Add-ons – Files – upload, edit and use your pictures

In this article, you will learn all about adding and editing pictures in Calendesk. The “Add-ons/ Files“ view is a shared place where you always have access to all your images. Additionally, “Files” offers a simple image editor to crop your images directly in Calendesk. Adding pictures You can add your pictures directly in the […]

Add-ons – Mobile application

In this article, you will learn how to create a mobile application for your customers and allow them to make bookings with your services. Go to Add-ons / Mobile app in Calendesk Admin Panel and click on the “New mobile app” button. If you already have a mobile application template and want to edit it, […]

Add-ons – Mobile application – personalization

With Calendesk, you can create and personalize a mobile booking application for iOS and Android. If you haven’t read the article about creating an app, please read it first: Add-ons – mobile application. With our mobile app builder, you can customize: the primary color of the app, the main logo, pictures in various sections, texts in […]