Online booking system

Customize your services with an upselling description

At Calendesk, we’re always looking for ways to give you more control over your customer experience. A powerful way to do this is through our Upselling Description feature. This feature allows you to customize additional descriptions of your services. You can add custom buttons and conditions to enhance your customer’s journey. Where to use this […]

Additional sales – upselling

Upselling is a sales technique that encourages a customer to buy a more expensive product or service or add additional features or functions. For companies, it can be an effective way to increase sales and profits and for customers to get more value for their money. However, it’s important that companies approach upselling transparently, ethically, […]

How can your customers manage their bookings?

Every booking system should have features allowing you to accept customer bookings automatically. A significant part of a booking system is to allow your customers to manage their bookings. This article will walk you through booking management from your customers’ side. You will learn how your customers can make an online payment and cancel or […]

How to add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other custom scripts to Calendesk?

This article will cover how to add custom scripts like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Livechat, etc., to Calendesk. We offer two ways to add custom scripts: Calendesk allows you to paste any HTML/JS/CSS code using Calendesk Website Builder (in the General tab) Calendesk allows you to paste Google Tag Id to connect your website with […]

How to offer subscriptions or one-time payments for your customers?

What do you need before you create a subscription-based model in Calendesk? You need to have an active Calendesk account. If you don’t have an account yet, please go to Calendesk and start your free trial. Also, you need an integrated Stripe account with your Calendesk account. Please read this article to see how to […]

How to add custom fields to your website booking system?

Open website drafts Please go to the list of your website drafts (Websites) and select a website/calendar you want to edit.   Find a section with a booking form Search for a subpage and its sections, find the one with a booking form that your customers use to book appointments. Then, click on the section […]

Prepayments for bookings

How do prepayments work for online bookings in Calendesk? While editing your services in Calendesk, you may notice an option “Require prepayment before confirming a booking.”. If you turn on the prepayment option, your customers will need to pay before bookings are approved. Until then, Calendesk can lock the selected period in your calendar to […]

Service availability preview in the admin panel

You can preview all available time slots using a very handful feature in the Calendesk Panel – “Select a date & time from available time slots”. Go to the Booking / List of bookings tab and click on the “Add a booking” button in the top right corner. A new booking form will appear. Select […]

How to add an Online Booking System to WordPress?

Make sure you have read the article about generating your code for your online booking system: How to add an Online Booking System to your website? Once you have copied your code from the website builder, please go to your WordPress and paste it there. How to add an online booking system to WordPress? Calendesk […]

How to add an Online Booking System to your website?

They are a few ways to add Calendesk Online Booking System to your website. Go to the draft list First, please go to the list of your website drafts and select the website/calendar you would like to integrate:   Click on the install button Then, please tap on the “Install on your website” button […]