales team. Integrating all these activities with selected software tools has never been easier.

Accessible calendar

With Calendly, you can quickly check the availability of other users in real-time. Calendar connection enables booking a meeting, canceling or rescheduling it with a few clicks.

You can connect a personal calendar to up to six calendars. Before the appointment, send meeting polls to selected users to help clarify its details.

Effective recruitment

Calendly supports the process of finding new employees. Take care of your time so that your activities will be more productive.

You will book the interviews in a few seconds, and your recruitment process will be positively different from the competition.

In addition, you save time looking for a free place in the calendar, thanks to which you can focus on potential employees.

Cons and users’ reviews

Sometimes even if the tool seems promising and advanced in its features, there are still some disadvantages that we must point out.

For example, some users complain about calendar synchronization with Outlook, which can be frustrating and error-prone.

In addition, the reminder function isn’t fully customizable, so the user cannot use the platform’s full potential.

Other clients point out that Calendly isn’t compatible with all browsers, so their clients have trouble finalizing the meeting.

Another disadvantage is the limited number of functions in the free version, which means that many customers are forced to buy it, despite the assurances about the functionality of the free version.

And last but not least, there is the issue of customer service, which, according to users, isn’t fast enough, so you can’t resolve problems immediately.

Why should you look for an alternative?

Calendly is an excellent platform for some of you, but other solutions may seem more suitable for those who might have doubts.

Searching for a convenient appointment scheduler might be frustrating, especially if you struggle to keep up with all business tasks. But don’t worry – we have got you covered.

We prepared some essential points you should follow to find a friendly scheduling software. First, examine the pricing details and check if the platform has a free trial version.

It’s essential to test your choice before purchasing one. And obviously, no one likes to overpay for things that don’t meet their expectations.

Secondly, check out the user’s reviews. Who will give you better advice than someone who already examines the tool?

Pay special attention to its pros and cons, and compare them with your expectations.

Finally, check out if the software has a mobile version. Why? Nowadays, smartphones are extensions of your right hand.

With that solution, you’re expanding your accessibility to present and potential clients. Also pay attention to app integrations.

What’s more, check the appointment schedule tools and compare them with your needs for daily tasks.

So, if Calendly isn’t your cup of tea, we have prepared another example of a perfect scheduler. Let’s see.

Calendesk: a solution that you have been looking for

Among multiple schedulers, our different choice is Calendesk. The cloud-based platform makes it more accessible, profitable, and, most importantly, secure.

Cloud-based solutions protect you from data leakage, at the same time backing up and restoring data. In addition, the platform enables accepting payments, appointment booking, rescheduling and generating landing pages.

Moreover, you can develop your content skills and engage your audience via newsletters, emails and push messages.

The schedule provides a 14-day free trial to help you confirm that you are making the right decision.  Prices start at $ 24.99 per month. The price doesn’t depend on the number of meetings or users.

One of the advantages of the tool is its interface, which is intuitive and user-friendly.

Additionally, with Calendesk, you don’t have to worry about the number of clients and meetings; this option has unlimited functions.

The scheduler is an attractive solution, thanks to its mobile version, which allows you to reach a larger group of interested people.

So let’s see what features Calendesk offers you.

Calendesk advanced functionality

We have chosen the most profitable for every business among the many features that the tool provides.

Intuitive interface

To make your actions as fast as possible, Calendesk offers an intuitive interface. You can easily cancel, change the meeting date or even check your monthly plan with just a few clicks.

Additionally, you can share your calendar with other employees to ensure that future activities are discussed and that they can reach you at the right time.

Automatic reminders

No more worries about forgetting important meetings; Calendesk will send you automatic reminders so that nothing will escape your attention.

You can choose from emails, SMS notifications or push message alerts according to your or your client’s preferences. Select the group mail option if you want to contact your business entire team.

Client profiles

Most businesses need to keep the essential information about the client in a safe and proper place.

Calendesk works as a client base, where you can save email addresses, phone numbers, names and even statistics (for example, the number of meetings per month).

