Customers – profile

Customer profiles You can view your customer profiles from the “Customers/List of customers” tab in the Calendesk Admin Panel. This module allows you to add customers, update their data, display their bookings and payments. The profile view contains four tabs: Customer data – the main data of your customer. List of bookings – filtered list […]

Customers – add a customer

Adding new customers The “Add a customer” view is where you can add new customers to the Calendesk platform. You can enter here some details of those who didn’t register themself on your website or a mobile app. In the “Add a customer” section, you can enter information such as: the customer’s first name, the […]

Customers – list of customers

List of customers The list of customers is where you can manage all the customers that you have in Calendesk. This table shows some quick information about your users: Id number, first name, last name, email address, contact number, information on the possibility of receiving push notifications, the date of the next visit, GPRD fields […]

Customers – notifications

Notifications In the article “Settings – notifications“, we showed you the process of customizing email, SMS and push notifications. These are automatic notifications used mainly by the online booking system. This article will show you how to manually send notifications to share something with your customers or newsletter subscribers. Selecting recipients and sending notifications From […]

Customers – newsletter

Newsletter In this section, you will learn how to collect the email addresses of your subscribers and send email notifications to them. With this feature, you can quickly inform newsletter subscribers of any news or changes regarding your business. It is a convenient and helpful way to maintain good relations between you and your subscribers. […]