Best appointment app for barbers: how to pick the best barber appointment app?

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Best appointment app for barbers: how to pick the best barber appointment app?

Great barbershop ambiance is usually a result of good organization and regular communication. The more things work smoothly, the happier everyone will be – employees and customers alike.

It’s not just about good contacts during visits, but also between them. For example, sending an e-mail to let clients know about news in the barber lounge, reminding them of upcoming appointments, or even informing them that their meeting may be slightly delayed. All these messages can be sent with a few clicks, without contacting them by telephone.

There are plenty of natural contact opportunities where the right software can build customer trust and sympathy. And if you use an excellent barber program, you will find tools that will make it easier for you to communicate with your customers. But which one should you use? Do you really need it?

Let us answer all of your questions here.

What is a barber appointment app for?

The key to a successful business is time and employees organization. And that’s the purpose of the barber appointment apps. They help to arrange all organizational issues, ensure employee satisfaction, and provide the best possible customer service. Thanks to them, you can manage your team more efficiently, giving them access to the calendar and reservations.

You also ensure a healthy balance between work and private life, because those interested register for a visit themselves and employees don’t have to work overtime. In this way, you relieve the team of additional responsibilities. You also have insight into each employee and their opinions, thanks to which you can jointly determine the best action plan.

So put simply: the appointment app for barbers will take care of the appointment process even outside the salon opening hours – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Forget about missed calls or notes in your notebook. Take reservations around the clock!

Is that all? No, because with the help of software for barbers, you can easily take care of a transparent data flow. There are no registration errors, you can immediately see what type of service the client has chosen, you know when you have free time and when you have a more busy day. You don’t have to bother with the details because you have all insights in one place. So allow your customers to make appointments on their own and let your employees focus on their profession rather than answering phone calls or filing paperwork.

The benefits of a barber appointment app

Using the barber appointment app gives you many possibilities. You, your team and customers – everyone will notice the difference when you implement such a tool. Why should you use such an app? Besides saving time, it also provides:

#1 Easy to schedule appointments

A barbershop usually has a receptionist who schedules client appointments and answers the phone. Just imagine answering several calls at once. While your employee is scheduling an appointment with someone, they get another call, so they need to put them on hold or simply not answer. This would result in you losing potential customers.

Rather than hiring a receptionist, why not invest in a mobile application that benefits your business in so many ways. With the app, a client can easily schedule an appointment on available dates and times, saving both the worker’s and the client’s time.

#2 24/7 booking system

As a result of busy schedules, customers might not contact you for bookings during the salon working hours. But with an appointment app for barbers, they can book an appointment regardless of day and time, whenever it’s convenient for them.

No matter if the staff doesn’t answer the phone or if the shop is closed, everyone can still make an appointment.

#3 Digital payments

Clients don’t always want to carry large amounts of cash. Therefore, you can make digital payments on the app to carry out digital transactions. Due to PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc., purchasing is also faster.

If a person doesn’t want to carry a wallet, they only need a smartphone.

#4 Business development opportunity

Using a booking app will allow you to reach a ton of new potential clients. Putting your salon out there to a new audience is a great way to draw them to you.

Some may not even know your brand, but by making it available to an online audience, they may eventually find it. Moreover, if you don’t yet have a website, your app page can act as your digital shopfront, which is a great way to market yourself online.

Why is Calendesk so special?

Every time someone cancels a visit, you have to manage reservations and update your calendar. It doesn’t seem very optimistic, does it? Does appointment setting really work? However, Calendesk already exists, so the company is able to change a great deal.

The system facilitates communication with customers, automates processes in the company and offers the opportunity for employees to get involved in more important matters. It also automatically accepts bookings without your intervention. Additionally, it increases customers’ satisfaction who are reluctant to make appointments over the phone and prefer to pay online. So what else does Calendesk offer?

You work with an intuitive app

Booking apps offer a variety of features that let you manage your business. These include staff management, finances, and appointment scheduling. Calendesk helps with all of them. So whether you meet customers in person or use remote communication, the Calendesk booking system fits your needs.

With Calendesk’s intuitive platform, you will no longer have to worry about employee schedules, and you’ll be able to concentrate more on other activities related to running a business. So, no more looking for a calendar when your client is waiting for an answer.

And yes – you can ignore checking and making sure that the appointment is well written in your notebook. Instead, using the online booking system and mobile application for customers and employees, you can reduce the number of errors to the bare minimum.

You send a variety of notifications

Some customers become your permanent clients, while others may visit the salon once or twice a year. By having a mobile app, you can stay in touch with every customer by sending them push notifications about any promotions, news, or anything you want.

The automatic notifications can really save you time. For example, the Calendesk app allows barbers to stay on the line with their clients while working and not be distracted.

You use many functions

Our app offers software for the salon, an online booking system, a payment system, the ability to personalize messages and notifications, the database of your customers, employee management. You can also use a website builder, automatic issuing of invoices for your clients, vouchers that provide several booking options in your calendar in exchange for a one-off payment and many, many more.

Such a combination of automation of processes in the company increases customer satisfaction because reservations are accepted all the time and no one has to wait for their turn.

