Calendesk System Update

We are thrilled to announce the latest Calendesk System update, introducing several enhancements and new features to streamline your booking and settings management experience.

Here are the changes you will find in our latest update:

1. New Administrator Panel Layout:

We have completely redesigned the layout of the administrator panel to make it even easier to access essential functions and navigate the system.

  • The “Bookings” tab has been entirely replaced by the “Calendar” tab, which houses sections responsible for displaying both the calendar and bookings, all conveniently listed in one calendar view.
  • The “Employees – Add an Employee” tab has been eliminated, and we’ve added a button within the “Employees” tab for easy employee addition.
  • The “Customers – List of Customers” tab has been moved to the “Customers” tab.
  • The “Customers – Add a Customer” tab has been removed, and we’ve added a button within the “Customers” tab for easy customer addition.
  • The “Customers – Subscriptions” tab has been moved to the “Sales – Subscriptions” tab.
  • The “Customers – Newsletter” tab has been moved to the “Notifications – Newsletter” tab.
  • The “Customers – Notifications” tab has been moved to the “Notifications – Activity” tab.
  • The “Services – List of services” tab has been replaced by the “Offer – Services” tab.
  • The “Add a Service” and “Add a Category” tabs have been replaced by buttons within the “Offer – Services” tab.
  • The “Upsells – Product List” tab has been moved to the “Offer – Products” tab.
  • The “Upsells – Transactions” tab has been moved to the “Sales – Products” tab.
  • The “Subscriptions” tab is now located within the “Offer – Subscriptions” tab.
  • The “Websites” tab has been moved to the “Tools – Websites” tab.
  • The “Add-ons – Files” tabs have been moved to the “Tools – Files” tab.
  • The “Add-ons – Mobile App” tab has been moved to the “Tools – App” tab.
  • The “Settings – Notifications” tab has been moved to the “Notifications – Settings” tab.
  • The “Settings – Edit Notifications” section is now in the “Notifications – Templates” tab.
  • The “Settings – Labels, Groups, Resources” tab has been moved to the “Settings” tab and divided into separate sections: “Labels,” “Groups,” and “Resources.”
  • The “Profile – Your Profile” tab has been moved to the main menu, just below the Calendesk logo.
  • The “Profile – Your Company” tab has been moved to the “Settings – Your Company” tab.
  • The “My Invoices” and “Billing Details” sections have been moved to the “Billing – My Invoices” and “Billing – Invoice Details” tabs, respectively.
  • The “Your Company – Document Generator” section has been moved to the “Tools – Document Generator” tab.
  • The “Profile – Your Packages” and “Profile – Plans” tabs have been merged and can be found in the “Billing – Subscription” tab.
  • The “Profile – Sign Out” tab has been removed, and the “Sign Out” button has been relocated to the bottom of the main menu.

2. New Reservation Entry View:

Our new booking entry view makes it easy to explore the nearest available appointment slots and add group bookings. This tool will help you plan bookings more effectively.

When creating a new booking and selecting a service from the list, Calendesk will display all employees assigned to that service and their availability in the upcoming workweek, including the remaining booking slots.



3. Calendar:

In the daily calendar view, we have added the name of the currently viewed day of the week. Previously, only the calendar date was displayed.


4. Employee Labels:

While viewing the list of employees, you can now easily identify which employees do not accept bookings via the online calendar. We have added labels to facilitate access to this information without opening each employee’s profile.


5. Restricted Employees’ Services:

In the profiles of “limited-privilege” employees, services to which they are not assigned are now hidden. Previously, these employees had to browse the full list of services when adding a new booking, even for services they weren’t associated with. This change makes the booking process more transparent.

6. Sales – Reservations:

The bookings list now includes blackout dates and individual and group bookings. New filters make it easy to search for specific events.


7. Recurring Group Reservations:

Group bookings are now presented as groups rather than individual events. Furthermore, we have added a new feature allowing you to create recurring group bookings.

8. Filters:

We have introduced new filters in several tabs to simplify the process of finding specific content. Some of the new filters include:

  • “Sales – Bookings”: “Event Type” filter
  • “Offer – Subscriptions”: “Status” and “Service” filters
  • “Availability Schedules”: “Employees” and “Service” filters,


9. Customer Profile:

When selecting a customer during the booking creation process in the administrator panel, you can now view the customer’s profile picture.

10. Overall Aesthetics:

We have standardized the panel’s appearance, paying special attention to all tabs containing list-style data. Additionally, we’ve introduced a new layout for managing individual events.


We believe these changes will make using Calendesk even more efficient and enjoyable. If you have any questions or need assistance with this update, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are here to help!

Thank you for your collaboration, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions regarding this update.