Settings – labels, groups, resources

Labels This section is where you can add “stickers” through which employees communicate certain information to each other in order to increase the level of customer service. This is a faster, more readable form of adding a service description. Simply add several labels that characterize the customer’s visit so that you can describe the requirements […]

Settings – edit notifications

Edit notifications Edit notifications is the place where you can change the content of notifications sent to your customers and employees from our Calendesk platform. To access this section, simply select the “Edit now” button indicated in the picture above. Notifications to the customer and the employee Notifications to customers Here you can edit the […]

Settings – platform

Platform Here you will customize elements such as: the language in which the information is displayed in the administrator panel, the time zone, the currency you use for your business. Language Language is an important part of the panel configuration because it determines whether the customers who are your target audience will be informed about […]

Settings – notifications

Notifications Notifications is the section in which you will configure the type of notifications that Calendesk will send to your customers and employees. Here you can customize the content of all notifications that are sent from the Calendesk platform. Editing the content of notifications By selecting the function button marked in the picture above, you […]