How to change the currency in Calendesk?

You can enable payments with Stripe in Calendesk in 46 currencies and 37 countries. Here is the complete list of the supported countries and currencies. The currencies that you can use with Calendesk depend on Stripe. Stripe as a payment provider rely mainly on the country where your bank account is located. Stripe is now […]

Settings – Labels, groups, resources

You can manage all your labels, groups and resources from one place. Go to the “Settings/Labels, groups, resources” tab to manage them. It is an internal setting and your customers will not see any of your labels, groups or resources you use. Labels Labels describe the characteristics of customer bookings. You can assign labels to […]

Settings – Edit notifications

Edit notifications You can customize all notifications that Calendesk sends to your customers and employees. First, please go to the “Notifications/Edit notifications” tab, where you can find the list of the notifications. Here, you can select the notification type you would like to customize. Click on the blue button to edit email, SMS or push […]

Settings – Platform

Platform They are some general settings in Calendesk you may want to customize. Language. Time zone. Area phone code. Currency. Booking reminder time. Address of the website that will be displayed after payment. Language Changing the language of your account affects many places in Calendesk. We will present Calendesk Admin Panel in the new language. […]

Settings – Notifications

Notifications In Calendesk, you can decide what kind of notifications you want to send automatically to your customers or employees. Go to the “Settings/Notifications” tab in the Calendesk Admin Panel to change the settings. You can set the delivery for email and SMS notifications for your customers and employees. If your employees don’t have an […]