Employees – adding an employee

Adding employees Add an employee is the place where you can add an employee to your employee database. Use the “add employee” button to enter data such as: first name, last name, email, contact number: Before you can type a contact number, you must select the area code from the list. employee working hours: In […]

Employees – calendar

Calendar The calendar is a section where you can view and manage all paid and accepted bookings by your customers. To view the required information, you must select the employee to whom the bookings apply. Bookings The bookings you see in the calendar (tiles) include information such as: the date and time of the visit, […]

Employees – list of employees

List of employees The list of employees is the section that will display all the employees that you add in the Calendesk portal admin panel. This section shows individual information: first name, last name, title/name of the position, email address, contact number. Editing an employee profile Clicking on a record with the employee will go […]