Multiple Google Calendars – how to choose different Google calendars?

How to select the calendar in Calendesk? Please go to the Calendesk Admin Panel and select the “Integrations” tab. Then, in the Google Calendar section, make sure you have connected your Google Calendar. If not, please check the article on how to do it: Add-ons – Google Calendar and Google Meet. Click on the section […]

Add-ons – Stripe payments

If you would like to accept payments for your online booking system, subscriptions or products in Calendesk, you need a Stripe account. Stripe is an advanced payment operator that will help you to process customer payments in real-time. A solid payment operator is essential in business. A modern interface that does not scare customers away […]

Add-ons – Personalize the SMS sender name

What is an SMS Sender Name (A Sender Id)? An SMS Sender Name allows you to send SMS messages to your customers from a personalized sender name (like a business or organization name) instead of a random phone number. Thanks to the add-on package in Calendesk, you can set your sender name in SMS messages. […]

Add-ons – Zoom

Calendesk – Online Booking System integration with Zoom In this article, you will learn how to connect Calendesk and Zoom. Zoom is one of the most popular video communication channels in the world. Thanks to it, you can quickly establish contact and maintain good relations between your employees and customers. How to install Calendesk – […]

Add-ons – Google Calendar and Google Meet

What is Google Calendar and Google Meet? In this article, you’ll learn how to connect your Calendesk account to Google Calendar and Google Meet. Google Calendar is an advanced calendar from Google. Thanks to it, you can schedule meetings and events and get reminders of upcoming activities. Google Meet is a real-time meetings system. Using […]

Add-ons – your packages

You can enable or disable additional features of the Calendesk platform that are not included in your current plan. It depends on your Calendesk plan and what kind of available packages you will have, but it’s worth checking it out. For example, you can find packages like: additional SMS notification package, individual help from a […]

Add-ons – mobile application

In this article, you will learn how to create a mobile application for your customers and allow them to make bookings with your services. Go to Add-ons / Mobile app in Calendesk Admin Panel and click on the “New mobile app” button. If you already have a mobile application template and want to edit it, […]

Add-ons – mobile application – personalization

With Calendesk, you can create and personalize a mobile booking application for iOS and Android. If you haven’t read the article about creating an app, please read it first: Add-ons – mobile application. With our mobile app builder, you can customize: the primary color of the app, the main logo, pictures in various sections, texts in […]