You can easily filter the list and find the relevant data. In addition, this solution allows for maintaining control over tasks such as contact information, billing information and even online bookings. Also, you can put additional contact details.

Flexible payment methods

To attract as many customers as possible, one aspect is the variety of payment offers. It is what Calendesk provides. You can choose from forms such as google pay, credit card, apple pay and many more.

Thanks to this, your business is more accessible, and you don’t have to worry about accounting features. Calendesk issues Vat invoices for you.

Mobile version

The mobile app is a solution that will give you access to more potential customers. For example, you can check your future appointments and receive reminders on your smartphone.

Moreover, all functions available on other devices, such as rescheduling, canceling and booking, can be arranged with a few clicks on the phone screen. Furthermore, you can easily send push notifications when needed.

The application is fully customizable; you can change the color options and choose the appropriate template.

Calendesk reviews

Users chose Calendesk to emphasize the high level of customer service, which is quick and effective in case of trouble. Many point out the ease of configuring the tool and the interface’s intuitiveness.

The platform’s transparency attracts more and more users who decide to automate their work.

Customers highlight that Calendesk combines all the functions needed to plan meetings and payments or operate a mobile application. Synchronization with the Google meet additionally improves their work.

How can you know you should choose Calendesk?

This appointment scheduling software is an excellent solution if you need advanced automation features. You will effectively finalize your daily duties and plan the next meetings with it.

Furthermore, Calendesk will help you identify your market position and indicate which areas need improvement.

You can custom email notifications and make them more flexible. Make sure your scheduling experience is the best.  With powerful scheduling automation, you will create an overview of activities and the time spent on them.

An appropriate organization will help strengthen your image against the competition and make you a reliable and credible solution in the eyes of your customers.

Consistency in your actions allows you to build confidence and enhance the chances for business success.


After looking at these two examples, we are sure we have pointed out why you should reach out to appointment software. It increases your effectiveness and productivity while reducing your time on daily taxes. Additionally, thanks to schedulers, you will gain control over your business, which will help you understand which areas are doing well and which aren’t.

Manual work will be replaced by automatic actions that will support your success. So don’t wait and check out Calendesk functions.

However, remember the points the platform must fulfill to meet your expectations and choose your annual payment plan.

A business schedule has never been easier to organize.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the free plan and paid plans of appointment scheduling software?

The free plan typically offers basic features such as one calendar, limited event types, and calendar connections per person. Paid plans offer more advanced features such as unlimited event types, automated workflows, removal of branding, team member management, and premium support.

How does calendly pricing work?

Calendly pricing includes different plans such as the free basic plan, essentials plan, professional plan, and enterprise plan. The cost varies depending on the features and number of users. It can be billed annually or monthly.

What are round robin event types?

Round robin event types distribute appointments evenly among team members, ensuring that all team members receive a fair share of appointments while optimizing the scheduling process.

Can I create collective event types with scheduling software?

Yes, you can create collective event types, which allow multiple participants to join a single event, such as group events or webinars.

What are the benefits of using automated workflows in scheduling software?

Automated workflows help streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, and improve efficiency. They can include automated event notifications, follow-ups, and syncing managed events with calendar connections.

What is the cancellation policy for appointment scheduling software?

The cancellation policy varies depending on the scheduling software provider. It may include options for rescheduling, canceling, or modifying appointments within a specific timeframe.

How does scheduling software integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Scheduling software integrates with Microsoft Teams by connecting the calendars and enabling users to schedule meetings directly from the Teams interface. This integration allows for seamless collaboration, easy meeting setup, and efficient appointment management.

How can I remove the branding from my scheduling software?

To remove the branding from your scheduling software, you need to upgrade to a paid plan that offers this feature. Most professional and enterprise plans provide the option to remove the scheduling software’s branding and customize the appearance to match your business branding.

What is a calendly link and how do I use it?

A Calendly link is a unique URL associated with your Calendly account that allows others to access your appointment scheduling page. You can share the link via email, text message, or social media to allow clients or colleagues to schedule appointments with you based on your availability.


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