Integrating BlogHandy with Calendesk

Have you ever wanted to run a blog on your Calendesk website seamlessly? Well, now you can! With the help of BlogHandy, an easy-to-use external blogging platform, you can integrate your blog into your Calendesk website with just a few simple steps. What is BlogHandy? BlogHandy is an external platform that allows you to manage […]

How to verify a domain on Facebook?

You may be asked to verify your domain if you use Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads. Here is a short guide on how to verify your domain on Facebook: Go to Facebook Business Manager and add a new domain using this link: Click “Create a new domain” to add a new domain. Enter […]

[Technical] Listen to events on the website

This article is technical and requires some programming knowledge (basic knowledge of JavaScript). Calendesk can call global functions on the website after the occurrence of specific actions that take place on the website created by the Calendesk website builder. You can react to these events by using your own code that you paste into a […]

How do you create discount codes?

Today, when competition in the market for products and services is fierce, becoming attached to one brand is extremely difficult. So what can you do to build a lasting relationship with customers who regularly return and use our services? One popular and effective way is to develop and implement a loyalty program with a real […]

How to add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other custom scripts to Calendesk?

This article will cover how to add custom scripts like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Livechat, etc., to Calendesk. We offer two ways to add custom scripts: Calendesk allows you to paste any HTML/JS/CSS code using Calendesk Website Builder (in the General tab) Calendesk allows you to paste Google Tag Id to connect your website with […]

What is an Open Graph Image and how can you set it up in Calendesk?

Open Graph Image is a hidden HTML meta tag used by social media or online messengers to present a shared link of a website. This feature allows website authors to control how a website or an online booking system presents itself when shared. You can choose an image and description of your website. In Calendesk, […]

How to add an Online Booking System to WordPress?

Make sure you have read the article about generating your code for your online booking system: How to add an Online Booking System to your website? Once you have copied your code from the website builder, please go to your WordPress and paste it there. How to add an online booking system to WordPress? Calendesk […]

How to add an Online Booking System to your website?

They are a few ways to add Calendesk Online Booking System to your website. Go to the draft list First, please go to the list of your website drafts and select the website/calendar you would like to integrate:   Click on the install button Then, please tap on the “Install on your website” button […]

Website – Setting your custom domain

Once your website is created and published, it is available under the Calendesk subdomain ( You can edit the subdomain and use it as long as you need. But if you prefer to have a custom domain, you can do it as well. Each website can have assigned a custom domain. Notice, Calendesk doesn’t sell […]

Website – Personalization

In this article, you will learn how to personalize your website. Once you have generated a website and personalized the subdomain, you can publish your website and allow your customers to use it. Toolbar The website builder toolbar allows you to switch between primary tabs: General – the general settings of your website. Here, you […]