Files – Upload, edit and use your pictures

In this article, you will learn all about adding and editing pictures in Calendesk. The “Add-ons/ Files“ view is a shared place where you always have access to all your images. Additionally, “Files” offers a simple image editor to crop your images directly in Calendesk. Adding pictures You can add your pictures directly in the […]

Dashboard – quick configuration and statistics about your company

The dashboard is where you will find information about the current progress in your system configuration. The configuration has several steps: editing your calendar, adding employees, adding services, connecting Stripe payments. Of course, each step is optional, but it is worth completing the data according to the instructions, so you’ll become thoroughly familiar with the […]

A quick overview of all features

This article provides all the information you need to navigate the Calendesk platform smoothly. You can also watch a short introduction to the online booking system in the form of a video:  Calendesk booking system is divided into several modules: 1. Dashboard – here, you will find helpful insights and the current configuration status […]