You are able to try it for free

Our system will accommodate your business’ needs for online appointment scheduling. However, if you don’t believe us, just give it a shot! View Calendesk in action and learn why so many people use it instead of traditional appointments.

During a 14-day trial period, you can determine if this application is what you are looking for. Within this time frame, you can test all the features in the Standard plan. Additionally, our team will be happy to help you adapt the system to your business needs. You only need to schedule an appointment and our specialist will guide you through the configuration step by step.

You can quit/change the payment plan at any time

Subscriptions can be canceled whenever you wish. Calendesk doesn’t require long-term commitments. Choose whether to pay monthly or annually to use the software. And if you pay annually, you get a 20% discount.

It is also possible to switch plans whenever you want. As a result of such a migration, our payment operator will recalculate the amounts so that you will not lose any money. In this case, if you downgrade within the billing period, the remaining amount will either be used for future payments or refunded.

You don’t need a website

The Calendesk appointment booking calendar does not require you to have your own website. So we are happy to announce that our application can act as an independent calendar.

So how does Calendesk work then? In the beginning, you will receive your unique link to the calendar, and then it is up to you what you do with it. You can pass it on to your clients share it, for example, on Facebook, Instagram, or in the footer of your e-mail.

You have the option of using several calendars

Who said you could use only one calendar? You can create an unlimited number of calendars with a unique URL address. There is no problem configuring them all with your services or with your employees. Each calendar can be customized in a different way, with other logos and colors. Even better, you can direct your customers to a specific service on the calendar or within a group of related services.

Additionally, you can create different booking forms that clients will have to complete before booking. As you see, there are many configuration options in Calendesk.

You can share the calendar on your own website

If you already have your own website, don’t hesitate to share the Calendesk calendar there. It is possible to display the calendar on your website as a permanent element as well as a convenient widget, a permanent button at the bottom of the page or from anywhere else, like a link or button.

The calendar can also be set to show all of your services or only some of them. With it, you’ll be able to direct customers directly to the service they want to book.

Tailored-made appointments from now on!

Calendesk has an online booking tool and a mobile app for scheduling appointments, so you can take control of your schedule and automate customers’ visits instead of manually completing the calendar. In addition, the service is fast and payments can be made safely online. As a result, you will have more time to accomplish your business goals and manage your team more effectively.

And that’s all for now. By using Calendesk, you know you don’t have to learn how to create a mobile app for your customers and employees. With our tool, people don’t have to be tech-savvy and still have a way to improve their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a barber booking app and how can it benefit my barbershop business?

A barber booking app is a software solution that allows customers to book appointments online, helping you manage appointments, attract new clients, and streamline business operations. It saves time, reduces manual work, and ensures a smooth booking experience for your clients.

How does barbershop management software assist with inventory management and business administration?

Barbershop management software helps you track your inventory, reorder supplies, manage expenses, and monitor the overall performance of your salon business. It simplifies business admin tasks and keeps essential data organized, enabling you to make informed decisions for your business.

Can a barber booking app integrate marketing tools and securely process payments?

Yes, many barber booking apps offer integrated marketing tools, such as email outreach, social media promotion, and loyalty programs, to help you reach new clients and retain existing ones. They also securely process payments through various methods like credit cards, mobile wallets, and POS systems, ensuring smooth transactions.

How does online booking software help with schedule management and appointment reminders?

Online booking software allows you to manage appointments, allocate staff, and optimize your schedule. It often integrates with popular online calendars like Google Calendar, making it easier to track appointments. Additionally, it can send automated reminders to clients and staff, reducing no-shows and ensuring punctuality.

What are some advanced features offered by barbershop software for managing business operations?

Barbershop software offers various advanced features such as client tracking, membership features, service add-ons, and reporting tools. These features allow you to gain insights into client preferences, manage client memberships, upsell services, and analyze your business’s performance.

How can a booking widget help my salon business attract new clients?

A booking widget is a customizable tool that can be embedded on your website or social media platforms. It allows potential clients to book appointments directly, simplifying the booking process and increasing the likelihood of attracting new clients to your salon.

Is it possible to integrate a barber booking app with my existing POS system?

Yes, many barber booking apps can integrate with existing POS systems, streamlining your sales process and allowing you to manage appointments, inventory, and payments all in one place.

How does a barbershop software help with client tracking and membership management?

Barbershop software enables you to maintain detailed client profiles, track client preferences, and manage memberships. This information allows you to provide personalized services, offer tailored promotions, and create loyalty programs to improve client retention.

Can I customize the services and add-ons offered through the booking app?

Yes, most booking apps allow you to customize the services, prices, and add-ons available to clients. This flexibility enables you to tailor your offerings to meet the unique needs of your clients and your barbershop business.

How can an all-in-one barbershop solution help improve my business’s overall efficiency?

An all-in-one barbershop solution integrates various aspects of your business, such as appointment scheduling, inventory management, marketing, and payment processing, into a single platform. This centralized approach reduces manual work, saves time, and enables you to focus on providing excellent services to your clients.


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