8 principles of a highly-converting landing page

If you run an online business, you probably know how important it is to be on the constant lookout for new customers. Let’s face it – nowadays people are tempted by countless options and keeping the same customer forever is simply impossible. For this reason, businesses have to start thinking about how to attract new […]

Why is Calendesk a great Calendly alternative?

Have you ever thought about the way you manage meetings in your company? Do you know that, potentially, you could vastly improve your booking strategy in a very short period of time, thanks to one smart invention? If you run a business and hold various appointments and meetings relatively often, whether it’s with your business […]

How to make online booking even more pleasant?

When you run a company, you probably can agree that business meetings make up a big proportion of your overall business activities, especially when you’re in the growth phase of your business or when you provide services. Whether they’re in the form of lunches, more official online sessions or maybe just actual services being done […]

What is the best online booking platform?

If you’re thinking about starting booking your appointments using an online booking platform, well done! Online booking will soon overtake other, slowly fading away booking methods, like booking through a phone call or in person. To be able to do it, though, you will need an online booking platform to manage and schedule your bookings, […]

Why should you offer subscriptions to your customers?

What are subscriptions? Subscriptions are a business model where you pay a certain amount for a specific access period to a given service or product. Think about what subscription are you paying? Netflix? Dropbox? Or maybe Spotify? Subscriptions are everywhere, and that is certain. Currently, it is one of the best models that companies often […]

How to build your internet image in 7 simple steps?

The inception of the internet has made it possible for virtually everyone to connect online. According to the 2021 internet usage Statistics, about 4.93 billion out of the world's current population of 7.8 billion people use the internet. This indicates that any person, business, or organization that wants to thrive in this era must have invested in building its internet image. Your online reputat...

Website – a must-have for your business (9 simple steps)

A website is the showcase of your company. This is the most important element in building a positive relationship between you and your customers. A good, readable website is the first step to a thriving business. The main benefits of having a website are: An easy way to contact you – the customer can find […]

How SMS Marketing Will Benefit Your Business

Every business out there needs one form of marketing or the other to thrive amongst its ever-growing competition. It’s a necessity you cannot do without, mainly because your competitors are fierce, to convert the customers who need the same products or services you offer. One of the things businesses in your industry are doing right […]