Top Barberly Alternatives: Make your Booking Process Seamless

Are you a barbershop or hair salon owner looking for a seamless booking process and efficient business management? So it’s probably the reason why you came across Barberly. While this system offers some interesting features, it may not fully meet your specific needs.

But don’t worry. In this article, we explore the top Barberly alternatives that can provide tailored solutions to optimize your operations and enhance customer experience. You will meet Calendesk and some other alternatives, so you will have a lot of options to choose from.

What is Barberly?

Barberly is a platform developed for barbershops and hair salons, offering tools and options to streamline daily operations. The website allows for:

  • easy booking functionality,
  • self-check-in,
  • and configurable appointments widget.

Barberly enables businesses to manage clients, meetings, and services efficiently while also providing marketing activities and a loyalty program to enhance customer engagement and retention.

The platform supports some customized settings, integrating seamlessly with the business’s website. With its team management tools and customer review widget, Barberly aims to optimize scheduling, improve customer experience, and simplify operations in the organization.

What are Barberly Features?

Barberly offers different capabilities designed to enhance administration and customer experience. Let’s check them.

➡️ The platform provides an easy-to-use booking functionality, allowing users to schedule appointments. It includes a configurable widget for simple integration on the business website.

➡️ Further, it provides a custom mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, along with a branded website integrated with a reservation system and e-commerce functionality.

➡️ The software enables multi-channel booking through the mobile app, website, and social media platforms.

➡️ Additionally, it offers a flexible POS system with online payment options and individual payment providers per barber.

➡️ The self-check-in kiosk facilitates walk-ins and waiting clients. Thanks to the kiosk, customers and employees can manage their meetings and day-to-day activities through the mobile app.

➡️ Also, the QR poster allows passersby to scan and book appointments.

Barberly Drawbacks

As you can see, Barberly’s tools are really interesting, but there is a reason people search for their alternatives. Namely, this system doesn’t provide all the necessary options for barbershops and hair salons. The reservation process could be more intuitive as well. Plus, according to some ratings, the mobile app needs to be improved when it comes to review meetings.

It also doesn’t help that it is relatively expensive – there is a $25.00 fee for one barber, and for 2 to 5 barbers, it is already $45.00 per month.

How to Look for Barberly Alternatives?

When looking for Barberly alternatives, you need to consider the functionalities that Barberly has in order to find software that will have similar options.

It is, therefore, worthwhile for a new alternative to offer essential functionalities like booking management, a custom mobile system to keep users engaged, helpful integrations with other systems to streamline processes, and the capability to accept various payment methods to enhance convenience for both you and your customers.

🧔🏻 Booking Functionality

An excellent alternative to Barberly should provide a seamless booking experience, allowing clients to arrange appointments effortlessly and reducing any potential reservation hurdles.

📱 Custom Mobile Business App

Look for a platform that offers a personalized mobile application for your barbershop, empowering recipients to book meetings conveniently and stay connected with your company on the go.

⚙️ Helpful Integrations

Consider alternatives that integrate smoothly with other essential tools and software used in your barbershop, such as payment gateways, calendars, or customer management systems.

💸 Accept Payments

The ideal alternative should support multiple payment options, allowing you to accept payments securely and conveniently, including credit cards, mobile wallets, and other popular payment methods.

It’s true that Barberly offers solid options, but they may not fully meet the specific needs and preferences of every barbershop or hair salon. Exploring alternatives could be beneficial for businesses seeking more tailored solutions to enhance their operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. 💪🏻

Calendesk: The Best First Choice

Among the top Barberly alternatives, Calendesk stands out as the premier choice. It is an online booking and appointment management platform designed for brands in various industries, including hair salons, barbershops, spas, and wellness centers. It offers advanced options and functions that streamline workflows, improve customer experience, and enhance overall business operations.

The platform’s focus on client satisfaction and this sets it apart from the competition. 

Calendesk offers personalized reservation experiences, making the process seamless and hassle-free. Also, robust analytics and reporting tools enable businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping them make informed decisions to drive growth.

With user-friendly functions, advanced customization options, and seamless integration capabilities, Calendesk elevates your booking process. Constant updates and enhancements make users can always expect the latest and most advanced features to optimize their operations.

As you can see, Calendesk empowers barbershops and hair salons to deliver top-notch services, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve business success in a competitive industry.

