Scheduling Sales Meetings Online: Best Practices

Sales meetings are an important part of any business. They provide an opportunity for sales representatives to connect with clients, learn about their needs, and discuss potential deals. In the past, scheduling sales meetings involved making phone calls and sending emails back and forth. This process could be time-consuming and often resulted in wasted time due to scheduling conflicts. Now, there is a better way to schedule sales meetings online! In this blog post, we will discuss the best practices for doing so.

Why should you schedule sales meetings online

Increased Productivity

One of the primary benefits of scheduling sales meetings online is that it can help to increase productivity. When sales meetings are scheduled online, there is no need to travel to a meeting location, which can save a significant amount of time. Online meetings can be shorter than in-person ones, as the sales meeting agenda tends to be more focused and concise.

Reduced Costs

Another benefit of scheduling sales meetings online is that it can help to reduce costs. Online meetings eliminate the need for travel, which can save a company a significant amount of money. Sales online meetings often require less preparation time than in-person meetings, which can also help to reduce costs.

Improved Communication

Scheduling sales meetings online can also help to improve communication between parties. When all parties are able to see each other via video conferencing, it can help to improve understanding and collaboration. Additionally, online meeting platforms often allow for real-time chat features, which can further improve communication.

Increased Flexibility

Finally, scheduling sales meetings online can help to increase flexibility for both parties involved. Online meetings can be scheduled at any time that is convenient for both parties, regardless of location. They can also be easily rescheduled or cancelled if necessary, which is often not the case with in-person meetings.

Best practices for scheduling sales meetings online: expert comments

With the right setup, Inbound marketing leads to sales meetings automatically popping up on your calendar. Our primary traffic source is SEO content. We look to convert organic visitors into dashboard signups or newsletter subscribers and use informative emails to warm up and automatically qualify prospects. Once the prospects are ready to engage, they’ll request a consult and book an appointment with our scheduling software. 

Ajay Paghdal, founder,

Having a sales meeting has never been this easy, all thanks to online tools like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and more. However, booking more meetings and finding the right people is not as simple.

Firstly, we coordinate with our marketing team and get hold of a target list that contains all the details of the leads who have engaged with our brand in the past.

For the prospects who leave their emails, we send them an email survey asking for what they are looking for and an appropriate time to connect with them for further assistance.

In addition, we also use an online feedback tool to deploy on-site survey popups for the same. For instance, we target our surveys on our blogs and product pages to see if the visitors found what they wanted. We also integrate branching in our surveys to ask our visitors to leave their contact details if they need further assistance.

Once we have that, we can easily schedule meetings and make further sales efforts.

Anurag Pandey, SEO Specialist at Proprofs,

Before scheduling a sales meeting, make sure that you’re actually gonna schedule it with the right person. For this you’d need an email finder tool that can help you find the correct email address of the right person best suited for your sales meeting. If you’re doing cold outreach with the purpose of later scheduling a meeting, you can also verify email addresses in bulk, so you know you’re sending emails to the right people.

Alicja Olko, Outreach Specialist, VoilaNorbert

As a sales representative, you must put in a lot of work to convince customers to schedule sales appointments with you. Meetings might be difficult to organize remotely since you must consider your clients’ various schedules. Remote scheduling is best accomplished through the use of an appointment booking tool. With the appointment booking feature, your clients can see your availability in real time and simply need to choose the date that works with their schedule. 

The easier it is to schedule an appointment with you, the more meetings you will be able to book with potential customers!

Tufan Erdogan, Outreach Coordinator, Jotform

Over to you

Scheduling sales meetings online can quickly help you make the most of your time and resources. Follow the best practices outlined above, and you can be sure that each meeting is set up for success.