7 Best Apps for Scheduling Appointments for Lawyers

As a lawyer, time is money. Regardless if you are a solo practitioner or a legal advisor working in a law firm, streamlining your scheduling and appointment booking can be challenging.

You must comply with legal standards and regulations while tracking time, court dates, client appointments, and contract management

How you use your 168 hours in a week can greatly impact efficiency and payout. 

The good news is that there are now many productivity and time management apps for lawyers to automate the process. 

Here we have selected 7 of the best apps for scheduling appointments for lawyers.

1. Calendesk: Online booking system for lawyers

Calendesk is an online booking system for lawyers that can automate all the busy work and ensure that your appointments go as planned

It is an app designed for both lawyers and customer satisfaction. You just need to send a link to your customers to schedule online meetings.

The app will show available time slots where they can schedule appointments, send automated reminders, and collect customer payments. 

Plus, Calendesk also offers an interface for native document management.

You can also manage all your customer info on the platform, eliminating any need for Google Docs or Spreadsheets to keep track of details like contact info and private notes.

2. Google Calendar: Integrated workspace for law firms

One of the most popular apps for appointment scheduling, Google Calendar is also an excellent option for the legal industry with its free plan.

Your customers probably already have the mobile app and know how to use it. You can invite anyone with an email address, and they can receive your online calendar to book a slot.

Google Calendar is also part of Google Workspace, which is connected to various tools that can ease collaboration for law firms with multiple team members.

The record clerks can prepare and share legal documents in Google Docs, lawyers can make client calls via Google Meet, and everyone can sync their Google Calendar to set a date for team meetings and video conferencing.

3. Acuity Scheduling: Scheduling software with simplicity

A product by Squarespace, Acuity Scheduling is an appointment booking software focused on providing a quality customer experience. 

It has a calendar interface that automatically detects your client’s time zone and shows real-time availability to choose the best time slot that will work for them. 

However, there is no free option. You must pay at least $14 per month to use the app. Still, this paid plan adds many advanced features to help grow your business. 

You will also get an automated sales team, as you will have the option to add vouchers for a discount or upsell opportunities during checkout. 

You can also power up the scheduling software by integrating it with powerful third-party apps like Paypal, Stripe, Square, and Google Analytics.

4. Calendly: Free scheduling automation tool 

With over 10 million users worldwide, Calendly is one of the leading scheduling software many businesses like Dropbox and eBay use. 

It offers advanced automated scheduling, which takes the hassle of finding time availability for video conferencing, team schedules, and many related workflows. 

Ithas a free plan, and you will get the basic features for a solo practitioner to efficiently schedule meetings without sending emails back and forth. 

You can download Calendly as a free app on iOS and Android to better access your calendar or add Calendly to Chrome to easily share your link.

For a legal team, you would have to unlock more advanced and automated scheduling features like Round Robin and routing forms with a paid plan.

5. Clio: Connected to a complete CRM 

Not just a legal scheduling software, Clio is a complete CRM for law firms.

The full Clio suite offers a broad range of features, including comprehensive case management, time tracking, document management, and more.

Though specifically, the Clio Scheduler can help you with everything related to booking appointments

When integrated with third-party systems, you can create customized booking pages using CozyCal or direct video conferencing and make client calls through Legaler and Zoom.

You can also find features with Clio Grow that help get new clients, and LawYaw that cuts routine legal drafting to help save your time.

Most importantly, more than 70 bar associations and law societies approve the legal practice software for its professional and easy-to-use interface.

6. LawTap: Software designed by lawyers for lawyers

The LawTap is somewhat unique compared to other apps on the list because it is specially designed by lawyers for lawyers.

Part of the LEAP ecosystem that is designed for legal teams, LawTap is an online booking and scheduling software for a law firm of any size.

It is an online assistant that understands legal services — helping lawyers with all their scheduling needs by enabling clients to book appointments directly.

Whether from the website, email signature, Facebook page, or Google My Business profile, your new and existing clients can easily schedule a video meeting with you.

LawTap’s Attorney Directory also allows potential clients to find you and book an appointment online, at any time and on any device.

7. PracticePanther: Law practice management software for all

Likewise, PracticePanther is a legal practice management software for all law firm sizes. 

From solo practitioners to mid-sized law firms, each plan is designed to provide the key features that each lawyer needs. 

Besides scheduling appointments and automatic reminders, the cloud-based platform offers advanced features like client relationship and case management.

The platform also helps you reduce non-billable hours through automated on-branded client intake forms and auto-fill-in when you upload a template.


Whether it is the booking process, time tracking, or client management, there is a solution out there for lawyers to maximize their productivity.

These top scheduling apps are completely online and will help lawyers schedule meetings and provide an outstanding client experience.

Each scheduling appointment app in this list has a free plan or trial period, so download your preferred desktop and mobile apps to try out now.