And you can experience the simplicity and efficiency of Calendesk as the perfect solution for your barbershop’s success.

Calendesk Features

Calendesk brings a multitude of benefits to barbershops and hair salons, revolutionizing their operations and customer experience.

➡️ With Calendesk’s intuitive system, clients can effortlessly functionalities appointments, reducing phone call volumes and saving time for both staff and customers.

➡️ The platform’s mobile application enhances accessibility, allowing people to book on-the-go and stay engaged with the salon’s offerings.

➡️ Efficient appointment management streamlines daily operations, optimizing team productivity and reducing scheduling conflicts.

➡️Further, Calendesk’s seamless integration capabilities with various software simplify business processes, while its comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights for better decision-making and growth.

➡️ Calendesk enables companies to provide fast online payment options, too – you can receive fast and convenient payments from users immediately upon making a reservation.

➡️ You can also contact quickly with people thanks to setting up automatic reminders and eliminating the hassle of forgetting reminders or dealing with no-show clients. It’s possible by utilizing personalized notifications and messages.

The right alternative for your journey to success is already here. Contact Calendesk or start your free trial here.

Calendesk Pricing

Calendesk offers flexible and cost-effective pricing plans that cater to the diverse needs of businesses in the hair salon, barbershop, spa, and wellness industries.

With a range of options, businesses can choose a plan that perfectly aligns with their requirements and budget.

The platform’s transparent pricing structure ensures that organizations receive exceptional value for their investment, allowing them to access the full suite of powerful features without breaking the bank. These pricing models reflect its commitment to empowering brands with an affordable and comprehensive appointment management solution.

Other Barberly Alternatives

Let’s look at some other alternatives to Barberly. Each of them has its unique strengths and drawbacks, making it crucial to thoroughly evaluate these options and find the perfect fit for seamless booking processes and exceptional customer experiences.

#1 Appointy

Appointy offers appointment scheduling and management solutions, but it lacks the comprehensive customization and seamless user experience found in Calendesk. The interface may be less intuitive, leading to a steeper learning curve for users. Also, Appointy’s limited integration options may hinder those seeking a fully streamlined workflow.

#2 10to8

While 10to8 provides scheduling functionalities, it may not match the advanced options of hair salons and barbershops. Users have reported occasional glitches and issues with the system’s reliability. Moreover, 10to8’s pricing plans are less flexible compared to Calendesk’s.

#3 Setmore

Setmore offers basic booking capabilities, but it lacks the advanced customization and analytics found in Calendesk. Users have raised concerns about the platform’s customer support, experiencing delays in issue resolution. Additionally, Setmore’s integrations may not be as comprehensive, limiting its potential for seamless operations.

#4 Bookafy

Bookafy provides scheduling solutions, but it may not offer a high level of versatility. Users have mentioned challenges with integrating the platform with other essential tools, potentially hindering workflow efficiency. Additionally, Bookafy’s interface might not be as visually appealing or user-friendly as an interface in other systems.


While offers some good functionalities, it may lack the industry-specific tools and tailored functions for every barbershop. Users have reported limitations in customization, potentially restricting brands from creating a unique experience. Furthermore,‘s pricing plans may not be as feature-rich as compared to the options offered by Calendesk.

The Final Verdict 🎉

When looking for an alternative to Barbely, you will come across a wide range of tools to help your clients make an appointment with you at your salon. But of all these options, the best alternative, however, turns out to be Calendesk.

Calendesk is the ultimate solution for every company seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly appointment platform. It suits both small and larger living rooms. Its customer-centric approach, customizable options, and commitment to excellence make it a standout choice for everyone looking to elevate their services and create lasting connections with prospects.

This system emerges as the top choice, offering a comprehensive suite of functions to streamline your operations and deliver a seamless customer experience. Therefore, make an informed choice and empower your barbershop or hair salon with the best management system to thrive in the competitive industry.

Looking for a Great Appointment App? Choose Calendesk!

Finding the right reservation software is crucial to your success. Barberly offers some compelling options, but it may not cater to every business’s unique requirements. However, now when you explore the top Barberly alternatives, you can lead your business with a more customized solution that aligns perfectly with your needs and enhances your barbershop efficiency.

Remember to consider factors such as booking functionality, mobile application capabilities, integrations, and payment acceptance when evaluating alternatives. In the end, the decision lies in your hands, so good luck!

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