Integrations – WhatsApp

This article will show you how to connect your WhatsApp account with your Calendesk employee account. WhatsApp is among the world’s most popular free voice and video calling applications. It makes it easy for you to get in touch and maintain good relationships between employees and customers. You don’t need a WhatsApp business account to […]

Integrations – Microsoft Services (Outlook Calendar, Teams, and Skype)

Synchronize your Outlook calendars and automatically create meeting links to Microsoft Teams or Skype This article will show you how to connect your Calendesk calendar with your Outlook calendar. With this implementation, your Outlook calendar will import all bookings from the Calendesk calendar. This integration of calendars also works the other way. If you have […]

How do you create discount codes?

Today, when competition in the market for products and services is fierce, becoming attached to one brand is extremely difficult. So what can you do to build a lasting relationship with customers who regularly return and use our services? One popular and effective way is to develop and implement a loyalty program with a real […]

How to set up a group event in Calendesk?

How to create a booking service? In order to offer bookings for your services in Calendesk, you need to go to the “Services – List of services” tab. Use the “Add a service” button to create a new service. name your service, decide about its duration and price (select a “Free” option if your service […]

Integrations – Zoom

Calendesk – Online Booking System integration with Zoom In this article, you will learn how to connect Calendesk and Zoom. Zoom is one of the most popular video communication channels in the world. Thanks to it, you can quickly establish contact and maintain good relations between your employees and customers. How to install Calendesk – […]

Integrations – Google Services (Google Calendar and Google Meet)

What are Google Calendar and Google Meet? This article teaches you how to connect your Calendesk account to Google Calendar and Google Meet. Google Calendar is an advanced calendar from Google. Thanks to it, you can schedule meetings and events and get reminders of upcoming activities. Google Meet is a real-time meetings system. You can […]